Mom & Son Do It For Dad – Taboo Girl 4K

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Son decides to surprise Mom by coming home early. He walks in on Mommy horny, masturbating and pillow humping. She’s moaning pretty loudly, and it peaks your interest. Since she hadn’t noticed you yet, you decided to get a closer look at Mom’s pussy as she is moaning and masturbating on her bed. Finally, she notices you are there and is very surprised. I try to hide myself with the pillow, because I am so embarrassed. I try to explain how your Dad and I have been trying for another pregnancy and he is not going to be coming home in time to impregnate me. I’m so fertile and horny, my pussy is so creamy, horny and needs relief. I proceed to tell you all about your Dad’s fertility and sex performance problems- he’s no good anymore. But I know you will make a woman very happy. You take advantage of the situation and you offer to impregnate me for Dad but I am very hesitant. Finally, you convince me, but I’m still hesitant at first. You tell me to warm up your dick and get the juices flowing- I hesitantly do so and then end up mesmerized by your amazing dick and pre-cum. Lots of dirty talking and taboo cock worship. You gag me several times with your cock but it only gets me wanting more. I can’t take it anymore- Mommy’s pussy is aching for your cock. I beg you to pump me and fill my pussy with your load. You like it, so I beg some more until you let me fuck your dick. First from behind and then in front. You give me huge load and I am so happy I want to eat your cum. But your dick was so big that I need to pee so bad. I’m so embarrassed but I notice you like it. Thank you Son, we did it for Dad!

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