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Cory Chase and Melanie Hicks in 4th of July Celebration 4k

Pool Plotting

Melanie Hicks is wearing a purple dress as she is sitting down on the bed; I (Cory Chase) walk into the bedroom wearing a red crop top and a blue skirt. I pull the top of Melanie’s dress down, exposing her big tits. Then, I lift her top up, exposing her breasts as well. We both strip out of our outfits and then we change into bikinis. I am wearing a blue bikini and Melanie is wearing a red bikini. We both have high heels on as well, as we follow each other outside towards the pool. We sit down at the edge of the pool, and I pull Melanie’s bikini top to the side, exposing her big tits. I start to lick and suck on Melanie’s nipples. I stand up and pull my bikini down, and Melanie starts to lick my nipples and rub my clit with her fingers. Melanie opens her legs wide and I start to eat her pussy out. I continue licking her clit until she cums hard in my mouth!

Mom Swap

Parker Sims looks out the window, and he sees me kissing my sister, Melanie, outside by the pool. He walks outside and he asks us what we are doing. ‘We are getting ready to share you, honey!’ I exclaim. Parker walks over to the pool, and Melanie and I pull his cock out and we start to give him a double blowjob. While Melanie is still sucking his cock, I put my big tits in Parker’s face and he licks my nipples. I move into the reverse cowgirl position and I start to ride his cock, while Melanie licks my nipples. Melanie hops on top of him next, and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position next. ‘How does it feel having my son’s hard cock inside of you?!’ I ask Melanie. I suck Parker’s cock, and then Melanie licks his cock after. Then Melanie climbs on top of Parker again and she rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position, while I sit on Parker’s face. I lie down on the bench beside the pool and Parker starts to fuck my pussy in the missionary position, while Melanie licks my tits. Melanie and I switch positions and Parker fucks Melanie’s pussy in the missionary position next. Melanie and I both move into the doggystyle position next to one another, and Parker goes back and forth between both of our pussies. He keeps going back and forth between both of us, until he gets close to cumming. Then he jerks his cock off into both of our mouths! We swallow it all…

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REAL Incest Collection 343!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

Bonus Proven REAL Brother and Sister Pack!

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Cucked Then Fucked By Your Own Mother. Bully – Penny Loren HD 1080p

Your Mommy is a hot attractive woman and this is causing you problems at school, one boy in particular who relentlessly teases you and how she’s a red hot MILF and how he wants to fuck her right in front of you and make her squeal. You hate your mother being spoken about in this derogatory way and its been stressing you out.

Mommy has taken the matter into her own hands and is going to put a stop to you getting bullied once and for all. She has spoken to the boys mother and he will be arriving anytime soon so your caring loving Mommy can nip this in the bud once so he never bothers her darling son again.

Her plan is a little fucked up you admit and at first you are shocked with her ultimatum to him and before you know it you are sitting on the couch watching her suck him off and then fucking him right before your wide eyes..

she reassures you this is the only way this nasty bully boy will stop…

and to be honest you are enjoying the perverted show and fucking turned on.
A couple of days later you wake to Mommy sitting beside you soothingly talking to you, she hasn’t seen you since the bully came over and she wants to know if her naughty little plan had worked.

She’s acting differently and her see through nightie with no panties makes you instantly hard for your own biological Mommy.

She softly tells you she cant stop thinking about how aroused you were watching her fuck and she cant let your nasty bully fuck her without her own darling boy being able to fuck her better and make her cum harder… after all sex with her own son on her fertile days bareback will always satisfy her dark family fucking trigger word fantasy.

Give in to Mommy there’s no turning back for you both now… you are in way too deep and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

This was ordered as a custom.

Penny Loren, British, English, Taboo, MILF, Mommy/Son, Family, Bully, Cuckholding, Cuck, Mommy/son dirty talking, Mixture of B/G and simulated, All POV from Son, breeding, Impregnation, Ovulation, Close Ups, Creampies, Raw Breeding, Bareback, Naughty Dark Taboo Fucking.

Daylight and Nightime scene. Big Mommy Milkers, Large Areolas, Big Juicy Ass, Simulated Pussy Eating.


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Lauryn Mae (Sexy_Gemini_Milf) – Mommy Takes Anal Creampie From Son 4K

I finally gave in and let my son fuck me in my tight little asshole. First I had him put a butt plug inside me so that I got use to something inside. Then I took his cock down my throat and rode him reverse cowgirl so he could get a good view on the plug in my ass. Then he flipped me over and slowly fucked my ass while I used my vibrator on my clit until he filled my hole with his creamy load.

