Prove Yourself To Mommy – Miss Malorie Switch HD 1080p

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You walk in on your naked Mommy lotioning her legs getting ready for a date tonight. You’re a little jealous, knowing that she will get laid by another man and you still don’t get to please Mommy like you really want to. She notices your jealously, so she lets you take some time to worship her legs and feet before she has to leave. You’re instructed to take your clothes off and stroke your cock while you admire her thick thighs, pretty calves, and gorgeous feet. She has her new anklet on with a toe ring on each foot, arousing you more than ever while you watch and worship your beautiful Mommy. She tells you that the only way you will truly get what you want is to prove to her that you are a good boy, that you will listen and do exactly as she desires. This includes possibly being a cuckold for her after her date, maybe even sucking his cock. She even wants you to be her own personal toilet slut. However, even getting those tasks requires proof that you can listen. She counts you down, knowing you’re close for her, but she stops once she reaches 1, instructing you to ruin your orgasm. Ruined orgasm after ruined orgasm, she edges your aching cock, teasing you with her legs and her words. Now that you’ve begun showing how obedient you have become, perhaps there will be more in store for you when Mommy comes back from her date tonight… Stay tuned for part 2!

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