[URE-113] (English Subbed) Moonlit Night Of Drinking ~A Married Woman Is Seduced By Her Co-worker While Her Husband Is Drunk~ Yuna Shiina

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Kitorune Kawaguchi
Studio: Madonna
Label: URE
Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Humiliation, Married Woman, Mature Woman, Original Collaboration, Solowork
Actor: Himori Hajime
Actress: Shiina Yuna

Eri is a 29-year-old married woman leading a seemingly normal life. However, she had not had sex with her husband in over 3 years.

One day, her husband shows up for dinner with a coworker unannounced, and the husband quickly falls drunk…

This movie is amazing, perhaps one of the best I watched this year.

The plot escalates with delicious realism and attention to detail, and I loved how the creampie was saved for the final movie culmination.

Cuckold perfection. 5/5



[JUQ-530] (English Subbed) Father-in-law’s PtoM intercourse, filling the wet vulva with intense cunnilingus and an insatiable penis – Jinguuji Nao

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Himurokku
Studio: Madonna
Label: JUQ
Tags: Affair, Cunnilingus, Huge Butt, Married Woman, Mature Woman, Solowork
Actor: Toru Ozawa
Actress: Jinguuji Nao

After Ozawa’s wife passed away, he raised Nao as his own daughter with great care.

Now an adult, Nao is about to marry.

Ozawa’s overprotectiveness hasn’t stopped, and he even gets jealous, micromanaging various aspects of her life.



[PPPE-183] (English Subbed) After my mother died, I continued to suck my sister’s breasts for 10 years. You helped me grow up to be this strong person. Karen Yuzuriha

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Studio: Oppai
Label: PPPE
Tags: Big tits, Creampie, Incest, Older sister, Solowork, Titty fuck
Actor: Yuki Yudzuru
Actress: Yuzuriha Karen

After the tragic passing of their mother, Karen begins to take care of lil’ brother Yudzuru. And that included breastfeeding.

Each year he suckles more intensely, and the thing is that he is already fully grown up, but Karen allows him to keep on sucking.

Eventually, they both awake to pleasure, leading to a full-blown incestuous affair.



[DVDES-786] (English Subbed) Mom Disqualification – Hayashi Yuna

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Biba☆Gonzo
Studio: Deeps
Label: DVDES
Tags: Creampie, Evil, Mother, planning, Shotacon, Solowork, Training
Series: Mommy Disqualification
Actress: Hayashi Yuna

Yuna is a mom working as a librarian that somehow ends up outsmarted by one of her son’s classmates, a bad boy with an unusually big cock.

He manages to bend her will, and the breeding commences.

The more he cums inside her, the more she loses her sanity, with such outrageous shameful acts that she ends up being disqualified as a mother.


[GVH-609] (English Subbed) Forbidden Care: Lauren Karen

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Haruka Yukio
Studio: Glory Quest
Label: GVH
Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Drama, Elder Male, Solowork, White Actress
Series: Forbidden care
Actor: Yuji Yamada
Actress: Lauren Karen

Lauren Karen is an American lady who wants to marry Shunsuke, so she is introduced to his father, Yamada.

Yamada, an old man, is outraged that his son chose an American woman instead of a Japanese one. He intends to test her by pretending to have a senile condition as a pretext.

Karen is eager to learn about Japanese culture and earn his favor, so she puts up with everything and begins to take care of him.

Bad Grandpa, however, takes advantage of the situation, leading to a variety of outrageous incidents, culminating in a creampie.

Lauren Karen is a half-Japanese actress born and raised in Japan. It’s a fantastic addition to this series, possibly even a peak.


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