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Melanie Hicks – Substitute Teacher Craves BBC 4k

Melanie is sitting in the classroom at her desk, because she is substituting for Ms. Chase’s class this week. A man named Ace Bigs walks into the classroom, looking for Ms. Chase. Melanie tells him that she is the substitute for the week. ‘Ms. Chase and I have a special deal going on lately. How do I say this? Cory takes care of my needs and I take care of Cory’s needs, and in exchange, she makes sure that my son passes her class,’ Ace confesses to Melanie. Melanie stands up beside him, and she is wearing a black skirt with a purple shirt. She quickly removes her purple shirt, while telling Ace that she believes she is capable of doing the same thing that Ms. Chase has been secretly doing it with him. Melanie gets down on her knees in front of Ace and she starts to give his BBC a blowjob. She gives him a blowjob for a few minutes, and then she moves into the doggystyle position, leaning against her desk. Ace lifts up her skirt and he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. Her big tits bounce back and forth with every thrust from behind. She then moves into the missionary position on the desk next. He pulls his cock out of her pussy and then he leans down and eats her pussy out for a few moments. Then he puts his BBC back inside of her pussy afterwards. Ace sits down on the teacher’s chair and Melanie gives him another blowjob. She uses her hands and her mouth simultaneously. Then she moves back into the missionary position on the desk, and he fucks her pussy with his BBC for a few more minutes. When he is ready to cum, he explodes inside of her pussy! Some of his creamy white cum drips out of her tight pussy… ‘I’ll substitute for Cory’s class any time she wants!’ Melanie exclaims.

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The Mafia Mom Syren De Mer FULL Series – Ms Price 4k

Mafia mom Syren De Mer was surprised to get some salacious advice from her case worker, Helena Price. Syren and her son chose to go into witness protection and confess against their mob family, since they mutually decided they couldn’t live with the havoc that comes along with being in ‘the family’.
Syren and Helena get to talking about how to win the case, and Helena goes off-the-record to give Syren the advice of a lifetime…

After the case worker left from her impactful meeting with Mafia Mom Syren, Syren gathered her courage to initiate sexual contact with her son. Syren knows this will be the best way to keep her son on board with the case. Have to make sure he won’t turn…Syren finds her son sitting on the couch moping, and takes the opportunity to see whats got her boy in such a mood. Of course the stress of the upcoming trial, the big move, the new place and people, especially missing his girlfriend.
Syren takes the opportunity to insert herself as the surrogate girlfriend, and with little resistance from her son, Syren initiates a special mom-son stress relief massage, and finds herself surprisingly turned on. She masturbates as she gives her son the other hand.
Since she is extra turned on, she gets a little kinky and takes off her satin panties, gives them a sniff and offers her happily-obliging son a whiff. He gets even harder as Syren jerks him into a wild fervor. When he can’t hold off anymore, she employs the panties to jerk him while he cums a huge load into her satin panties. Syren hopes this will take care of things, we will see…

To Syren’s surprise, her son was up at the table looking chipper even a few days after she had ‘given him a hand’. She was even more surprised that her son was bold enough to ask her to do more things that his girlfriend used to do. Knowing that the outcome of the upcoming trial was hanging in the balance, Syren happily obliged, right there in the dining room, giving her son the best head of his life, and enjoying a liquid breakfast of CUM!

It’s down to the wire, the day before the big trial, and the case worker, Ms Price comes back around to make sure all is well with Syren and her son. Syren divulges to Helena some of the details of the past week, and Helena encourages Syren to seal the deal by going all the way with her son. Of course Syren agrees. Besides, Syren hasn’t been laid since her split with the mob boss, and she is really curious how her son’s thick dick will feel inside of her.
After Helena leaves and son returns home, Syren goes straight after his cock wasting no time in giving giving her lingerie-clad pussy to him in doggy. Mommy also takes the reigns, stripping nude and rides him til he is on the edge of blowing his load. She takes it slow and lets him finish off by pounding her until he releases his seed into her womb. No better way to seal the deal and be sure of a smooth trial now…


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445 pages
355 megabytes

Awesome cartoon porn artwork collection featuring characters from popular TV animated series Rick and Morty. To all those who are big fans of Rick and Morty I suggest you get this collection ASAP.

parody, rick and morty, artwork, beth smith, summer smith, bdsm-bondage, futanaria, milf, incesto, mom-n-son, bro-sis, family-incest

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Rick and Mo Artw.zip


KathiaNobili – 5 MORE ONLY MOTHER AND SON Vids in HD POV 1080p

Son’s Punishment Mom Fucks Front Of You HD

Finally, the young man join me with his presents. You should hurry or you’ll be late for the school! Did I do what? Making you a breakfast?! No son! I didn’t…you are or you think you are the big boy…well you can take care of your self! Am I right?!

