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A Taboo Family Christmas Story Chapter #2 – Dude, so last night when I got home from my office party, I decided to help my little sister, Kali, wrap some presents to put around the Christmas tree. We had just finished with our parent’s gifts and we only had a few left to go. We still had to wrap our Aunt and Uncle’s and of course my Girlfriend, Kristy’s gift. However, I was starting to second guess what I got her. This year I thought it would be really cool to get Kristy some sexy Lingerie, but I wasn’t sure if it my Girlfriend would like it. Of course, when my little sister saw the lingerie, she thought it was super cute and told me not to worry. Kali even offered to try it on for me just to ease my mind. I thought it was a great idea and I assumed Kali would go to her room, try it on, then come out and show me how it looked. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong, because next thing you know my little sister started to strip down bare-naked right in front of me. I was speechless and my jaw dropped to the floor. Kali just laughed, smiled, and proceeded to put the Lingerie on in a sexy manner. WOW, is all I gotta say, she looked hot as fuck. I got an instant boner and all I wanted to do was bang her. I guess she could see how turned on I was and she stared to flirt with me big time. Kali walked up to me grabbed my hard on and started to massage my cock. It felt so good, but I told her that we probably shouldn’t hook up and that it was wrong. Kali didn’t care and she told me that she secretly thought about me all the time and that she wanted to fuck my brains out. I guess my hormones got the best of me because next thing you know I was balls deep inside my little sister. We proceeded to shag like wild animals in front of the Christmas Tree and it was incredible. When we were both finished climaxing, we vowed to keep our little sex affair a secret. Kali did however insist we fuck one more time, but on Christmas Night. Boo Ya, looks like it’s going to be a Holly Jolly Christmas This Year fellas. No mistletoe needed.

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