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Custom Mommy Teaches 5 – Mommy and Son haven’t had alone time in awhile. Mommy thinks Son is at a friends house and decides to stroke her cock. She hears a sound and decides to investigate. Mommy finds her son in his room and has him get on his knees. Definition: Futa: The Japanese name for hermaphrodite: Those who have both private parts

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I was hanging out in the living room with my brother when I got a text message from my friend saying she got pics of my panties and that my brother is the one who took the pics. I confront him about it but all I get from him is “What will I do to get them deleted”. I couldn’t believe my brother would blackmail me like this! I demand he deletes the pics but he says he wants to smell my panties first. I was shocked! My own brother wanted to smell my panties! I really want those pics deleted so I agree and go to get a pair of panties for him to smell. My brother stops me and tells me he wants to smell the ones I’m wearing. I didn’t know how to react besides disgusted! I went to take them off for him but he again stops me and says he wants to smell them while I’m wearing them. I reluctantly agree and let my brother smell the panties I’m wearing while they are still on my body. He pushes his face into my pussy and starts smelling away. After a few mins I stop him and say that’s enough but he continues to push for more.

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Sister gets home from college and her brother is there to great her. He is so shocked by how hot his sister is now. She has boobs and long sexy legs that her Brother dreams about. Her Brother is so flustered by how much she is turning him on that he can’t not compliment her. Sister forgets she isn’t wearing panties and lifts her leg up. Her Brother sees his Sisters pussy for the first time and he almost cums in his pants. He can’t help but wonder what his Sister has learned while she’s been away. He imagines that she knows how to suck a cock pretty well now and bets her pussy gets super wet.

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I just got out of the shower and was walking into my living room when I see my brother standing there, staring at my naked body. He keeps looking me up and down and admits that he likes what he sees. At first I get angry because its wrong of my brother to feel that way. Then I notice how hard I’m making him and start getting carried away.

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My dad has been teaching me for a few years now how to please a man. He tells me that he wants me to be the best at making guys cum. My dad usually has me practice on him but he told me that he wanted me to practice on my brother. Try my skill out on another cock. So I did as my father asked and pleased my brother. I stroked and sucked on his cock until he came in my mouth then slid him inside of me and took all his cum in my pussy. Just like dad wanted me to. Mom and brother were out shopping so I finally got to tell dad about it. He was very excited to hear about it and fuck the pussy that my brother also came in.

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I have had so many naughty thoughts of my dad and I am not going to hold back today. I am finally going to make a move. How could my father resist me? He made me so he has to wonder what all he created. I bet he wonders how my tits feel in his hands or how my pussy tastes. I got home from shopping with Dad’s credit card that he gave me and sat down on the couch next to my dad. He greeted me with a friendly hello and asked about my day. He complemented my outfit that I had just gotten and I figured that would be the perfect time to mention I wasn’t wearing any under ware. At first my dad tried not to look but I kept asking him to so he caved. I could tell that even though he was trying not to have dirty thoughts of his daughter, he was struggling to resist. I tell him its okay and to touch me and have a taste. After some convincing my dad finally goes down on me. Sucking on my clit and moving his tongue over it so gently. My dad quickly sits back up again, realizing what he had just done. I beg him to come back and continue. It felt so so good. Luckily, I convince him to keep eating me out. My dad starts moving his tongue down to my asshole which I was not expecting and ohhhh myyy I almost came right then. I ask my dad to stick a finger inside my ass while he licks my clit. Gladly he slides his finger inside my ass and I cum sooo hard while my dad licks up my cum juice.

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I was playing in my room by myself when Daddy walked in and told me he had a present for me! I was so so excited! My dad starts grabbing at his pants and reaching inside. I thought maybe he was hiding the present in his pants but then I realize that my dad is grabbing at this penis. He pulls him out and tells me he wants me to look at it. I felt really uncomfortable but daddy told me that’s what good daughters do so I looked. He told me to start touching it and kissing on it. I hesitated but did as told. As I start touching his penis, I notice that its getting bigger and wet stuff is coming out of the tip.

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My friends invited me to go out tonight but Daddy doesn’t usually let me. I got all dolled up in hopes that it would change Daddy’s mind and let me go out. He wasn’t happy when I showed him my outfit and told him about my plans. He kept looking me up and down. Daddy tells me that if I want to go out then I have to suck his cock. I didn’t want to at all but I knew it would be the only way I could see my friends. Reluctantly, I got down on my knees and started sucking daddy. He told me he wanted to cum in my mouth so I let him fill up my mouth like a good girl. I was glad it was over but daddy wasn’t finished with me. He told me I had to take his cock inside of me if I wanted to go out. I really didn’t want to but I had all ready come this far. I bent over and let my daddy slide his cock inside of my tiny pussy.

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My brother accidently takes Viagra and asks me for help. He is really embarrassed and doesn’t know who else to turn to. Reluctantly, Rhea agrees. Little does she know it’s going to be multiple cums to truly help her brother

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I can’t get enough of my brothers cock. Its just so big and perfect. I think I can convince him to cum inside me again hehe

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