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*Use of taboo trigger word* You walk in on your Mommy as she’s about to pee, and you tell her you need to shower. Since you’re so impatient about the shower, she tells you to just go ahead and shower, but she isn’t getting up for you. You get nervous about stripping in front of her, but she says it isn’t anything she hasn’t seen before. When you drop your towel, she is shocked by how big your cock is. It even turns her on, as she is just mesmerized by your size. Completely overwhelmed, she slowly starts to seduce you, getting on her knees and sucking you. You tell her you want to fuck her, but she’s worried about how big it is. She takes you anyways, excited about feeling her own son inside of her. You two begin fucking, when she realizes she didn’t get the chance to pee. She takes the opportunity to lube you up more, peeing all over your cock. You begin fucking again, when you ask her if you can fuck your Mommy anally. She is even more scared at how it might hurt, how it’ll stretch her hole out, but she lets you anyways. She bends over, and you fuck her in her tight asshole as she moans and winces at you stretching her. She takes it, even going ass to pussy for a second, feeling all of her son’s huge cock stretch her holes. Finally, she flips back over, having you fuck her until she squirts. When she does, she takes you back inside her pussy, begging you to fill your own mother up with your cum. Now, don’t you have to shower? Maybe next time we can do this again?

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