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Bad Mommy HD

*custom vid, no name used, preview has muted words. The whole vid is virtual POV sex (no dildo penetration shown)*

I’m your bad in*c*e*s*t mommy, you cum fuck me at night while your little sister is sle*e*p*ing right next to me… reluctant at first, I quickly wan’t more and don’t want you to stop. I know you can’t wait until tomorrow. Your sister wakes up and is confused at the scene, she just doesn’t stop crying and being a little bitch about it. She doesn’t understand the in*c*e*s*t sex we’re having my son. I can’t stand my bitch of a daughter! I’m lucky to have a son who understands what I crave… She says she’s gonna tell dad but I know she won’t. Let me spit on her face so she shuts up and lick off my spit on her face. She’s just crying for attention and I bet she’s jealous she’ll never feel her big bro’s cock in her. You’re mine!

Cum inside me my son, ignore your stupid little sister. Now her job is to clean up your mess on my pussy and get out of the bed. You belong next to me… and inside me, son.

*In this vid I’m sweet/horny towards son and a total bitch towards daughter, everytime I turn my head it’s to talk to daughter*

#POV Sex
#Mommy Roleplay

Daughter’s Buttcrack HD

*custom vid, NO name used* It’s my birthday, today we celebrate the day I was born and the day YOU became MY father. And you’re such a good dad giving me all the presents :) I open them: a stuffed animal, and then… some pink leggings! Dad they’re so cute!!! I can’t believe how good your sense of fashion is… well; you know, when you’re a girl it’s usually our moms who buy us clothes. And… I know things between mom and you haven’t been great. I love her but I wish she would treat you better… she didn’t even take the day off work for my bday. So I truly appreciate you doing this for me. ANyway… let me try these leggings. Ooops, they’re too small dad! Your daughter is grown up now… but don’t feel too bad, i love it anyway. You’re the best. Oh… you can see my buttcrack? I’m sorry I forgot to cover up! … you don’t mind? Well, it’s only normal you see your daughter’s butt crack I guess >:). Cum on dad, you can lick, smell and play with my buttcrack (JOI, dad/daughter taboo talk, mention of in*c*e$st dirty talk). I’ll wear these leggings when mom’s not home! Now cum all over your daughter’s buttcrack (cum countdown from 5), I wanna taste my buttcrack and your cum at the same time… you truly are the best dad ever, I love you forever!! *this vid is loving, intimate, with kissing and intimate moments*

#Ass Worship
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Your Video Vixen Mother HD

*custom vid, no name used* You are working on a new music video, and I would love to be your co-star! Honey, I know I’m your mom but I could audition for the role. All the girls in your music videos do is shake their ass and be eye-candy, I could totally do that. I start dancing, but I’m clumsy and you are getting bored. BUT… I’m wearing no panties and I forgot, but you don’t mind: after all, I’m just auditioning for the role and I won’t be your mom in the video. Since we’re just acting, you tell me to play with my pussy and shake my ass. I guess this will be your best vid yet. You get your cock inside my by surprise (doggystyle as shown in preview)… what are you doing! Oh… well you’re right we’re just pretending. Besides, it feels so good when you fuck me son…. cum inside your mother ;). So, did your mother get the part? What? No??? You won’t get away with this!

#Mommy Roleplay

Twitch Sister HD

*Custom video, name used is silent for public resale*
Everything happens from the POV of Twitch viewers. My mood: giggly, happy, horny, playful
I’m a twitch streamer on the rise, living with you, my big brother. My twitch fans are so supportive. You, my brother, always think I’m being so loud, but you’re just jelly my twitch fans are so fun! After interacting with my viewers, I share to them how I’m struggling to pay rent. I give them some ideas…. but they ask me to flash my bra, panties, ass… my twitch fans are suuuuuch perverts! :P But, I could use the money. They start tipping a lot for flashing my undies and boobs even if I could get banned! (Twitch interaction and teasing: 14 min))
I try to chat with them about other SFW themes. But one subscriber tells me he wants to see me suck cock on camera! I could get banned, I can’t do that! And I have no one around besides my brother. They suggest me to give my brother a blowjob. It’s so perverted!!! But…my brother and I need to pay rent, otherwise we’ll have to go back living with mom and dad.
I make you come into my room. You’re shocked I tell you I want to suck your cock for my subscribers to see. You accept, and everyone starts tipping a lot while looking at me sucking your big cock (8 min). Then, they suggest me we should fuck. You’re a little hesitant, but I easily convince you. You then fuck me doggy (3 min), cowgirl (7 min), cowgirl with face looking at the camera (no dildo visible, 3 min). I cum so hard twice over my brother’s dick, and everyone loves looking at my ass bouncing on his cock!!
Finally, everyone wants you to cum all over your slutty sister’s face. I jerk you off, and want you to give me a huge fucking load on my face for all my subscribers to see!!!
After I’m covered in cum, I am shocked to see i was banned by twitter! My family fucking channel got banned brother!

