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My Son’s Huge Cock 4k

Mommy’s had her eye on you for a while now. She loves you so much and takes every opportunity to show you what a special boy you are. But when she opens the door and sees you undressed for the first time in a while, she notices something about you. Something that she begins to obsess over. You have a huge, throbbing cock. It surprises her and catches her off guard and later on when she spies on you whilst you shower, she can’t help but touch herself. She encourages you to stroke when you notice she’s watching. You both masturbate together and cum at the same time. But mommy needs more. She needs to see your cock up close. She must taste it, and feel your girth in her palms and in her cunt. So the next day she brings you a new pair of pants as you’re getting ready for school. Little do you know that mommy plans on to seduce you completely… while this may be the first of your sexual encounters, it surely won’t be the last… enjoy me, xo


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Love Potion Turns Into Lust Poison 4K

I’m your chemistry Teachers Assistant and I’m helping you with your dissertation. It’s a heat wave outside so i chug the entire bottle of water inside. What? I wasn’t supposed to consume that? Why not? Anyway…wait, I feel funny… what was in that “water?” OMG i fucking need YOU right now. As i strip my clothes off I pull your cock out and suck it crazily!! Yesssss, you love it. Get on your back! Get on your back RIGHT NOW! I’m going to ride you for hours… enjoy me, xo


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Listen To Your Wife Get Spit Roasted 4k

This is the first time we do this since you and my bestie got married. Your wife is about to get busy with my boyfriend and his friend in the other room while we stay here and listen. We hear her getting spit roasted (VO) while I talk to you about all the dirty things your wife is doing with those two men in the next room. Tonight she’s getting fucked in the ass and getting throat fucked. She loves it so much. And deep down… so do you… enjoy me, xo


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June 2022 Bloopers 4k

Behind-the-scenes and “blooper” reels are a lot of fun. At the same time, they educate the descerning eye. It gives a glimpse that to be a top erotic video creator, one must commit, knowing that it is not going to always go smoothly. In order for the caliber of video that Miss Sloan is known for, to be reached, she has to, amounf many, many other tasks, physically set up the scene, block it, define the character and the context, set up the shot and movements, make sure the sound, lights, and cameras are a go, and she also has to get into character to sell that character, and the story, to the viewer. We will not even get into the editing and the myriad of requirments every platform has. After all that prep, she says action and then her slacks will not smoothly slide past her heel. The momentum is stopped, and the energy is short-circuited. She has to frustratingly stop, collect herself, and start again. Yet, when we, as fans, watch her final production our minds never venture to the tremendous work involved and challenges overcome, but only to the excitement, the erotic, and the forbidden world created for us and our enjoyment by Miss Sloan. This blooper reel, while a load of fun, also remind us that Miss Sloan is a treasure among her many, many fans. Miss Sloan is so unique and rare that a talent such as she only comes along when the moon is blue and the smoke clears.

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JOI: The Hardest Game You’ve Ever Played 4k

*this is the best JOI I have EVER filmed*

I call you “Adam”.

Sensually dominant, wet and shiny. I demand that you manipulate your cock for me and only ME. There is no escaping my lure as I captivate your senses. My commands increase in difficulty as I strip out of my shiny outfit, cover myself in oil, use my voice to keep you entranced. Make no mistake, I want your release as much as you do. But I’m in control here and you’ll cum only when I decide this game is over. Your only option is to obey.


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