Succubus Turns Into Mommy – Divinebabe HD 1080p

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succubus visits you in your slumber, she starts to fuck with you because she thinks its funny. after all she is an evil demon..
she explains how she has been watching you and your dreams, but this is the first time you’re seeing her. she has been sent to keep an eye on your dreams, if they don’t change, she will have to take you back to hell with her.
unless.. you give her something she wants, which is your seed. she needs it to stay alive.
she accuses you of your sinful dreams about fucking your mother.
you decide to agree, you do not want to go back to hell with her, she will have her way with you!
she sucks your cock, but then she turns into your own mommy which freaks you out… don’t forget who has ahold of your cock.. a powerful and strong entity that can do whatever and be whoever she wants..
she starts fucking you giving you glimpses back at the demon youre actually fucking (and not your mom) but the dream feels sooo real, you fill your mom (or this demon rather) full of your seed since you have no other choice (and because this is the most vivid dream of mommy you have ever had.)
she will be back…


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