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Moms Panty Haul HD

Your mother is finally starting to date again! while getting ready for a date she comes and asks you for advice on panties. hers are all outdated. you’re young and you know whats in style. she tries on 5 pairs and by the end you have a boner. she doesn’t want to you to feel awkward. it was her idea after all to do this. she decides to let you stroke while she tries on the last pair. she shakes her ass and tells you to cum on her ass with panties on. (pov no cum)

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Fucking Mom All Over The House HD

(custom video) i walk in on you jerking off, i start yelling at you and it wakes your bother. i come into the bathroom so he doesnt see us and while i talk to him you start rubbing your boner against me and having me jerk you off. im very upset but also i need to get downstairs so i decide to help you cum. you face fuck me until you give me a facial and then i go to the kitchen. later you see me in the kitchen and decide to pull out your dick again. i try to say no but dont want to get caught with you like this so i decide to help again. i jerk you off but thats not enough, you convince me to let you fuck me over the counter. you brother hears noise and i try to convince him that im just cleaning but after awhile we hear him coming and run to the room. once in the room we continue to fuck on the door but that banging is so loud and once again your brother is asking whats all the noise, i convince him that im just cleaning and nailing stuff to the door. i tell you this is enough and you must cum. i let you fuck me doggystyle and then give you a blow job to let you give me another facial. i tell you that we are going to have a long talk about this.

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Moms Second Job HD

you catch me letting out a random man and find out ive been having sex with men for money to pay the bills… you see how hot i look in the lingerie you catch me in and decide that you want some action as well. since i wasnt honest with you and put us both in the situation i feel bad and decide to let you have me. theres a catch though, during this experience i wont be your mother you have to call me Lani the name ive been going by, with the other men.

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Oops, I Fucked A Fan HD

this was a custom vid and you can get one too!! check out my customs page :)
You recently held a raffle contest online with your fans and the winner that was chosen would get the chance to meet you in person and watch you film one of your videos for sale (behind the scenes)…

*scene one starts* you are at home on your phone and dial the winner (me) to let me know that I was the big winner of the contest and you tell me that you’re looking forward to meeting me in a couple of weeks and make sure that I have all of my travel info sorted out (casual conversation)

*scene two starts* skip ahead to the present and you welcome me into your home, saying congratulations and you were worried that I was going to be an ugly creep, but I’m much better looking than you had originally thought! You ask how long I’ve been a fan, what type of videos I usually watch of yours, if I have a girlfriend, and continue with small talk while noticing that your attraction to me continues to grow. You were nervous to hold a contest like that but had no idea someone as attractive as me would win. You mention that as part of my prize, I get to watch you film a strip tease/solo masturbation video that you’ll end up selling on MV. You’re already dressed in a sexy outfit, since you wanted to make a good impression, so you instruct me where to stand and to “be quiet” while you’re filming. You start “filming” and after stripping out of your clothes and starting to play with yourself, you begin unknowingly dirty talk to me off camera and say how horny and wet you are and that you just want me to fuck you, on camera! You never do BG videos, but for me you’ll make an exception. This leads to a blowjob and POV sex with the dildo, ultimately asking for a creampie. You mention how lucky I must be and you’re so glad you got everything on camera so that we BOTH can watch it again. “This will sell like crazy in my store”. You end the scene by asking if I can extend my visit a little longer so we can “film more together”

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