Valentina Jewels in Humiliation Of The Huntress HD 1080p

Scene One: Trap Backfires

A man is waiting outside of an alley way, waiting to attack the huntress with a sharp object. He puts the sharp object up to her back and tells her not to scream. She ends up kicking the weapon out of his hand, then yells “you picked the wrong bitch to fuck with!” She doesn’t notice that he has a cloth with a chemical on it in his pants pocket. He grabs the cloth and puts it over her mouth until her eyes close. She falls on to the bed and the thug pulls all of her clothes off of her. He goes to put his cock in her mouth and she bites him hard! He flips her over, tells her “you’re not going anywhere” and he starts to fuck her pussy from behind as she cries. He asks her if she learned her lesson yet, and she claims that she has. He flips her over on to her back and continues to fuck her pussy. After he cums inside of her, he pushes her on to the floor and tells her to crawl…

Scene Two: Failed Vengeance

The Huntress surprises the same thug in his office one afternoon. She points her cross bow at him and says, “you’re going to pay for what you did to all those women! You know exactly what I’m talking about!” She whacks him over the head with the cross bow. Another thug walks up behind her and grabs her! He picks her up and places her ass up over his knees. He spanks her ass hard, over and over. Then he pulls his cock out, for her to give him a blow job. The first thug yells “no teeth!” at her. The second thug grabs the huntress and moves her so she can ride his cock. “Ride that fuckin cock!” he tells her. The first thug walks over towards where her head is and tells her to suck his cock while the other man fucks her pussy. “Please don’t cum inside me!” she begs. “Shut the fuck up! I’m gonna cum inside that pussy!” he tells her. She continues to cry on the floor afterwards and tell these men “another super hero is going to come and save me!” The first thug looks directly at her and says “Well, then we’re going to fuck her too!!”

Scene Three: Bat Gurl to the Rescue

The second thug is on the couch in the 69 position with the huntress, while the first thug is sitting at the kitchen counter. Bat Gurl secretly sneaks in to their house to rescue the huntress! She sneaks up behind the first thug and smacks him over the head. The second thug jumps up and tells bat gurl, “Strip or the huntress gets it!” Bat gurl is trying to protect the huntress, so she lifts her shirt up and exposes her big tits to the thug. The huntress is still on her knees with the cross bow at her head, giving the thug a blowjob. “You’ll let the huntress go, right?” Bat gurl says, as she continues to strip out of all her clothes. Once she is fully naked, he does not let her go! The first thug starts to recover from being hit over the head, and he walks over to bat gurl. He makes her get down on her knees and suck his cock next to the huntress who is sucking the other thug’s cock. They make both super hero’s pull each other’s masks off which is so humiliating to them! The first thug realizes that he fucked the huntress the other day when she didn’t have her mask on! The first thug pulls bat gurl on to the couch and he starts to fuck her pussy. The huntress gets on the couch next, and both girls are facing each other in the doggy style position as the thug’s fuck the girls. “Make out with each other!” one of the thugs suggests. The first thug flips bat gurl over on to her back and keeps fucking her pussy, while the huntress is told to suck on bat gurl’s nipples at the same time. Then the two thugs switch around and they each fuck the other girl’s pussy. The first thug shoves his cock in bat gurl’s mouth before sticking his cock back in the huntress’ pussy. Then the thugs switch sides again and they both fuck the girls next to each other. The first thug pulls his phone out and takes a bunch of photo’s… then he tells the super hero’s that he is live streaming this entire encounter!! Both men choose which girl they want to cum on, and they instruct the girl’s to get down on their knees so they can jerk their cocks off on to the super hero’s faces. Then they make the girls kiss each other, and tell them that they’re going to call some friends to come over and have more fun with them…

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