Scarlett Alexis – The Solution… You Be My Fuck Buddy! HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Peter Green is over at his cousin family’s to raid the fridge and grab some grub. His cousin Scarlett Alexis catches him pillaging their food when she walks in looking fine as fuck. Scarlett is headed out on a date and they get to talking. Peter finds out his cousin is a horny girl and keeps fucking guys on the first date!? He advises her to make the guys wait for sex for best results, but she is just too pervy and impatient – which is why she can’t retain a boyfriend.

Peter tells her she needs to find a random fuck buddy – no strings attached. Scarlett decides her cousin Peter is the perfect candidate. Peter is shocked and doesn’t think it’s a good idea but when she pulls out her perfect tits for him, he changes his mind. He squeezes his cousin’s big boobs and then lifts her on the counter to eat her pussy. They move to the living room and Scarlett begins to blow her cousin. She climbs on top of Peter and he begins to ram his cock into her, really hard. Peter pounds his cousin from behind, making her orgasm on his stiff dick. Her fluffy muff is soaked as she gets stuffed by Peter. Alexis begs her cousin to cum on her face and Peter unloads on her face and in her mouth. Now Scarlett has to clean up and get ready for her date!

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