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Your Moms not been feeling too good since your dad left and calls you up to the bathroom, she’s convinced she’s got a temperature but the thermometer must be on the blink as its coming up as a normal reading. She explains there’s another way of doing this and its kinda the opposite of orally. You are a little confused and she passes you the thermometer and tells you to turn around. When you turn back to her she’s on all fours with her leggings and panties pulled down exposing her asshole. WTF! She wants you to help take it anally, she senses your hesitation and soothes thats its absolutely fine to do this and it will only take a few seconds. You are desperately trying not to get turned on while you insert it in your Moms Anus. You complete your task and try to hide your growing erection as she asks you to just put your finger inside her dirt box, just to check its warm enough in there. Fuck, her asshole feels so good and warm inside and she tells you that dad never liked to put his fingers, dick or tongue in there and she misses it so much. She has been fantasising about you and her having dirty Insest bum fun and how her own sons cock would feel deep in her fart box. Mom wants to teach you how to fuck a woman’s chute and its fine to fuck your mom up the ass. This leads to a nasty ass job with mommy sniffing and licking the marinating aroma of her butthole off your dick. Lots of asshole winking leads to passionate, filthy, dirty Incestious Farthole fucking with Mommy. You finish watching your cum drip out of her juicy little but hole all over your cock x

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