Natalie Wonder – Mommy Gives You The Gift Of Her Hot Delicious Ass & You Give Mommy The Gift Of Your Hot Creamy Load HD

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Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas this year? Really? Are you sure? Mommy gets the feeling you wanted something else but maybe you were nervous to put it on your list.

Was this desire a bit too “naughty”? It’s a good thing a mother always knows what her boy’s needs are. Even his sexual needs. I see your eyes on me…on my delicious plump ass. You can’t help yourself. You love it but you hate it at the same time.The fact that you get so turned on by my ass…your own mom’s ass.

Don’t feel bad about it sweetie. I LOVE it when I feel your eyes on my ass. Sometimes I show it off to you on purpose. Like when I wear skin tight stretch jeans like these. I know they drive you crazy.

You want to do all kinds of dirty things to mommy’s ass. So since you’re always mommy’s number one boy, you deserve to get what you want this year for Christmas. A very naughty gift for my very good naughty boy.

Mommy knows how to make you happy. I’ll give you the gift of my hot delicious ass…and you give me the gift of your hot creamy load.

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