Is there something wrong?! You asking your mother if there is something wrong? You know it better then I do! Come on! How dare you to asking me after what have you done! Oh..my little baby boy don’t understand? Ok..let mommy make it clear for you and describe the situation between us!

You know..in past few weeks you’ve been very strange…you didn’t touch me you didn’t come to my bedroom…you completely avoided your mom, mom you love so much, right?!!! Haw dare you!!! Telling the lies like this into my face!!! I saw you…I’ve been following you and saw you to fucking that little whore of yours!!! How could you do that to your mother?! I loved you, I give you everything possible and even impossible…I let you to be my lover, you learned so many things about sex from me…and for what…that you can fuck young girls around!!! It’s just not working like this young man!!! Do you have any idea, how did I felt?! To find out what do you do behind my back?!!! You just broke my heart son!!! So completely destroyed our love my son!!!

No, no, no…you can forget about this! My perfect body…boobs…bum…all you loved so much…it’s over! I’ll never let you touch me again!!! What are you saying….you have no idea what the safer is!!! But you know what! From now on…mommy will also do what she wants, what she likes…any time! You you hear good my son! I will fuck around too! But as this is my home, my house…I don’t have to going nowhere…I’ll invite my man, my lover over here! Yes THE MAN, real man…not just silly young boy like your self! And I will enjoy his hard, swollen cock inside me like I never did before!!!

Yes, this is going to be the real punishment for you my son!!! Your beloved mother will belong to someone else now!!! And I’m sure, when you come back home and you hear all the noises from mommy’s bedroom…you’ll watch!!! You will peeping your mother…you just can’t help your self!!!

And believe me…I know that too! And when I take my lover hard, big dick in my mouth…I’ll watch you…deep into your eyes…to make you see how mommy love his cock! When I sit over him, and ride him…goading…I’ll watch you…to make you see the pleasure that man giving to your mother!!! And you…you are just standing behind my bedroom and seeing what did you loose…what perfect milf…the love of your life you lost just for fucking behind mommy’s back!!!


MOM Needs Your LOVE in Lockdown HD

This lockdown is difficult time for everybody! You are home only with your mom,you can’t visiting your girlfriend and getting rid of the pressure in your pants! Of course masturbation is an option…but it’s not the same!!!

But you are not only one in the house, who have sexual needs!!!

Your mom loves the sex too! She is masturbation quite intensely but she needs more! She sneak behind your door at the night…and from the last time, she saw you and your beautiful HARD, YOUNG cock…she just can’t stop having naughty thoughts!

And today…she just cross her line!!! She decide to seduce you…you baby boy!!! She dressed up really sexy…and…tease you!

It wasn’t difficult to make you rock hard…one look at her pussy…and you are in her play!!!

Your mom…turns and it’s right in her face…your big, swollen dick! And that’s what see wanted…and you will never say NO to sexy woman like your mom is!!!

All she wants now…to feel your hardness! In her mouth…inside her wet cunt!!! And you? It will be the best sex in your life so far!!! And you just can’t believe…you didn’t fuck your mom every single day!!!


Mommy And HALLOWEEN For Big Boys HD

Mommy is getting ready for Halloween party but she can’t decide witch costume to wear. Luckily she has you, her naughty boy to help! And what kind of costume you want to see on her, what else then the slutty nurse.
Mom is so hot in it, and your cock starts to grow and pump so hard! You want to fuck her, just need to feel her juicy pussy! It’s Halloween…so do your ,, TRICK OR TREAT ,, who said you’re to grown to have a special HALLOWEEN!


Mommy’s ORAL Surprise At The Night HD

You didn’t expect this night will be the best in your life!!!

You father has to finally leave and go for business trip after so long…since he wasn’t home and now…it’s only you and your mom!!! Your HOT mom!!!

You thought you’ll wait few days and after you hit on her…but…she couldn’t wait!!! Already the first night without your father presents…she comes into your room at the night and start to tease you! You have a wonderful cock she says…and you are very handsome young man! And the real woman like me…the real MILF knows so much HOT staff…let me show you my sweet boy!!!

