Cory Chase in Mom Reclaimed HD 1080p

My New Girlfriend-

Johnny walks into the kitchen to talk to his dad about how his girlfriend just broke up with him! He tells Luke how his ex-girlfriend found all of his mom porn on his phone and she instantly dumped him! ‘mom porn? Were you watching your mom Cory?’ Luke asks him. Johnny denies that he was watching his mom, but he does look a little guilty! While Johnny is sitting down at the kitchen chair, with Luke behind the counter, Cory crawls on the floor where Luke cannot see her. She makes her way to Johnny and she pulls his cock out from under his underwear. Cory is wearing a blue dress as she sucks Johnny’s cock under the kitchen counter. Johnny is still having a conversation with his dad, while Cory is secretly sucking his cock! Luke eventually walks into the other room, so Cory pokes her head up and pulls her big tits out from under her blue dress. She titty fucks Johnny’s big cock before she goes back to sucking his cock. Cory stands up and Johnny pulls her dress off, throwing it to the floor. ‘My dad did tell me that I need to move on from my gf…’ he says, as he starts to eat Cory’s pussy out. He fucks her pussy in the missionary position, and then she flips over into the doggystyle position so he can fuck her ass next. ‘I love this hole!’ he exclaims. He accidentally cums deep inside of her ass, apologizing that he just couldn’t help it…

That’s My Pussy-

‘I can’t believe I just fucked my mom! I can’t wait to brag to all my boys!’ Johnny says to himself, as he starts texting his friends. At the same time, Cory walks into the living room. She is dressed in a beige skirt, a turquoise blouse and she is about to run out the door to go to work. Johnny sits around waiting all day for his mom to come home from work. When it finally reaches 5 o’clock, she walks back into the house! She tells Johnny that she did get her promotion at work, but she only got it from fucking her boss. Johnny starts to freak out, saying that her pussy is HIS and her boss shouldn’t be allowed to fuck her! Johnny climbs on top of his mom, telling her that her holes are his. He shoves his cock into her mouth, telling her that that’s his mouth! He starts to fuck her pussy next, while Cory moans ‘take what’s yours!’ Cory hops on top of Johnny’s cock and she rides his cock with her ass in the reverse cowgirl position. While she’s still in the reverse cowgirl position, he fucks her ass and her pussy back and forth. Cory moves into the doggystyle position and he fucks her ass from behind, which gapes open wide every time he takes his cock out. He continues to fuck her ass, until he cums deep inside of her ass hole! Then he watches the cum drip out of her…

Free Use Family Threesome-

Cory is wearing black lingerie as she sucks her husband Luke’s cock. ‘So you got the promotion at work? Nice!’ he exclaims, while her cock is in his mouth. Johnny is watching his mom and dad from the other side of the door. ‘Those are my holes!!’ he angrily says to himself as he watches them. When Johnny notices that Luke has left the room, Johnny enters the room and he makes his mom suck his cock this time. Luke walks back into the room, and Johnny starts yelling ‘My mom’s holes are mine!!’ Luke is on one side of Cory while Johnny is on the other. They’re both completely naked as Cory starts to jerk them each off with one hand. Then, she starts to suck Luke’s cock while Johnny fucks her pussy from behind. Cory lies down on the bed in the missionary position and Luke fucks her ass while Johnny’s cock is in her mouth. A few minutes later, the two men switch places and they continue to use all three of her holes. Her husband and son start to D.P her holes while Cory’s moans get louder and louder. They decide to do double anal next, so they both fuck her ass at the same exact time! The two men continue to use her holes, harder and faster this time. Her ass hole is gaping open wide! Johnny fucks her pussy until he is ready to cum, and then he explodes in her mouth and all over her face. It is Luke’s turn next, and he also fucks her pussy until he cums all over her face and in her mouth! Now Cory is soaked in cum, but Johnny isn’t done yet… he still has some cum left, and he jerks his cock off for a second time all over Cory’s face!

