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You’re my son, and you’ve just come home from school with the guy who’s been bullying you all year! Your teacher paired you two for a school project, so you’ve brought him home to work on it. I assure you that I’ll make sure he’s nice to you. I get the three of us, plus my husband (your dad) to sit down at the dining table for some tea. While I’m chatting with you and your dad about your days, your bully suddenly touches my thigh! I’m shocked, but I hide it from you two. I assure both of you that nothing is wrong, and keep chatting with you, even as he starts touching me more under the table, even reaching to play with my pussy. I whisper to him to stop – my family is going to notice! But he’s persistent. Finally, I announce that it’s time to go to the living room. The two of you have to watch a video for your project, so we’re all going to watch it together. In the living room, I realize that there’s not enough seats for everyone. I tell you, your dad, and your bully to sit on the couch, while I can sit on the floor. Your bully offers to let me sit on his lap, which I reject, of course – that would be so inappropriate, and I think he might try something! But you and my husband both encourage me to do it. It’s more comfortable than the floor! I give in. While we’re watching the video and I’m sitting on your bully’s lap, he starts to rub his hard dick against my pussy. I’m not wearing any underwear, so I tell him to be careful – you might accidentally put it in! And he does. I reassure you and your dad that I’m fine, telling you to watch the video, and your bully starts to slowly fuck me right beside you on the couch. I finally demand him to stop, and he does. But now I’m horny. It felt so good, and I can’t pretend that I’m not aching for it. Fuck it – I jump up and tell your bully to fuck me. I admit to you and your dad that he’s been fooling around with me this whole time, and now I’m too horny to hide it. I’m going to fuck your bully right in front of you and my husband! I get naked and hop on his lap, then start to ride him vigorously. I don’t care if you two are watching! You’re both enjoying this, aren’t you? Your dicks are getting hard! You’re both perverts! You probably wanted this to happen! Well, it’s going to be happening a lot more now … son, you’re bully is going to come over here whenever he wants. He can fuck me in front of you and my husband anytime. He creampies me while my son and husband watch. Now that that’s done … should we get back to the video?

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