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Birthday Surprise – REAL Incest!

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Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy – Rae Knight HD

It’s your special day today! I brought you breakfast in bed, but darling you don’t have to eat it now…this is not your special gift. I love you so much and I am sooo proud of you! Aren’t you excited? It’s finally here!!! I want to give you something…something I know you want but you are way too shy to ask for my sweet boy! I sent daddy off to buy you gifts so he is gone for awhile darling! Mommy knows everything about you…everything…..I know what you want!!! Are you ready for it????? ENJOY!

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Alex Blake – Kinky Birthday Desires

Alex was super depressed that her boy toy forgot her birthday… Until he showed up with presents as flowers!!! Boy was Alex impressed, and slightly mad at herself for jumping to conclusions that her boyfriend failed her. It turns out he was there to fill her every desire, even her dream of having some kinky birthday sex. She wanted to get spit on, fucked, and choked. Really hard! Her boy toy did not hesitate to dominate the fuck at of this birthday bitch, squeezing the orgasms out of her pussy with great force. He even used his beautiful flowers to choke her, and ended up fucking her so hard she couldnt walk straight for the next few weeks. This definitely turned out not only to be the best birthday ever, but a birthday Alex will never forget.

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Angie Noir in My 18th Birthday HD

Ever since I turned 12 and began to notice breasts, my mother has been on my mind. Growing up with a hot large breasted mother was not easy. Hiding the need to fuck her and never finding a girlfriend good enough was tough. I waited for the right time to let it out, the right time to tell my Mom about my kink thoughts…

Scene 1: Ultimate Gift

My Hot Mom walks in wearing a sexy short mini dress and flip flops, I love my mother and she loves me and she asks, “hey, your birthday is coming up, what would you like as a present? New video game? New Computer? I say No Mom it doesn’t matter. Mom says okay, well let me know. The next day I have thought about what I wanted. Mom brings up the subject again and I finally say I want a blowjob for my birthday. Mom is shocked but thinks how she can make this happen. Mom suggests a hooker but I do not want any diseases. I suggest she give me the blowjob as I cannot stop starring at Mom’s tits. Mom leaves the room saying there has to be something else we can do.
The next day Mom walks in fully nude, she has thought about the blowjob and has talked herself into doing it. She cannot believe she is sucking my cock but I am so happy this is finally happening. Mom gets rough on my cock and as I cum into her mouth, Dad comes home. Mom and I run in opposite directions as we pick up our clothes.

Scene 2: Cleaning My Room

I am in my bed when Mom walks in. She says, “what we did yesterday cannot happen again or your dad will us if he finds out.” Then Mom starts to clean up my room. Mom is bending over picking up my clothes when I pull up her dress and bend her over my bed. I pull off her panties and fuck her good. We have to be quiet since Dad was in the living room watching TV.

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Scene 3: Behinds Dads Back

Dad is sleeping in bed and Mom is alone on the couch. Without saying anything I pull out her tits and begin to fuck her. I cover her mouth with my hand so Dad does not wake up

Scene 4: Dad is in the Shower

Mom is sleeping nude in the bed. I walk in stick my cock in her face. The face slapping wakes her up and she tells me to leave. I want Mom to swallow my cum and will not take no for an answer.

Mom has not grown use to our sex sessions but wants us to hurry before Dad finishes his shower. I fuck her fast and hard until I am about to cum. Mom drops to her knees and I unload a furry of hot cum into her mouth. My Slutty Mom swallows every drop. We hear that Dad has finished his shower and I run out of the room leaving Mom alone craving more of my cock.

Scene 1: pov oral scene with implied cum in mouth just as dad gets home
Scene 2: she comes to clean his room and gets talked in to missionary sex, a bit of doggystyle and then back in to missionary for an implied creampie.
Scene 3: a bit of tit groping and oral with some nice deepthroat then on to some doggystyle and missionary on the couch then back to doggy to for an implied creampie
Scene 4: while dad is in the shower mom gets woken up from a nap (conveniently she sleeps naked) for a bj, gets fucked on the bed in missionary and a pretty nice pronebone doggy, then she gets up and rides him cowgirl followed by a bit more missionary ending with a nice facial which she quite enthusiastically swallows.

