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Things had been… escalating… for a while. It started out so innocently. You’d hear strange noises coming from your daughter’s bedroom and hold your ear to the wall. She’d wear some cute little outfit that made your dick swell and you’d both try to pretend like nothing was happening. But then she started leaving her door open… and you just had to look. She’d lay there with her pussy on full display whispering “Daddy”. And you’d stand there with your cock in hand silently watching. You knew it was wrong. Just an innocent fantasy. You’d never make a move on her… you wouldn’t jeopardize your relationship with her. Unless… she made the first move. That’s the only way you’d know for sure that she really wanted you. You had to wait for her. That’s what good dad’s do.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your precocious daughter is tired of waiting. Her mother is demanding that she move out. She wants to stay…but she’ll leave if she has to. But before she does, she has wants to spend one night with her daddy.

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