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This is the full and complete series called My Artist mom Needs To Draw My Dick, this series stars Misty Meaner. This is a POV Taboo MILF Cougar Cheating Wife Artist Secret Nude Naked Tease Handjob Blowjob Deepthroat Hardcore Creampie Sex Scene.

Recently my artist mom Misty wanted to use me as her model for one of her paintings… specifically use my cock as a reference! It was really weird at first but I figured it’s not too weird since it’s art. I guess that she got an A+ from her professor and she wanted to draw me again since the work was so good. The catch is this time I couldn’t be hard! Seeing my mom naked made it really impossible for me to not be horny. Our only fix was having her give me a handjob. I have spent years fantasizing about this moment and I almost came 30 seconds in. It was definitely awkward sitting in front of my mom softly while she drew me afterwards…

My mom Misty sent me text while i was at school asking me to come home as soon as class was done. when i got home mist told me that she needed help again, her professor need her draw another penis and she needed me to model again. i agreed and we both went in her room to get naked, my dick got rock hard as soon as i saw her naked. i sat down on the chair and misty eyes locked on to my dick, she got a look on her face again and said i needed to be flaccid, i told her i was to excited for it to go down and i asked her if she could help. she said she would but my dad was going to be home from work soon so we didn’t have time to waste. without missing a beat she leaned forward and put my dick in her mouth and started sucking! once she swallowed my load she sketched my dick and we both got dressed before my dad got home.

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