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I invited my sons bully over in hopes that we could come to Some sort of an agreement in order to get him to stop tormenting my son. His idea was more on a weekly basis. I told him I would do anything if he would stop. He had me show him my tits and my ass give him a hand job , deep throat blowjob and wrap my tits around his hard cock, and finally cum on my face He then made me walk outside with his cum all over my face he called it a cum walk I think he will be visiting weekly in order to keep my son from being bullied any longer. I am hoping to try a little more next time he comes around

PART 2 SON’S BULLY CREAMPIES ME ON VIRGIN SON’S BEDMy Son’s bully has returned after I Confronted him the first time, which he made me show him my tits, ass, suck his cock, cum on my face and walk around my yard covered in cum. This time he wants to see my son’s room, and calls out my sweet son for being a virgin, there’s nothing wrong with that. He has me lay down on his bed, reveal and play with my pussy, he gets closer and starts groping my big natural tits, squeezing them and pulls out his cock and has me suck it and play with my pussy at the same time. He then has me hike up my skirt and starts fucking me from behind, pulling my cute panties to the side, I think I’m starting to like it, my pussy is getting wet. He then has me suck his cock again, I think he really likes that. I’m getting pretty wet now, he has me climb on top and ride him, he starts playing with my pussy, he knows how to touch a woman and I orgasm to my surprise. I turn around and fuck him reverse cowgirl, he really seems to like this, staring and grabbing at my big juicy ass. He then mounts me from behind fucking me doggy style and cums inside me, HE CREAMPIES ME, oh no, please I don’t want to get pregnant with my son’s bully. He gets up and says he’ll see me again soon.


At the last PTA meeting of the school year I happened to see my skanky ex girlfriend’s hot mom. She came up to me and told me to meet her in room 231 while her husband and my ex waited in my car. I had an idea of what she wanted. She was a bit of a slut herself and I know I have something to give her.
Once she sees my hot sweet meat, she cannot resist, sucking and slapping it against her face and rubbing it in between her tits. All of it was amazing. She truly was a cum whore and not just like her daughter. Her daughter was dumb. She was a dumb slut. Mommy whore was so much better than her.
At one point her daughter walked in the room and she started degrading her. That’s right my MILF SLUT put that little whore in her place. She makes her daughter sit there and watch.
She keeps working my cock in ways her daughter never could.
In the end she begs me for all of my cumm and I shoot my load all over her face. She looks up at me with pure admiration and desire, my load, dripping down her face and in her hair, and on her tits.


While staying with your aunts she realizes that you have been stealing her dirty socks out of her hamper. It is a huge turn on for you to masturbate and smell her sweaty filthy socks. When she finds out she says she has a surprise for you after dinner. what a surprise it was!
She ran her filthy socks up and down my cock for a while before handing them to you to hold up to your face to inhale her scent.
She then continued to give you a foot job while she played with pussy until you finally shot your load all over her feet.


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A kinky psycho teacher ties up a student and plans to use him as a human dildo after he rejects her advances.


This is a custom film.
Brian is my soon to be son. I need to get him from your balls to my womb.The name Brian is used throughout as I comfort him as he makes the journey from his daddy’s balls to my welcoming womb.
I just know it’s time for me to get pregnant with Brian.
I am ovulating and I know he is in your balls ready to come out and get into my womb.
Unfortunately you are away on a business trip and I am at home.
I want to be pregnant with Brian so badly so I figured out a way for it to happen.
On a Facetime call I instruct you how to build up plenty of semen before cumming harder than you ever have into a condom.
I tell you how and when to use the toys that I sent with you on your cock and get you extremely turned on. I am playing with my pussy at the same time and we both cum. When you shoot all of your semen, containing Brian, into the condom you then send it to me via overnight shipping.
The next morning I see you again on FaceTime and I have your cum filled condom in my hand and it’s time for me to masturbate and load my pussy up with your semen which I just know Brian is in.
We then both masturbate again together on FaceTime and I make sure to orgasm so I have a better chance of getting pregnant as I shoot your cum inside of my pussy from the condom.
I am certain that Brian is now in my womb, protected and ready to spend his life with me.

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