BuniBun – Stuck Inside With Mommy HD 1080p

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Your mom has been feeling pretty lonely since your father has been gone far away on buisness, so your mom has been left all by herself at home stuck in lockdown. You invite her to stay with you at your place instead for awhile so she doesnt feel so lonely because of all the lockdowns so she can stay in with you instead. She comes over with her luggage telling you how much shes missed you and thats shes gunna unpack. During unpacking she tells you that just because mommy is staying with you at your house that theres no need to spend all your time with her, she knows your a grown man and that you need your space. So she says shes gunna go take a shower and call it a night while you do your own thing. While shes off showering she seemed to have left the entire bathroom door wide open exposing her naked in the shower, did she do it on purpose or just forget to shut the door?….you see your mom taking a shower real quick as she doesnt seem notice….The night goes by and its morning now. You wake up early and see your mom in her black lingerie and a robe starting to make breakfast, she didnt expect you up so early, so seeing her in her lingerie caught her offguard abit. She thinks shes making you uncomfortable the way she is dressed, and notices you now have a hard on for her….she says shes going to go get dressed in her bedroom and suggests you go in your bedroom to “take care” of that awkward hardon you got infront of your mother. She goes off to get changed and she catches you peeping in on her about to take her clothes off. You tell her you want to see her tits and that its your house so she has to abide by the rules. She puts up a little fuss but shows you them….you then tell her you want to fuck her but she thinks your going too far with that. But she herself has been overly horny the last few months being stuck inside for all the lockdowns going on and not seeing your father from him being away so much. She indulges and lets you fuck her as long as its a secret between you and her and no one finds out. After you both cum together she asks you if you want her to move in with you since she doesnt need daddy anymore.

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