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Rare find from one of our VIP users! I believe, that they are a real mother and son webcaming it for money. They’re trying to hide it, but they don’t seem to be very successful)

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Mommys Birthday Gift To Her Son – Missbehavin26 HD 1080p

Its ur birthday and ur friends are over theyre just downstairs, mom says she wants to make this a birthday to remember and she sure does….even with ur friends so closeby….
Script:Hi! This order is for the custom video we spoke about! It should be a virtual sex video where you use a dildo and pretend like you’re having sex with me and roleplay as my Mommy. The scenario we talked about was “Mommy knows what you really want for your birthday and spoils you rotten letting you Free Use her all day”. My birthday is October 1st! I’d love it if you could include lines like telling me I’m a good boy and saying things like “Cum for Mommy” especially toward the end. You can do any positions and outfit that you’re comfortable with as long as it’s nothing too close up! I definitely want to be able to see you. Thank you so much! I’m really excited to see what you make for me. :]

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Daddy Gets A Massage – Miss Malorie Switch HD 1080p

You are waiting to receive your massage, but your daughter turns out to be the massuese! Hesitant at first, you worry about your modesty and what it will be like to be massaged by your daughter. You agree to the massage, although shy. Noticing how hard you are, she takes your cock into her hand, relieving more pressure… Rubbing her body on you now, she accidentally slips your cock inside of her! Since there is no going back from this, you two might as well experience what it is like to fuck each other. Going from her pussy, to her mouth, back to her pussy, she begs you to fuck her ass. Going from her ass, to her mouth, to her ass, to her pussy, switching from doggy, to missionary, and to 69, you two go at it. She has you piss in her mouth, filling it until it overflows. She has you cum all over her face, feeding your cum to her. After, she wants to make you cum again, although you are worn out. You paid for the full hour, so that’s what you’re going to get… Riding your cock in her ass, she takes your cock ass to mouth and has you fill her ass with cum. She squeezes it out on your chest, and she laps it up, claiming your cum as her own now. To finish the session, she has you clean her up with another mouthful of piss. Don’t you like getting massaged from your daughter?

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Sydney Harwin & Jaybbgirl – Mommy And Sister – TABOO TRIANGLE HD 1080p

FEATURING THE ONE AND ONLY JAYBBGIRL! CONTAINS 14 SCENES, INCLUDING 6 SEX SCENES, 2 CREAMPIES AND 2 BLOWJOB SCENES! ..A hidden family affair between you and your pregnant Mom gets uncovered by your younger Sister who just can’t hide her jealousy.. and when she works out that YOU got Mom pregnant, she practically begs for you to do the same to her.. but what will Mommy say?

When your sister finds out that you’re fucking Mom and that you got her pregnant…she wants in on the action. She always has kind of wanted you in that way, but thought it was weird. Finding out that you’re fine doing it with Mom, then maybe she can get some of that dick too. But what would Mom think? How would that even work? What if your sister wanted to you to breed her too….

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son OUIJA HD 1080p

..and here is my annual Halloween movie 2023! This video contains sex in 4 positions, 2 blowjob scenes and a pussy eating scene. I am keeping (most of) the storyline a secret.. and I really hope you’ll like the twist I’ve added for you! All improvised throughout with minimal cuts, only to change camera positions.

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Penny Barber – 10 NEW and HOT FAMILY TABOO Vids in HD 1080p POV

Sugar Cookies HD

I really wish I could drive you to school today, sweetie, but I am just so overworked and stressed right now. You can help me relax? Mommy will try anything.

Whoa, not only do I feel relaxed, I also feel incredibly horny! Before preparing the sugar cookies for bake sale later, I strip out of my dress, fondle my big juicy tits and ass, and finally put on nothing but an apron. You come home right as I pull the hot cookies out of the oven. I’m so horny that I drop to my knees in front of you, expose my breasts, and beg you to take your giant cock out. I blow you until I can’t take it anymore and make you ram that massive dick into Mommy’s tight, wet pussy. I ride you on the counter, squirting all over your dick so hard that you think I must be in heat.

You finish by helping Mommy decorate one of the cookies with your cum, which I gratefully devour. From now on, I’ll just come for you — I mean, to you — whenever I want to relaxxx.

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JOI to Mom’s Yoga Body HD

Ready to do some yoga with Mommy? I run through a series of sexy stretches and poses as you watch, practically drooling over my MILFy curves, which are accentuated by tight, my hot pink, yoga outfit. You’re barely keeping it together when I insist that you start participating more. You manage to resist, but when I lean in to help you stretch, my bit, MILF tits in your face, you can’t help but get an erection.

But it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetie. And since Mommy made you all stiff, then Mommy can help you get release. I unclasp my sports bra and tell you to stroke your big cock as fast as I play with my big, soft tits. But don’t come yet. Watch me peel the pink leggings and thong off of my round, juicy bottom before sensuously oiling up my breasts and ass.