The best BLOWJOB of your life…and this is just a beginning of our kinky week with your loving mommy!!!


Only YOU & MOMMY This Christmas HD

My baby boy…I know we had difficult year. And this is the first Christmas when we are just two of us since your father left!!! And I really, really want this Christmas to be special for you!


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NEW! MILF1846 – Cheating Wife Humiliates Cuck Husband HD 1080p

Rachel and her husband have been married for 15 years. It came to a point that the Husband could no longer satisfy her insatiable wife. What does Rachel do? Finding other men to meet her needs. Watch Rachel’s confession to her Cuck husband about how she fucks other men in beautiful white stockings.

MILF, Big Ass, Big Tits, Chubby, Amateur, Stockings, Granny, Virtual Sex, Cheating, Wife, Cuckold, In Front Of Husband, POV, Netorare, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Hairy


[URE-113] (English Subbed) Moonlit Night Of Drinking ~A Married Woman Is Seduced By Her Co-worker While Her Husband Is Drunk~ Yuna Shiina

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Kitorune Kawaguchi
Studio: Madonna
Label: URE
Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Humiliation, Married Woman, Mature Woman, Original Collaboration, Solowork
Actor: Himori Hajime
Actress: Shiina Yuna

Eri is a 29-year-old married woman leading a seemingly normal life. However, she had not had sex with her husband in over 3 years.

One day, her husband shows up for dinner with a coworker unannounced, and the husband quickly falls drunk…

This movie is amazing, perhaps one of the best I watched this year.

The plot escalates with delicious realism and attention to detail, and I loved how the creampie was saved for the final movie culmination.

Cuckold perfection. 5/5



[JUQ-530] (English Subbed) Father-in-law’s PtoM intercourse, filling the wet vulva with intense cunnilingus and an insatiable penis – Jinguuji Nao

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Himurokku
Studio: Madonna
Label: JUQ
Tags: Affair, Cunnilingus, Huge Butt, Married Woman, Mature Woman, Solowork
Actor: Toru Ozawa
Actress: Jinguuji Nao

After Ozawa’s wife passed away, he raised Nao as his own daughter with great care.

Now an adult, Nao is about to marry.

Ozawa’s overprotectiveness hasn’t stopped, and he even gets jealous, micromanaging various aspects of her life.



[PPPE-183] (English Subbed) After my mother died, I continued to suck my sister’s breasts for 10 years. You helped me grow up to be this strong person. Karen Yuzuriha

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Studio: Oppai
Label: PPPE
Tags: Big tits, Creampie, Incest, Older sister, Solowork, Titty fuck
Actor: Yuki Yudzuru
Actress: Yuzuriha Karen

After the tragic passing of their mother, Karen begins to take care of lil’ brother Yudzuru. And that included breastfeeding.

Each year he suckles more intensely, and the thing is that he is already fully grown up, but Karen allows him to keep on sucking.

Eventually, they both awake to pleasure, leading to a full-blown incestuous affair.



[DVDES-786] (English Subbed) Mom Disqualification – Hayashi Yuna

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Biba☆Gonzo
Studio: Deeps
Label: DVDES
Tags: Creampie, Evil, Mother, planning, Shotacon, Solowork, Training
Series: Mommy Disqualification
Actress: Hayashi Yuna

Yuna is a mom working as a librarian that somehow ends up outsmarted by one of her son’s classmates, a bad boy with an unusually big cock.

He manages to bend her will, and the breeding commences.

The more he cums inside her, the more she loses her sanity, with such outrageous shameful acts that she ends up being disqualified as a mother.


[GVH-609] (English Subbed) Forbidden Care: Lauren Karen

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Haruka Yukio
Studio: Glory Quest
Label: GVH
Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Drama, Elder Male, Solowork, White Actress
Series: Forbidden care
Actor: Yuji Yamada
Actress: Lauren Karen

Lauren Karen is an American lady who wants to marry Shunsuke, so she is introduced to his father, Yamada.

Yamada, an old man, is outraged that his son chose an American woman instead of a Japanese one. He intends to test her by pretending to have a senile condition as a pretext.

Karen is eager to learn about Japanese culture and earn his favor, so she puts up with everything and begins to take care of him.

Bad Grandpa, however, takes advantage of the situation, leading to a variety of outrageous incidents, culminating in a creampie.

Lauren Karen is a half-Japanese actress born and raised in Japan. It’s a fantastic addition to this series, possibly even a peak.


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