Cucked Then Fucked By Your Own Mother. Bully – Penny Loren HD 1080p

Your Mommy is a hot attractive woman and this is causing you problems at school, one boy in particular who relentlessly teases you and how she’s a red hot MILF and how he wants to fuck her right in front of you and make her squeal. You hate your mother being spoken about in this derogatory way and its been stressing you out.

Mommy has taken the matter into her own hands and is going to put a stop to you getting bullied once and for all. She has spoken to the boys mother and he will be arriving anytime soon so your caring loving Mommy can nip this in the bud once so he never bothers her darling son again.

Her plan is a little fucked up you admit and at first you are shocked with her ultimatum to him and before you know it you are sitting on the couch watching her suck him off and then fucking him right before your wide eyes..

she reassures you this is the only way this nasty bully boy will stop…

and to be honest you are enjoying the perverted show and fucking turned on.
A couple of days later you wake to Mommy sitting beside you soothingly talking to you, she hasn’t seen you since the bully came over and she wants to know if her naughty little plan had worked.

She’s acting differently and her see through nightie with no panties makes you instantly hard for your own biological Mommy.

She softly tells you she cant stop thinking about how aroused you were watching her fuck and she cant let your nasty bully fuck her without her own darling boy being able to fuck her better and make her cum harder… after all sex with her own son on her fertile days bareback will always satisfy her dark family fucking trigger word fantasy.

Give in to Mommy there’s no turning back for you both now… you are in way too deep and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

This was ordered as a custom.

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