I know it’s naughty, sweetie, but I really like it. I drip oil onto my pussy and rub my clit in your face while you continue to jerk off to my instructions. I get closer and closer to coming before I can’t wait anymore and countdown to a simultaneous release and you cover my pussy in your jizz as I reach my own screaming orgasm.

Isn’t it fun to stretch it out with Mommy?

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Sunday Morning Wood HD

You got hard in church again!? Go to your room while I pray on how to deal with your…libidinous urges.

I may be at my wits end, but I know if I just beg on my knees for long enough, the Lord will reveal himself to me. That’s it! The solution is almost too simple: I am going to take care of your erections every day before church. I mean, I can’t have you *ahem* masturbating like a heathen. As your loving Mother, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the devil out of you, even if it means clasping my hands around your cock instead of in prayer.

I stroke you like only a good, Christian woman can while showing you my gorgeous, MILF titties to help get you off, but, despite your huge load, you still manage to get hard in church! The devil sure is strong in you, but I’m not going to give up. I spread my legs and encourage you to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck me until I’m positive that every last drop of your demon semen is in my saintly pussy.

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Watching Porn With Mommy HD

I’m feeling lonely and bored, so I decide to see what you’re doing all alone in your room. You say that you’re watching a movie. When I snatch your laptop and discover that it’s porn, I’m shocked, but not appalled.

I did say I’d watch ANYTHING you wanted. Can we finish it together?

You sit next to me on the couch as I put the dirty movie on the big screen tv in the living room. You can hear my thoughts as I get more and more turned on watching this porno with you, thinking filthy things that a mother shouldn’t be thinking about her son, but I can see the outline of your huge erection in your pants and I want to see more! I convince you that it’s okay to take out your cock. Mommy wants you to stroke it while she plays with herself. I spread my legs and expose my big MILF tits while the moans of the woman getting fucked in the movie play in the background. After rubbing my hard clit to a screaming orgasm, I let you in on a little secret: Mommy really likes getting fucked after masturbating and that big, gorgeous cock of yours is quite a tease.

I take your beautiful cock in my mouth to get it as hard as possible for my pussy. Don’t come yet! Not even when I lovingly lick your long shaft. Not even when I deep throat as much of your enormous dick as I possibly can until my eyes cross. When you can’t take it anymore, I get naked and spread myself open for you. I play with my tits as you fuck me exactly how I like to be fucked. You ride me long and hard through multiple orgasms and, even though I tell you not to come in me, my inner thoughts are begging you to cream pie my hungry, wet pussy.

Did you like Mommy’s pussy, sweetie? Because if you keep this a secret, we can definitely do it again!

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Best Sleepover EVER HD

Aw, did I wake you? I just wanted to see how your last big sleepover before college was going. You two have made quite the mess with all this candy, gaming, movies, and pizza. Looks like a good time, but do I smell…pee? Did you have an accident?! Lucky for you, I’m prepared for just such an emergency with a thick, crinkly diaper! Now let’s get you undressed and…oh, my! That is quite an erection you have there. I clean it with my warm, wet mouth—licking and sucking until you give me a load of yummy diaper boy cum. I swallow it like the dirty MILF you never knew I was, and then tape you up for the rest of the night.

The next morning, we have a little time together while your friend is in the shower. Your cock stiffens as I check your diaper only to find that you’re positively soaked. Is that an embarrassment boner? Because I think that you like this, your dirty diaper boy. I tease you as I jerk you off with your wet diaper, but before you can finish I let you thank me for taking care of you by stuffing that fat dick into my tight, hungry pussy. I ride you cowgirl on top of your wet diaper as you beg me to fuck you. You make me come hard on your engorged cock before shooting your hot jizz deep inside of me. Now let’s clean and change you once more, just to be sure you don’t have any accidents on the way home.

Do you mind if I visit you in your dorm next year?

Category Diaper
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Fucking With the Principal HD

You’ve been called into the principal’s office—my office—yet again. You aren’t concerned at first, even as the list of your transgressions grows and grows. What’s the worst I could do to you anyway?

Then I pull a diaper bag out from under my desk.

I’ve obtained special permission to humiliate you into behaving better by making you wear diapers in school—in front of everyone!

Time to take drastic measures. You take out the hypnoring you found in your cereal box this morning. You point it at my face and … it works! I fall into a trance, call you Master, and agree to do whatever you say! It’s time to have some fun with this uptight disciplinarian.

You make me strip, completely unaware that anything is out of the ordinary as I continue to berate you. It’s so hot that you start masturbating right there in my office—and I let you!

