Sophia Locke and Cory Chase in Punished Mom 4k

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Disciplining a Slut-

My mom Sophia Locke is standing in front of me wearing a white dress with red flowers. She tells me that she is going out with her friends this evening, and she’ll be back in a few hours. Four hours later, I (Luke Longly) hear a knock at the door and I assume that my mom is back home. However, when I open the door, I am shocked to find my Aunt Cory Chase standing there instead. Cory is wearing a royal blue dress and her blonde hair is flowing down to her shoulders. ‘Do you know where my mom is?!’ I question Cory. She tells me that she doesn’t know where my mom went! We need to teach my mom a lesson! The two of us come up with a plan for when my mom comes back…

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