Angel The Dreamgirl – Love Sex and Your Gorgeous Woman 4k

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You are preparing for your next busy day in the office. You are dressing up wearing your sexy business outfit /473 Final seduction leather pencil skirt, shirt/ But the last few weeks you don’t have any time for your hubby because of your tight working schedule… He want’s to have sex with you from long time ago and he can’t resist to your sexy look and he comes to you and tries to kiss you and touch you while you are preparing, but you ignore him..he tries again but this time he is making it rude – groping you, trying to undress your shirt, skirt.. but you tell him that you have to go and you don’t have time for him now and then you manage to escape from him with /you can be with unbuttoned shirt and unzipped skirt while you try to escape or simillar look – it is up to you how can you do this part better/
The second day:
You are again preparing for work – this time wearing the beige pencil skirt and a top. This time your man will do anything to have sex with you – no matter how
important is your work.Again he comes to you trying to be gentle with you, but again you ignore him – this time he has nothing to loose – he gropes you, your tits, ass…etc. This time you can’t escape – he starts to rub his cock on your sexy ass..after that the only thing you can do is to give him a real deepthroat blowjob to make him calm. You kneel and start this awesome blowjob – if possible I want to see you drooling a lot of spit on you and your clothes /similar to the 476 Fuck my face video/
After the blowjob part the camera captures the mess on you and then you stand up and tease like the video 489 – the pose from 06:15 min – /very sexy part/ Meanwhile he starts to rub your sexy ass again with his cock.
After a while he tries to unzip your skirt in order to pull it down and to do his job, but the zipper got stuck! His cock is hard and he can’t wait – the other option
is… to make a hole in the skirt!! He grab and rips a small hole in your sexy tight pencil skirt /the camera captures how he rips it – you are like amazed what he
just did on one of your favourite skirts, but then you just ignore it and smile/ and then he start to fuck you thru the hole. He fucks you in different poses /similar
to videos: 199 Very Tight leggings, 455 Passion and also to 473 Final seduction but of course you can include something different because the skirt is tighter/ After a while he rips the skirt again making the hole a little bigger /not too much big in order to remain on you – again the camera captures it and you are smiling again/ Meanwhile in some parts /you can decide when and how many/you can include short shots capturing you teasing in your ripped skirt, smiling,moving your hand around your ass/pussy and revealing it thru the hole /similar poses like in the video 489/; also you can suck his cock a few times too.
In the end he cums on your ass – you are kneeling like doggystyle /you smile and the camera captures when he cums/ and then the camera moves slowly down from your feet up to your ass around your to capture your exposed ass while you are making sexy moves and smiling – then you stand up and walk with that ripped skirt /camera captures your back/.

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