When I’m down to nothing but my garter, stockings, and heels you command me to explain my dastardly diaper punishment plans as I suck my thumb like a little diaper slut. You don’t mind hearing all the humiliating punishments I had in store for you, because you convince me that the REAL punishment is making you watch me enact every single on of those embarrassing punishments on myself.

At your command, I diaper myself over my lingerie, wet it, and masturbate until I come in my soaking diaper, believing all the while that I’m subjecting you to the most abject humiliations. Could anything make this day better?

Yes: A wet, sensuous blow job from your diapered principal. I suck and tit-fuck your enormous erection whilst explaining what a great administrator I am and how this will all make you a better student. You command me to beg for you to come, and are surprised at what a mewling little diaper slut I’ve become. I beg well enough that you graciously oblige.

Thank god your Mom still buys the cereal that comes with prizes!

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Still Mommy’s Diaper Boy HD

You can’t go out with some girl tonight, you’re supposed to spend the evening with Mommy! Well, if you insist on seeing this…tart, then Mommy is going to insist that you keep it in your pants, or rather — in your diaper! Now, drop your pants and show Mommy what she’ll be padding this evening. Wow. That is small! You should be grateful that Mommy is doing you the favor of pampering your petite penis, because I’m sure this girl would lose interest if she saw it. She might even laugh, and of course you know you can’t count on some girl to keep a secret, not like Mommy will.

You know, it’s kind of appropriate that I have you in a diaper, because I just happen to be wearing a sexy, lacy, pink nursing bra. Do you know what diaper boys like to do? They like to suck on Mommy’s nipples, don’t they? Your mouth feels so good that Mommy has no choice but to masturbate while you nurse. Keep doing that until…Mommy…COMES! How much do you think you would have to do that before I start to make milk again?

You’re eager to make your date, but before I let you go, you are going to wet that diaper for Mommy. Stand and let me look up at you while I play with myself and encourage you to pee. Do it for Mommy, sweetie. I want to smell your squishy, embarrassingly wet diaper. Mommy wants to smell your pee…good boy!

Now which one of us should answer the door when your little date arrives?

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Controlling Top Pantyhose HD

Honey, I have a very important meeting today and need you to pick up some black pantyhose for me. Can you do that? I don’t care where you get them, just hurry!

You come home to catch me engaging in some weird, pep talk masturbation. You watch for as long as you can, but it isn’t long before I see you spying. I’m absolutely embarrassed that my son would watch me do that, but I am running late, so I just grab the pantyhose and slip them on — as you continue watching me through a crack in the door.

But before I can put my suit on, some invisible energy suddenly takes control of my body! It bends me over my dresser—giving you an eyeful of my round, nylon-clad ass—and then makes me start gyrating my hips as some phantom pleasure begins to course through me, making my wet pussy contract in a way that feels even better than my vibrator! As you secretly watch, I come so hard that I need to catch my breath before truly regaining my senses.

I call for your help as I try (and fail) to remove the eerie undergarment. You attempt to read the instructions, but they are in some strange language that neither of us can understand. Even though my son is in the room, I can’t help but open my secret drawer full of sex toys. The diabolical hosiery makes me lay before you Mommy’s vibrator, butt plug, clothes pins, and a rose gold submissive collar. You watch me collar myself, then clip the clothes pins onto my fully erect nipples. I beg for help, but it’s just too much fun to watch! You’re even getting hard. Every time I finish doing something the pantyhose want me to do I receive a jolt of pleasure in my pussy and moan like a wanton slut right before your eyes.

Why aren’t you helping me, sweetie!? Oh! These pantyhose are going to make me masturbate in front of my own son! Instead of going to get help, you take off your clothes as I’m made to vibrate my sensitive clitoris to multiple screaming orgasms. It seems like these…things…are trying to pacify me with kinky sex.

Just as I start to recover and think the nightmare might be over, I grab my own hair and push my face onto your fully engorged cock. Whenever I try to chastise you for going along with the underwear, I interrupt myself by blowing you hard and fast. The more I please your hard cock, the better it makes my pussy and clit feel until I inevitably give up and agree to do whatever you and the hosiery want me to do.

You remove the clips from my nipples before plugging my ass and laying me down to give you a submissive footjob. My feet are soft against your stiff erection, and the more I use them to pleasure you, the better they begin to feel until they are as sensitive as my pussy and it feel like I’m fucking you. I come twice more before you ejaculate all over the crotch of my malicious pantyhose.

Do you think they’ll ever let me take them off?!

