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STACY’S DAD [July 29, 2022]

You’d just caught your daughter’s best friend trying to raid your special cabinet. She’d always been getting your daughter into trouble ever since they were young. But she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She smiles and say’s “What if I did something for you in exchange?” You feel your cock aching as she tries to be coy with you. She knows she can get whatever she wants if she acts cute… so you tell her to go ahead and take something before you do something you regret. “Something you regret Mr. Miller?” She asks all innocent and sexy… “Like fucking your daughter’s best friend?”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your daughter’s best friend is all grown up now and she knows exactly how to get what she wants **Older Man, Younger Woman. Bad Girls. Fucking your daughter’s best friend. Cum Shot. **

THERAPEUTIC [August 22, 2022]

As a therapist to some of Hollywood’s most elite and wealthy families you’d seen your fare share of spoiled rich girls who loved to act out for attention. But this girl really took the cake. She’d been caught blowing a couple of the hired help recently, and her father was livid. Reputation is everything, which is why he asked you to stay on the estate while treating her. You couldn’t say no to the money, so you agreed. As soon as she opened her mouth, you knew you were in trouble. She knew that life had no real consequences for a girl with her beauty and wealth. She goes into great detail about her sexual escapades and you can’t help but get hard at the thought of that dirty mouth wrapped around your cock. All you have to do is tell her daddy she’s making good progress and this slutty little debutante will make all your dreams come true.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip contains: You can’t help but give in to your new patients demands, she’s got you wrapped around her finger and your cock in her mouth **Older man, younger woman. Bad girls. cumshot**

ALL ABOUT ME [August 12, 2022]

You’d never met your new Aunt before tonight, and right away you could tell that the two of you were going to get along great. Like you, she wasn’t happy about her sister and your dad getting married. And like you, she was looking for a way to ruin their engagement party. She starts pitching all the ways the two of you could act out…but then she suggests that she suck your cock and walk around the party with your cum on her face. Maybe this union isn’t such a bad idea after all?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your new Milfy Aunt is a hot mess of sexy trouble. If the engagement party is this much fun, just think of how hot the wedding will be. **Older Woman, Younger Man. MILF. Taboo. Family Fantasy. Blow Job.**

MY EX II [August 5, 2022]

You couldn’t stop thinking about her ex boyfriend. You’d watched the sex tape over and over. The way she moaned and begged for his cock excited you like no porn you’d ever seen. She didn’t moan like that for you. She liked him better. She wanted him more. When she would fuck you with her eyes closed, you knew she was thinking of him. Now he’s sitting beside her on your couch. Even you can feel the electricity between them. So you tell him… “Go for it. Fuck my girlfriend.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You know how badly she still want’s her ex. The truth is… even though the jealousy is driving you crazy…you love to watch her worshipping his cock. **Cuckolding. Bull. Cuck. Hotwife. Vixen. Stag. Facial**

BULLY MY SON 2 [July 22, 2022]

You did what she told you to do. You pushed him and bullied him and humiliated him until he just couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, he snapped and punched you in the face. You had to admit, it hurt. Everyone saw it too. They all cheered and clapped when his fist connected with your face because you deserved it. But it hurt a lot less knowing you’d get to fuck his hot mom.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You bullied her son like she asked. Now it’s time to get your reward. **MILF. Older Woman, Younger Man. Facial.*

BRO CODE [July 15, 2022]

You shut yourself in the bathroom because you knew if you didn’t cool off, you were going to do some serious damage. Your were full of rage. Everyone saw your best friend kissing your girlfriend. Everyone. You didn’t just want to hurt him… you wanted to destroy him. So when his sister walked in and suggested the ultimate revenge, you barely hesitated. What’s worse than stealing your best friend’s girl? Fucking your best friend’s sister.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your Best friend betrays you in the worst way. So you decide to fuck his little sister to get even. Check. Mate. **Cheating. Infidelity. Facial**

BETTER CUM QUICK [July 8, 2022]

