Syren De Mer and Alex Coal – Mom and Sister Compete for His Attention HD 1080p

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Syren loves her son Nathan and daughter Alex, but as Alex has grown up, as happens with mothers and daughters they seem to be snapping at each other or having angry silences more than they ever talk. Nathan is a different story. He has always been the best son and put her first. Although, he has been seeming a little distant lately. One day Syren accidentally finds out why

Syren is determined to make sure that she is the number one woman in her son’s life. Even if the competition is her daughter. After all, anything her daughter can do to a young man’s body, Syren knows she can do it better

Alex comes home mad and confused why her brother stood her up. When she goes upstairs to find him she sees the truth, but it is for the best, her and her mom make up and now there is no more reason for competition or secrets

Syren knows her son is on his way out for one of his “Secret” dates with his sister Alex. She doesn’t plan on competing with her own daughter for her sons affection so she shows him why she is the number one woman in his life.

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