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Julia (Reagan Foxx) is meticulously scrubbing the kitchen floor when her son Paul (Robby Echo) enters in his socks, getting it dirty again. She’s angry, as she’s expecting her old college pal Lydia (Shay Sights) to visit presently and wants everything to look perfect.

They chat and Julia gives her son a kiss, noting that no one’s aware that they’re having a taboo affair. Lydia has remarried and also inherited a son. Paul suggests they have a quickie together before the guests arrive, and Julia agrees. They head to the bedroom and other than mom’s fetish for cleanliness (she insists that Paul go wash up before having sex), things go smoothly with a sensual blow job and some hot mommy/son fucking.

Lydia and her son John (Ricky Spanish) arrive with suitcases, and Lydia quietly sneaks inside to surprise her old friend. Peeking through the bedroom door she’s a bit shocked to see them going at it, as Julia murmurs: “Give it to mommy -mommy wants your fucking cum. Just like mommy wants…”. Lydia sneaks away oh-so-quietly, and Paul delivers a creampie.

Back outside the front door, Lydia can’t hold back, telling her son who was waiting patiently: “I just can’t keep a secret -they were making love! I wonder if she’s having an affair, maybe with the pool boy or someone”, not having heard Julia’s mommy talk clearly. But she was turned on and says to John: “I have an idea. Why don’t I tell her that you have a headache and we can go upstairs and get rid of some of this pent-up energy?”. She knocks on the door and is greeted joyfully by Julia, and introduces John to her, and he chivalrously kisses Julia’s hand. Julia introduces the visitors to Paul, and Lydia knowingly asks how they get along and do they take good care of each other (hint, hint).

As soon as they get upstairs, Lydia gets down to business with son John, noting enthusiastically: “I saw them! Maybe something fun and exciting can come out of this”. As they undress, she tells John about what she saw and how handsome Paul is. John sees where this could be headed and is apprehensive, but his mom explains: “You’re perfect, baby, but sometimes you just need a little bit of variety, don’t you think?”. While reminiscing about the wild times they had together at college, Lydia starts stroking her son’s cock, as he worships her breasts. All the while, they’re planning how to get their hands on Julia and Paul later. Watch the steamy double-header taboo scene unfold…

Now in Part 2, the plot thickens, as the four of them get together in Julia’s kitchen, the boys: Julia’s son Paul (Robby Echo) and Lydia’s son John (Ricky Spanish) go off to the pool while their mothers stay in the house to bring each other up to date. Lydia asks if her friend Julia has ever fooled around with her handsome son Paul, and Julia adamantly says no, but Lydia is more frank about her son, declaring: “I fucked John”. She adds, “Don’t act so innocent -I know what you’re up to”, taunting Julia.

Lydia admits she saw them making love when she arrived at Julia’s home, and quite embarrassed, Julia makes her promise not to tell anyone. “I’d like to give him a try. Come on Jules, I just want a little taste”, Lydia says saucily. Julia is quite reluctant to go along with such a request from her uninhibited friend, but Lydia sweetens the pot, declaring: “Look, I’ve seen the way John looks at you. I know he’s kind of shy, but do you want to give him a try? I’d be willing to share. How about a good old-fashioned swap?”.

Before Julia can refuse, Lydia calls the boys back in and hits them with her proposal. “You boys are into it, aren’t you?”, she asks, In unison, Paul and John look at eachother. They can’t believe what has always been a dream is becoming a reality! They happily reply: “Hell, yeah!”. Now that it’s settled, Julia goes along with the idea, and the four of them begin fondling each other, that is, after John returns -he’s the shy one and wants to wash his hands first.

Taking separate nearby couches in the living room, the couples’ kissing and fondling begins. After some breast worship, Lydia and Paul indulge in mutual masturbation, while Julia and John sneak a peek and become even more aroused. Then Paul demonstrates what his mommy taught him, and goes down on Lydia, much to the MILF’s excited reaction. Julia roots him on: “Get in there baby boy. Get it!”. Not to be outdone, John begins fingering Julia. By the time he catches up and is eating Julia out, the other couple has progressed -they’re fully nude and Lydia is sucking Paul’s cock. Watch the taboo group sex scene unfold…

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