Taboo Diaries 18 (2019)

Released: Aug 26 2019
Production Year: 2019
Starring: Taylor Blake , Lu Lu Chu , Jeni Angel
Categories: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Older Men
XXX that just shouldn’t happen.
Lu Lu Chu – Over the past few weeks I’ve been having these feelings about stepdaddy and I’m not sure what to do. I know it’s wrong to think of him that way, but I can’t help myself. The other day for example I was taking a bath. The warm water against my skin made me imagine his touch ’til I started masturbating. I played with my titties and sucked my thumb making believe it was stepdaddy’s cock. The more I try to stop myself, the harder it becomes. I dream about his face in my pussy and wake up soaking wet. There must be something I can do to curb my desires or should I just embrace them?
Taylor Blake – I was living my Uncle Jay and I’m kinda ashamed to admit it but it really turned me on the way he would check me out. I found myself doing things intentionally to tease him. I would walk around in my underwear and shower in this room knowing he would watch. One night I decided to push things to the limit. I started flashing my uncle with my bare pussy. One thing led to another and finally he made his move grabbing my breast and then sucking my nipple. He ate my pussy until I came and then put his big cock in my mouth. After that, there was no stopping us!
Jeni Angel – Lately I’ve been thinking about my stepdaddy. I envision him doing things to me that never should cross my mind. I don’t know why this is happening but I can’t fight these urges much longer. I have to confront my demons, so I made a video for my stepdaddy. He seemed to not have noticed, so I took thing even further. I went to his room when I knew we were alone and decided to seduce him. Stepdaddy was not as shocked as I thought he would be and we wound up making all of my fantasies cum true. It turns out he did watch the video and was waiting for me to make the first move.

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