You embarrassed yourself at dinner and your wife was mad as usual. What a great date night. You went upstairs and had your pants half off when you just gave up and closed your eyes. That’s when you heard the giggling. Your wife had sent the babysitter upstairs to collect her payment. Your cock stiffened at the timbre of her voice. You hadn’t had your pants down in front of another woman in years. Even the babysitter agreed your wife was being super cunty tonight. What to do.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: The baby-sitter bets that she can make you bust a nut before your wife comes back up stairs. **Infidelity. Bad Girls. Older Man, Younger Woman. Blowjob Scene. Cum Shot**

GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS [July 1, 2022]

You knew she was out with all her slutty friends for that bachelorette party. You’d had a pit in your stomach all night. She said she would text. She said she would call. But she never did. When she comes home the next morning she’s acting suspicious. You know girls get crazy at bachelorette parties, so you grill her for details. She’s coy at first. She tells you how cute the male stripper was… then she starts getting in on the juicy details. All her slutty friends sucked his cock to see who would go the deepest. Your dick is throbbing at every word. You need to know everything. Did she suck his cock too?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You demand your girlfriend tell you everything about her wild night out with her girlfriends. She holds back as long as she can, but then she tells you everything you want to hear. **Cuckolding. Infidelity. Cheating. Dirty talk. Dirty stories. **

BULLY MY SON [June 24, 2022]

You knew it was coming. The consequences of your actions. You never should have hit him that hard. You even felt a little guilty about it. But bullying him was just a regular every day thing now and it was hard to stop, even if sometimes you wanted to. Then his mom walked in. You knew you were gonna get an earful. But she doesn’t want you to stop. She wants you to keep going. And she’ll make it worth your while.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A mother knows that hardships in life are the only way to fortify strength of spirit. So she wants you to bully her son until he learns to man up. And in return, she’ll fuck your brains out. **Blow Job. Bully. Older Woman Younger Man. Cuckolding. Cum Shot**

PROBATION [June 17, 2022]

As a probation officer, you’ve seen your fair share of bad girls. Bad girls who don’t like to do what they’re told. They think they can be cute to get what they want. They think they can flaunt their cute little tits, and ass at you to try to get you to go easy on them. But you do things by the book. That, and you’re married. You’d never forsake your oath as a husband, or a probation officer, just for some young pussy. But you’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and many girls have tried to ware you down…and over time…each one of them did ware you down just a little bit more. You tried your best, but this Bad girl was going to push you over the edge.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: How much temptation can one man take? This bad girl is ready to make a deal, and you’re ready give in. **Older man, Younger woman. Facial**

BAD INFLUENCE [June 10, 2022]

He was your best friend, but you had to admit, his girlfriend was hot as fuck. Hot as fuck and annoying as hell. Now that she’d moved in with with the two of you, she was always nagging at him to do this and that. You just wanted to party with him like you used to, but she was always complaining about them not spending enough time together. You and him spent all afternoon popping edibles and playing video games. Now he’s got a limp dick and she’s pissed she can’t get laid after a long day’s work. So when she barges into your bedroom in the middle of the night to chew you out for being a bad influence, you offer your services… she knows you love games so she says: “Let’s make it a bet, If I make you come first, the and the video games are gone, and you guys have to clean up after yourselves.” To which you say, “And if I make you come first, you have to come back to my room tomorrow night”.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You want things to go back to the way they were before she came along, she wants to upgrade his life and turn him into the perfect boyfriend. Let the games begin **Infidelity. Cheating. Sex games. Cuckolding. Facial**

I LIKE IT II [June 3, 2022]

