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You turn up at your Moms house unannounced one night to surprise her. She is so happy to see you, but notices you’ve brought your dog. Thats fine, as long as he doesn’t bark too much and disturb your taboo romp. Your Mom is a little put off as the dog continues to stare at her whilst you are fucking her and you encourage her to stroke him. You know how desperate your Mom always is for sex and that she would literally do anything if she is horny enough. After your Mom gives him a little stroke, you ask her to touch the dogs cock. She says no, but you withhold sex from her, keeping her squirming around on the end of your dick until she is made to agree! She wraps her hand around the canines thick cock and then you ask if she’ll suck it.. just a little bit. She doesn’t REALLY want to, but something about the way your Mommy is moaning as she takes that slippery red dog dick down her throat, makes you wonder if she secretly loves it and wants even more. You watch as your Mom blows the dog until it cums in her mouth, all the while her pussy banging down on your rock hard cock, making you cum inside of her. Your Mom hasn’t had enough though.. shes not finished. She wants to feel his fat doggy cock inside of her pussy and lets you watch as she screws the dog and you jerk off all over yourself as you see your Mommys pussy fill up and spill out with thick white dog sperm. She pushes the cum out of her pussy, and then rubs her cunt all over his still hard dick and slides it inside of her AGAIN and fucks it for a second time. By the end, your Mommy is well and truly fucked and ready for bed…

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