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Be My Diaper Fetish Doll HD

Your new breasts I made you get look absolutely wonderful, darling! Almost as nice as mine. You are looking more and more like my girly little sex toy every day. I lick and such your gorgeous new titties, smearing my red lipstick all over them, claiming them as my own. Your sissy cock swells in your feminine, pink diaper as I describe all of the humiliating things I’ll be making you do with your perky, new tits.

I take your diaper off and stroke your embarrassingly stiff cocklette while I prepare your tight, little asshole for a thorough fucking with MY big cock! But I’m not a mean Mistress: I use lots of slippery lube first, working my way from finger to fist as you lose your mind with pleasure. Of course, you’re not allowed to cum, no matter how much sissy wet leaks out as I milk your prostate.

I tease you with a sexy little dance as I don my massive strap-on. You’re not sure if you can take it, but I am! I bend you over on your diaper for the fuck of your life and reach under you to stroke your erection. My hand sliding up and down your shaft coaxes you to take my fat dick deeper than you imagined you could. I tease you, spank you, and ride you until you prove to me what a good girl you are.

And WHAT a good girl! I think you’ve earned being in diapers for the rest of the week, little sissy.

Category Diaper Fetish
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Family Vacation Bet with Sis HD

Our whole family is on vacation together in a rustic mountain cabin. Mom and Dad have decided to visit the little town down the road, but you and I just want to chill in the hot tub–but you seem to have forgotten your swim trunks. I say it doesn’t matter if you come in naked, but I’m also wearing an incredibly slutty little micro bikini. You don’t want to say anything, but you’re worried that you’ll get hard. I start teasing you saying that I probably wouldn’t even notice. You assure me that I would.
Finally, I propose a bet: if you are, indeed, poorly endowed, I get to choose the next family vacation and you foot the bill. If you do have a huge dick, I’ll pay for the family vacation that you want. You agree and drop your pants. … I can’t believe it. No wonder you’re always slouching! Your dick is gigantic! I start encouraging you to get hard, stripping out of my already tiny bikini and fingering my ass. I don’t care if you are my brother, I want to see how much cum that enormous cock can make

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REAL Brother and Sister Webcam HD

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Sloansmoans BOY-GIRL! PERV POV: Making A Deal With Mommy HD 1080p

The video begins with the guy laying on the bed when Sloan enters and offers him a deal to stay in school and stop fighting with his dad, as you can imagine the deal begins with her stripping off most of her clothing and giving him a blowjob with some ball sucking all the while continuing with the mommy talk.

Next up Sloan puts a condom on her boy and climbs on top to ride him in cowgirl after which she turns round to continue in reverse cowgirl but not before complaining about the condom and pulling it off. For the final position they then continue in doggy.

The final part of the scene has Sloan giving him a titjob and blowjob until he finally finishes in her mouth.

As a little added bonus there is a premature ejaculation outtake at the end where the guy pops early during the initial blowjob in the scene.

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Kaliwaan (2022) UNCUT Full HD Version

Asian Erotica, Incest

Directed by: Daniel Palacio

Stars: Vince Rillon, AJ Raval, Mark Anthony Fernandez

Language: Tagalog | Subtitles: English (embed+srt)

Country: Philippines | Ar: 16:9 | Webrip

Description: When Boogie learns that Monica cheated on him, his cop brother plans to kill her. But as Monica reveals she’s pregnant with his baby, it’s a race against time to stop his brother.

2020s, High Definition, Philippines, Tagalog.

Sister, Teen, Small Tits, Asian, Uncensored Asian, DVD, Full Movie, Mainstream, Translated, Cheating, Cuckold, Netorare, Spying, Caught In The Act, In Front Of Husband, Male Domination, Blackmail, Humiliation, Helpless, Netorare, Cum in Pussy, Impregnation, Threesome, Lesbian, Bisexual, Blowjob, Handjob, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Cunnilingus


Willow Ryder – Learning Curve HD 1080p

I’m not talking with my little sister about this stuff. Are you crazy? I’m your big brother, ask one of your friends or something.. Wait he did what? Really?.. Well yeah I know some stuff about it.. I guess I can give you some advice as long as you promise not to tell anybody…

Sex Acts: blowjob, missionary, viennese oyster, doggy style, anal doggy, anal missionary, anal reverse cowgirl, cumshot, cum in mouth

Sister, Teen, Small Tits, Latina, Big Ass, Rough Sex, Anal, Double Penetration, Anilingus, POV, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Caught Masturbating

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