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Mommy Takes Your Virginity HD

It’s your birthday and mommy is delighted to see her handsome boy on his special day. You are excited to see what mommy has bought you she always gives you the best presents. Mommy tells you that she is giving you the best gift a boy could ever receive – mommys juicy cunt. See mommy knows that you are a virgin and she just wants to help her special boy. Who better to take your virginity than your own mother. Mommy knows just what to do with your virgin cock. She will show you the way ;)
Clip includes a Handjob, BJ and The Grande Finale losing your virginity balls deep in mommy =]


Mother Vampire HD

*Nasty taboo words in this vid
* This vid has quite a lot of cuts but it’s well worth watching as you can gather from the reviews I’m a fab little actress heeeheee
A spell has been cast on Mother Vampire and in order for her to create a son, a perverted mini me to fulfil her most taboo sexual desires, she must have sex with her brother on Halloween!


Family Fuck Fest HD (DELETED Video)

The video opens with Lola getting ready for the family fuck fest making herself look hot and fuckable for the family. Next daddy arrives with a present, a special collar for the occasion. You reminisce about how this all began. You creeping into her bedroom late at night when she was just a teen, fingering her and waking her up with orgasms. She only craves family fun now which is why you had a son together so she can satisfy all of her perverted desires.
Everyone arrives, her son, uncle and brother and they all take it turns using her fuckdoll body just like she craves. Lola is desperate and longing for more family cock and so she begs her son to fill her cunt with a big spunky load as she comes all over his cock.

Sweet Mommy Turned Into A Filthy Cumslut HD (DELETED Video)

Part 1. Mommy arrives home from work which is when you, her son offers to pour her some


**. She thanks you for being such a sweetheart but little does she know that there’s something extra in there! Mommy starts to feel unwell then she faints and falls to the ground (This is where you call your mates and you undress her, write slut on her face and put her into the restraints – off camera).

Part 2. Mommy comes round, she is confused, shocked and very upset to hear that you did this to her, that you’ve been planning this for months. Of course she tries to free herself but her efforts are fruitless, she is trapped and at the mercy of her son. Then your mates come into the room and it all becomes clear. Mommy realises why you’ve got her here and there is nothing she can do. You threaten her, she’s powerless and has no choice but to go along with what you say and hope you’ll let her go.

Part 3. Mommy is reluctantly jerking your friends off when all of a sudden she realises she is getting wet, she is enjoying what you have pushed her into doing! She realises that she really is a slut, just a dirty little fuck toy whose sole purpose is to serve men. Now mommy gets into it, she is loving being used and begs for more. You destroy her holes. You fuck her mouth, her pussy. You (son) shoot a load in her mouth and your mates cum all over her dirty little cumslut face =]

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