Daddy Gets A Massage – Miss Malorie Switch HD 1080p

You are waiting to receive your massage, but your daughter turns out to be the massuese! Hesitant at first, you worry about your modesty and what it will be like to be massaged by your daughter. You agree to the massage, although shy. Noticing how hard you are, she takes your cock into her hand, relieving more pressure… Rubbing her body on you now, she accidentally slips your cock inside of her! Since there is no going back from this, you two might as well experience what it is like to fuck each other. Going from her pussy, to her mouth, back to her pussy, she begs you to fuck her ass. Going from her ass, to her mouth, to her ass, to her pussy, switching from doggy, to missionary, and to 69, you two go at it. She has you piss in her mouth, filling it until it overflows. She has you cum all over her face, feeding your cum to her. After, she wants to make you cum again, although you are worn out. You paid for the full hour, so that’s what you’re going to get… Riding your cock in her ass, she takes your cock ass to mouth and has you fill her ass with cum. She squeezes it out on your chest, and she laps it up, claiming your cum as her own now. To finish the session, she has you clean her up with another mouthful of piss. Don’t you like getting massaged from your daughter?

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