Mommy Daydreams FULL VIDEO Pt.1 & 2 – Gigi Sweets HD 1080p

You have been day dreaming a lot about your mom… She is one of the most beautiful women you’ve laid your eyes on. No one can compare to or even come close to your mother’s beauty. This admiration for your own mother is becoming dangerously close to sexualizing her. When she is performing her daily motherly tasks you can’t help but take glances ever so often at her big round, jiggly ass and those big natural bouncing tits. Nobody has quite a body like your mother does.

In our first scene, your mother comes to give you a kiss tonight and your mind quickly starts to undress her as she’s sitting right there talking to you before bed! If only she knew how turned on she makes you! As she’s tucking you into bed, you start to visualize her riding your cock! What is wrong with you!? A Mother riding her own sons cock!? That’s absurd!! After your daydream she finishes her goodnight story with a kiss and you go straight to bed after that satisfying visual of your own mother pleasuring herself on you.

In our second scene your mother has woken you up to kindly let you know that she is making breakfast and that you are welcome to grab any before she leaves for the gym this morning! You tiredly make your way to the kitchen and start to eat the delicious breakfast your mother made for you when you both start talking. You ask her about her plans for the day and she is genuinely surprised and flattered at the idea of her son actually caring about her and having interest in her life. She hasn’t had anyone care about her in the way you’ve shown in a very long time! You notice this admiration towards you from your mother and suddenly your start to daydream again…You imagine your mother being so flattered by your interest in her that she starts to undress right there at the dinner table!! Things get heated up fast as she shows off her big jiggly ass, huge natural tits, and amazingly curvy mom body for you, her favorite son. She lets you grab and spank her and she gets hot and bothered as you’re doing so. You stop spanking her and she gets confused… “Why did you stop son?” Suddenly you grab her by the waist and ram your cock deep inside your own mother!! She moans with pleasure as you start to use her body to give yourself pleasure. She wants to make her son feel so good.. Is this daydream too good to be true? Watch now to find out!!

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