You thought raising your son would prepare you for being a father to your new daughter. But that wasn’t true at all. With him it had always been so easy to be the adult, to teach him about the world and dole out discipline when he needed it. With her it felt like you were putty in her hands. It was throwing you off your usual hard ass demeanour. You weren’t prepared at all for her body. The way her tits and ass demanded your eye was unsettling as it was exciting. Even though you were happily newly married to her mother, you couldn’t stop thinking about this young woman living under your roof and how you must now avoid jerking off to the thought of her perfect youthful ass sitting on your knee. But it is about to become more than apparent that she knows exactly how weak you really are as she climbs up on top of you and whispers, “I wan’t a bigger allowance… Daddy”. Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You haven’t had a daughter more than a week and she’s already got you and your son wrapped around her finger. Good luck with that. **Family fantasy. Taboo. Roleplay. Father, Daughter fantasy. Creampie.**

LISTEN [May 27, 2022]

You’ve driven for your fair share of fucked up rich couples before, but these two really took the cake. He’s not going to make it for date night, so she flat out tells him that she’s going to fuck you and hangs up the phone. You know it’ll mean your job, but she was so fucking sexy, it was worth it. You slide your bare cock inside her as her irate husband phones over and over again. Finally she say’s “Fuck it, I’m not hanging up again” and she just sets the phone down lets him listen to you fuck her brains out. The craziest part about it? It sounded like he started to enjoy listening to you fuck his wife. Maybe you’ll get to keep your job after all?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A jilted wife want’s her husband to know, she’s tired of him prioritizing his job over her. So, she fucks the driver and lets her hubby listen in. **Cuckold. Bull. Hotwire. Cuck. Cheating on the phone. Cream pie**


You couldn’t bare it any longer. The tension with the milf next-door was boiling inside of you. This was insane. She was way older than you… but you liked that part. She was the sexiest woman on the fucking planet and she made you feel like a man. The way she talked to you… flirted with you. The way she would put her hand on your leg…You could still feel her mouth on your cock… the way she squished your dick between her milfy tits… You had to fuck her. You were going to fuck her. She wants to deny her feelings for you, but you saw her dripping wet pussy. You know she wants it, and you’re going to give it to her.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You and the milf next door finally fuck and its totally fucking mental. **MILFS. Cumshot**

I LIKE IT [May 13, 2022]

Your new sister was hot, there was no doubt about it. She didn’t really know how hot she was though, which made her even hotter to you. She also wasn’t used to hanging out with boys because she’s never been allowed to date on account of her mother wanting her to stay pure for marriage. But now she has a new brother. Her overbearing mom can’t stop her from spending time with her new brother now can she? Seems like the perfect loophole.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your new sister Meana is hornier than ever with two new men moving in. She has a new brother, and a new Daddy. And once she realized she can get whatever she want’s with sex? All bets are off.

**Taboo. Family Fantasy. Family RolePlay. Cumshot**


You couldn’t stop thinking about the MILF next door. For the last couple of weeks, you’d watched every night as she undressed in her bedroom. You’d watched her sunbathing by the pool, and relaxing in her hot tub…And every night, with aching cock in hand, you jerked it to the memory of her voice in your ear. She was fully aware of your growing obsession of course, you saw her glancing over in your direction and flash a little smile as you peered at her through the fence between your yards. She was definitely flirting with you too.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: The MILF next door is sending you all the signals…she just needs to know she can trust you to be a good boy. **MILFS. Blowjob. Handjob. Cumshot**

CAUGHT [April 29, 2022]

You knew you shouldn’t…but you couldn’t resist her laying there. A little peek wouldn’t hurt, right? Besides, you’d done it a couple time before and never got caught. But your hot little babysitter knows all about your perverted ways, and she’s going to use it to get what she wants… because she’s a little perverted too.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A young babysitter threatens to destroy your whole life. Why? Because it turns her on. **Bad Girls. Older Man, Younger Woman. Cheating. Cum Shot**

ANOTHER SCANDAL [April 22, 2022]

