NSFS-272 Wife Rped By Men She Knows – Revenge Of Former Boss – Hitomi Mochizuki


[SPRD-1109] (English Subbed) Mother-in-law Creampie – The first time a son ejaculated inside his mother – Nishino Miyuki

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Tsukumo Kyuuta
Studio: Takara Eizou
Label: SPRD
Tags: Breast Milk, Creampie, Incest, Mature Woman, Mother, Solowork, Stepmother
Series: Mother violation creampie
Actor: Junkichi Kashiwagi
Actress: Nishino Miyuki

Kazuya is married already, but things are not really working with his wife.

He finds comfort and understanding with Mommy Miyuki, the only woman who fully supports him.



[MIMK-146] (English Subbed) 24H Drugstore Big tits Pharmacist Kusunoki! Kitano Mina

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Doragon Nishikawa
Studio: MOODYZ
Label: MIMK
Tags: Blow, Cowgirl, Creampie, Older sister, Original Collaboration, Solowork
Actor: Taira Bond
Actress: Kitano Mina

The protagonist suffers from erectile dysfunction due to work stress and has not fapped in 3 weeks.

In an attempt to solve his problem, he goes to a 24-hour pharmacy to buy some magic pills.

However, because the medicines are very potent, he has to be to be examined and questioned by the pharmacist in charge… Kusunoki, who happens to be a hot bimbo.



DASS398 Ichika Matsumoto – Molester Father Creampie Intercourse

Enjoy 160 minutes with Ichika Matsumoto. There are 4 scenes here of which she is molested and sexually assaulted. Library, bathroom, train and in a bedroom. Lots of foreplay, riding, missionary, doggy. Enjoy!



[URE-106] (English Subbed) Seducing a nearby woman. Mom edition

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Kitorune Kawaguchi
Studio: Madonna
Label: URE
Tags: Big tits, Incest, Mature Woman, Mother, Original Collaboration, Solowork
Actor: Himori Hajime
Actress: Hayama Sayuri

Mari is a divorced housewife who raised her son Minoru alone.

Feeling lonely, her sexual dissatisfaction prompted her to have an affair with their uncle. However, the secret relationship is discovered by Minoru, who rages with jealousy.

After witnessing this “infidelity”, Minoru orchestrates a plan to win her Mom back, also with hopes of finally losing his virginity.

This is a pretty good URE edition that I enjoyed. The plot complications are nice, and the actors do a good job.

Good stuff.


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