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Blonde Stories – Help the doctor in childbirth HD

Today, I’m worried. I want to give birth. My stomach is already very large. I went to the doctor to ask for help. Help me, I want to start to give birth. The doctor examined me and he knows how to help me. He wants to fuck me. His dick is very big, so he knows that after he is to fuck me, I can already give birth. Oh God, it seems I’m in labor. My stomach is hard, I give birth, so I rozhavyu. Thank you, my doctor.

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Erotica X – Maya Bijou, Sophia Leone (Birthday Surprise)

503mb | 35:11 min | 960×544 | mp4

Maya Bijou wants to make her girlfriend Sophia Leone’s birthday extra special. So she gives her a great big gift! Her boyfriend Tyler Nixon. He shares his package with both of them giving him a deep throating, cock sucking like he’s never had before. It’s a wild and crazy three-way where anything goes! They get wet in the pool and out of it! It’s a birthday to remember.



Natalie Wonder – It’s Mommy’s Birthday & She’ll Fuck You If She Wants To HD

It’s perfect sweetie! This pretty dress & those flowers are beautiful. You always spoil your mommy on her birthday. I’m lucky to have a son like you. Your father? Don’t even get me started on him! Can you believe he forget! But lets not talk about him. YOU make mommy happy. You’re all mommy needs. I’m really loving this dress. You think mommy looks sexy in it? Yeah? Is that why you bought it? You want to see mommy model it for you? I know how much you love my long, smooth, defined legs. And oops, I don’t have panties or a bra on. Mommy wants to show you how thankful she is for your gifts today. My baby boy is now growing into a handsome boy.

Since its my birthday I get to have anything I want. You try & hide your sexual longing for me, but I can feel it. It’s alright, mommy just wants to show you what’s underneath this dress. It’s fun to tease you like this. I have a suspicion something’s growing bigger & harder down there. Show me your cock & I’ll show you my cunt. Let’s get a little dirty. Stroke that nice cock for mommy. Good boy. Mmmmm I want it. I want to feel my boy’s throbbing cock fill up my cunt. Feed my cunt with your huge cum load. Mommy’s going to squeeze it out of your balls. It’s my birthday & I’ll fuck you if I want to.

Virtual sex with Natalie Wonder as your mother. Clip starts with your mom very happy about the dress you gifted her for her birthday. She starts enticing you into sex and shows off her breasts and starts touching her pussy. It leads into fucking with her on top throughout the clip until you cum inside her.

720p, 14 min

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Cherie DeVille – The Special Birthday Present HD

Cherie wants to surprise her son for his birthday with something special.
She knows he’s becoming a man, and she wants to do everything she can to help his growth. After she sings happy birthday to him, she has something other than candles to blow, and a special present to give him.

Cherie is in the kitchen when her son comes in.
He starts groping her and becomes aggressive and dominate almost immediately. It seems his birthday present got the best of him, and he wants more from his mom, and he is going to get it- even if he has to force her.

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Mom kisses daughter on her birthday

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Making Your Mum Feel All Better on Her Birthday HD

Honey. I really shouldn’t have come in and disturbed you in your sleep. Poor thing. You’re such a good boy. always there for your mother. and now. well, I just needed to see my sweet boy. It’s my birthday after all, and I don’t know that anything at all can console me after finding your father absent yet again.
How am I to feel special on my birthday?? No, honey. I’m just so, so sad. There’s nothing you can do to make me feel better, but you’re so very sweet for wanting to. Oh? Well, maybe a massage WOULD relax me. I’m just so shaken up by the whole thing, so depressed this evening.
Mmmmm.. that feels so good. Where did you learn to do that? Oh, let me remove my velvet robe for you, darling. Mmmm. you make your mom feel so good. I’m so relaxed now. Oh, yes, that feels GREAT on my lower back. Oh, you’re going to get on top of me to massage me better? Oh, you have magic hands! Mmmm. mmmmm. is that. ohhhhh. you’re wiggling around so much, but that feels so good.
Honey, stop. It’s just. will you just massage my poor aching feet for me? Yes, just stand up and use those gentle fingers. oh, oh! Oh, they work wonderfully on my calves too. and my thighs. and. oh. OH! mmmmmMMMM!!!!
Oh, honey. oh, it’s happening again. yes. is that your. oh, your fingers feel so BIG. that must be your thumb. ohhhhh! Oh, oh, I think that’s enough. You made your mummy feel so. good. Let’s just. let’s just go to bed now, okay? Oh, wait. Honey, why are your pants unzipped? Did you. was that. oh, don’t tell me!
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