#Blow Jobs
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Step-mommy’s Poophole HD

*custom video, no name used* This video focuses on these key words: butt, butthole, penis, farthole, poophole, hole I poopfrom. PART 1 (20 min): I am your step-mom (I refer to me as ‘mommy’ the whole time) and I tell you I know everything about your fantasies. I know you love my butt and I want to make you happy… I start off with a blowjob before quickly turning around showing you my butt in my skirt. Get your face in between my cheeks and smell my butt. I know you want more so I show you my silky panties that you love. Rub your penis against my soft panties. I encourage you to stroke your penis. (I include 4 farts in this part, clothed mostly and 1 of them butt naked). I take off my panties and let you lick my butthole and suck the farts out of me. In this first part I use the words butt/butthole/fart hole. PART 2 (22 min) : I want things to get dirty, so we have anal (in this part I use the words poophole and hole I poopfrom) I’ll let you fuck my butt. You know my butthole is the hole I poopfrom but it’s also mommy’s perfect hole for your penis. I beg you to fuck my poophole until I fart and get your penis dirty (no actual farts in this part, and no actual graphic dirtying as per MV’s ToS). We fuck in 2 positions (shown in preview). I frequently go ass to mouth and taste my farts and poophole on your penis and I love it. Finally I beg you to drain your balls in my butthole. Fill up my poophole with your cum/sperm. Mommy’s poophole is all yours now.

Includes: asshole, asshole fetish, anal, anal creampie, ass to mouth, step- mommy roleplay, a bit of panty fetish, some farting.

#Ass to Mouth
#Asshole Fetish
#Mommy Roleplay

Passionate Sex With Horse HD

Video is fully in spanish//
Story:I’m waiting in a beautiful farm for my husband. Its our anniversary, but he tells me he can’t come because he’s working. What an asshole. I had already planned having a romantic weekend, riding a horse, and then making love together. I start telling the horse in the farm how i feel. I’m so horny, and since its a male handsome horse, then i guess he wouldnt mind if i showed him my body and sexy outfit… I see he has a HUGE equine erection. My ungrateful husband’s dick is so small; it’s clear i need big horse cock to satisfy my pussy. I masturbate this beautiful horse cock, while smelling how strong that scent is. A true male smells like that. I then give him a blowjob and i beg for his horse cum all over my face. Such thick; strong smelling cum. Finally, I take him in my pussy and i feel like a woman, i dont need my small dick husband anymore (POV doggy and then dildo fuck as in preview). I beg for his horse huge cum load in my pussy. I wanna be his mare. I wanna have half horse half human bxab ies (creampie). Im crazy for horse cock and cum. I’ll divorce my useless husband and cum live in this farm with this beautiful horse
*custom vid no name used*

#Pet Play
#Fantasy Dildo

Nun’s Dirty Asshole HD

I catch you looking at porn on your phone while we’re praying! Can’t believe it. You need a punishment for being a little perv. Wanna stand a chance in heaven? Well, worship the hell out of my stinky hole/sh**hole/fartbox . Nuns we get sweaty and stinky down there. Well, this devilishly delicious stinky hole is gonna fill up your nostrils while your stroke. Smell, and stroke your cock. Get your nose as deep as possible. Look at my dirty soles too… Worship my perfect dirty stinky hole while looking at my soles too. Now cum for my fartbox, let’s see if you learn a lesson!

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