Shego Seduces Ron – Alex Coal HD 1080p

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Shego has captured Ron and has him tied to a chair. She stands before him, gloating about his capture but also venting her frustration that Kim always gets the upper hand whenever they fight. She decides that, since Ron and Kim are an item, it presents an opportunity for revenge. She teases him, touching him in ways to arouse him, straddling him, and grinding against his cock. Shego gets down on her knees and pulls out Ron’s cock, and begins playing with it and gloating while she does. She sucks his cock and decides to make him her new toy. Shego stands over Ron as he’s tied naked to the chair and grabs his face. She gets on his lap, turns his head, and slowly licks all the way up his face, commenting on how Kim will smell her on him and know what happened. She starts kissing Ron, and he finally gives in and kisses her back. Shego is surprised by how turned on she is, so she decides to make a deal with Ron. If he can make her cum, she’ll keep their dirty little secret from Kim. She toyfully insults Ron for being a cheater but assures him she will make it worth it. Sex with a supervillain is unlike anything else. She straddles him and lowers herself onto his cock. Fucking him in cowgirl, occasionally clawing at his chest and making regular eye contact before telling him to take control.
He throws her off and onto the bed and stands over her. Shego is surprised and excited by his aggression. Ron fucks her until they cum. Shego eats all of Ron’s cum from her stomach, and now Ron belongs to her.

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