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Its yet another chaotic morning in the Payne household, and as usual your mom is running around yelling at your dad about her costume for class today, apparently he forgot the bottom dress part for her costume today. You notice and can’t help but stare, you haven’t stared at your mom like this and had these urges since she was pregnant. She notices and tells you to stop it, but you can’t help it, sneaking peeks as she walks around the house, into her bedroom while she changes for work. You reach out to touch her, and tell her what you want, she’s reluctant so you suggest you’ll tell dad about last time. She gets on her knees lecturing you, and starts sucking, trying to keep a look out so you both don’t get caught, until you cover her in your cum. Still upset she forgets she’s now covered in your cum yelling at your father, when he asks whats all over her. You help out and say its your lotion, and laugh as she rubs your cum all over her breasts and neck. Once you get to school you surprise her with her costume and encourage the class to take quite the turn around from a normal boring, to an arousing strip tease and so much more…

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