She’s the next-door MILF, and she’s not just some regular mom, she’s a crazy hot, insanely fuckable mom, who’s perfect tits jiggle every time she laughs. But she just moved because of some scandal with a younger neighbour boy, so she’s not taking any chances with you and your inconvenient boner. She pulls you into the bathroom and pleads; “If your mom see’s that, she’s going to freak and I’ll never get on the PTA, then the rumours will start and I’ll have to move again. Do you understand?” You definitely do not understand. “I can’t handle another scandal, you need to jerk your cock and get rid of it.” What…? She puts her big milfy titties right in your face, “Stroke it sweetheart”.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: She’s had trouble like this before. It’s not her fault she’s the sexiest mom on the planet. But she’s not ready to move again because of rumours about her and younger boys. So jerk it quick young man. **JOI. Jerk off Instructions. Jerk off encouragement. Older woman, Younger Man. Milfs.**

MY EX [April 15, 2022]

You tried to let it go. But deep down you knew… you’d never be as good as him. You weren’t proud of it, but you’d looked at that video more than once. They way she looked at him, the way she melted in his arms…she didn’t fuck you the way she fucked him. Her Ex boyfriend was just better than you on every level. It hurt to watch… but you loved that video. You wished she would fuck you like that. So you beg her to pretend… just for tonight… that you’re him. You can’t believe how wet she is thinking about him. It confirms everything you’d always felt. “Tell me how badly you want to fuck him again” you beg. She moans and breathlessly whispers, “I’d do anything to fuck him again.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: At first your girlfriend is reluctant to talk about her ex during sex… but you can feel her pussy gripping you tighter with every word. She’s thinking about his cock right now, and it’s making you harder than ever. **Cuckold fantasy. Facial**

QUITE THE CATCH [April 8, 2022]

Everything was going amazing. You’d cooked her favourite dinner, picked up her favourite desert from the bakery, you even cleaned the whole house and did the laundry. This was going to be the best anniversary ever. But when she called to tell you she’d be working late, you could hear it in her voice… she didn’t really care at all. She never appreciated the love you put into doing things for her. But you understood. Her career came first. But why let all this food go to waste? Why not knock on your very hot and single neighbours door and see if she already has plans for dinner? Your girlfriend probably wouldn’t even mind because she knows how loyal you are, and how much you love her. No sense in eating alone, right?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your sexy neighbour next door knows a good man when she sees one. She would never let a man like you go under appreciated, and she’s going to show you exactly how much she sees what a catch you are **Homewrecker. Cheating. Kitchen Fuck Cumshot**

THE BOSS’S WIFE [April 1, 2022]

No. Not here. You couldn’t. You felt that familiar ache in your cock and the sweat on your brow. You saw your boss’s wife and felt the obsession start to writhe inside of you, the desire to know what her cunt smelled like… what it tasted like. Your sick and twisted perversions were always leading you down these dark paths. You were so weak. You had just been made CFO and here you were, rummaging through her dirty laundry, looking for the one thing you couldn’t resist; a pair of dirty panties. When she walks in you know you’re done for. You’ll never work in this town again. But she has other plans for you. You’re not the only one with dark desires…
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your boss’s wife catches you with her panties. Turns out she’s the one who got you hired, and she can get you fired just as easily. Better do as she says. **Panties. Infidelity. Creampie**

DEAL WITH IT [March 25, 2022]

It was embarrassing. You knew you were just a fling to her. You were just some hot loser that she liked to play house with. She was wealthy, gorgeous, smart, and ambitious. You just played in some stupid band that everyone knew was going nowhere. She did whatever she wanted, including cheating on you whenever she felt like it. And why shouldn’t she? She paid for everything, she lets you stay in this amazing apartment rent free. She supports your “art” if that’s what you can even call it. You knew it was only a matter of time before she dumped you for someone more successful. You needed a plan… a way to stand out from the pack. You couldn’t lose this. You beg her sister to tell you how to make her love you…how to make her stay. She suggests the oldest trick in the book… Start some drama…something unforgettable…like fuck your girlfriend’s sister.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriend’s sister lays out the hard truths that you don’t want to hear… that you’re disposable. You’re going to have to stir up some drama to keep your lavish lifestyle **Infidelity. Cheating. Facial**

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