You’re hanging out with your mom, chit chatting about dinner plans. The topic turns to your friends and all of a sudden, Sydney seems much more interested in finding out more about them. As she’s finishing her wine, she’s raving about your mates and wants to know all about them, asking you about locker room stories, details about what they look like. She obviously loves alpha males with big cocks, the opposite of you. She starts playing with herself and when she notices you’re getting turned on, she makes you take out your cock, ties you up and calls your friends from your phone. Holding the phone to your ear, she demands you invite your friends over. Before long, they arrive and Sydney takes them all to the bedroom. All you can hear is the sounds of your friends ravishing your mom’s pussy. When she comes to check on you after a few hours, you’re covered in your own cum. Clearly you’ve turned into a full fledged cuck for your mom’s sexual escapades with your friends. And as a reward for being such a good boy, you get to clean mommy’s cum filled pussy.

Taboo Cuckolding Femdom POV Asian Goddess Mommy Roleplay

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