Fiona Dagger – Cucking Hubby To Pay Debts HD 1080p

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Fiona and her husband have gotten into serious money trouble, and are only days away from losing their home. Her husband comes home from work to see Fiona waiting for him, asking if he has any news about their situation. He tells her that he actually has some good news, a kind stranger (you!) has offered to pay off their entire debt, and even the next month’s rent too! Fiona is ecstatic to hear this but asks why he looks so upset, if this is such a good offer? He reluctantly admits to her that in exchange for the money, the stranger requires half an hour with her, to fuck her however he wants. Fiona is understandably outraged and rather furious, but after a few minutes calms down enough to admit that she realises it’s still their only option. Even though she’s still mad, she tells him how much she loves him and reassures him that he’s the only man she wants, and she’s going to loathe every minute with this stranger. We then switch to your POV, and we see Fiona informing you that she’s only going along with this for the sake of her husband, but that she wants you to know that she thinks this whole thing is disgusting, and that you should be ashamed of yourself!! You ask her to take off her top and her bra, which she does reluctantly; defiantly standing before you and reminding you how little she thinks of you. You get her to kneel down and begin sucking your cock, but every few moments she can’t keep herself from complaining more and looking to her husband for reassurance. You get her to strip down to completely naked and lay back on the bed, telling her you’re going to eat her pussy. She scoffs at this and informs you that she won’t enjoy it at all, you’re not even going to be able to make her wet. However, the moment your tongue meets Fiona’s clit, she yelps and seems to be struggling to contain herself. She looks to her husband for comfort and tries to tell him it’s okay, she doesn’t want this; but you and he can see it’s clear that she’s being rapidly overtaken by pleasure. Soon she can’t stop herself writhing and moaning in bliss, and she tries begging you to stop, telling him that she doesn’t want to cum – she’s a good girl, she loves her husband and she promised him she wouldn’t enjoy this! But she’s then overtaken by an intense, trembling orgasm as her husband watches in shock. She lays there almost incoherent with pleasure, trying to tell him that she’s sorry, she did try not to cum… But you lift up her legs and slide your cock into her pussy, making her moan gutturally! As you begin fucking her she grabs his hand and does her best to resist the waves of ecstasy building in her body, but you fuck her unrelentingly until she cums once more, even more violently than the first one! You then tell her to turn around and bend over, and her husband is amazed to see Fiona obey you without argument! As you enter her from behind you can see Fiona starting to bounce her ass back against you, even as she moans and whispers to herself that she doesn’t understand what you’ve done to her, why she’s being like this… She gets more and more into it, slamming her ass back against your cock and groaning in pleasure, until her husband can’t take it any more – he tries to interfere, and suggest that you call the whole thing off. But to your amazement, Fiona snaps at him, telling him no – that she can’t stop now, he needs to have the full half hour with her! This exchange seems to make something snap within her, and to her husband’s horror she begins berating and insulting him, calling him insecure and saying that it’s ridiculous that he wants to stop this now, just because she’s actually enjoying it! Does it bother him that much, seeing how a real man fucks?? She cums once more and immediately asks you to lay down, then climbs on top of you and sinks down onto your cock! She begins riding you passionately, snapping at him whenever he tries to tell her to stop, and telling him in detail how much better you are than her husband, in every way! She begs you to let her live with you from now on, saying that she never wants to see her husband again and that she only wants this cock from now on! Her husband watches in horrified fascination as she begs you to cum in her, trying to remind her that she’s not on birth control – but she says she doesn’t care, she wants you to breed her! She cums once more as you flood her pussy with cum, then she turns to her husband and lets you know that she wants a divorce!!

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