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Jan Burton – Birthday POV Fuck With Son HD

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Reluctant Superhero, Birth of Blaze HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Charlotte Davis was a beautiful young woman who hated men and took to terminating them for pleasure. Eventually the law caught up with her and she was sentenced to life in a maximum-security prison. However, she had been there only a few months when a mysterious government figure called Mr. Brown arrived and asked to meet with her on a confidential matter. A guard duly escorted her – dressed in striped uniform and well-shackled at ankles and wrists – in to his presence. Mr. Brown then made his business known. He was the head of a top-secret agency in search of new recruits. He often picked them from the dregs of society – the slums, the ghettos, the jails. This was two for reasons: First, he needed a particular, tough-minded type, who had nothing to lose. Second, he wanted someone expendable. Charlotte fitted the bill perfectly. So Mr. Brown gave her a choice: She could sign up to his agency and do a good deed for her country, or she could refuse – and expect to face some nasty consequences. Despite this threat, Charlotte was unmoved. She sneered at Mr. Brown and told him where he could go. Mr. Brown turned to the only other person present in the room – his private guard, Sergeant Aaron – and gave him a signal. Sergeant Aaron promptly swung his nightstick across the back of Charlotte’s legs, causing her to fall to the floor. The next time Charlotte was on her feet, she was naked, but still shackled. Calmly, Mr. Brown repeated the choice she had. But Charlotte again refused him. At that, Mr. Brown once more signaled Sergeant Aaron to put the young lady straight. A swing of the nightstick, and Charlotte was back down on the floor. Mr. Brown then came over, raised her on to her knees, grabbed hold of her head, pulled out his cock and shoved it between her reluctant lips. Charlotte hated being defiled by a man, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Mr. Brown pressed hard at the back of her head, forcing her to suck his cock so deep and that she constantly gagged and gurgled and spluttered on its throat-reaching length. Afterwards, he bent Charlotte over a desk and gave her defenseless pussy a long, rough fucking from behind. In vain Charlotte tried to hide her vulnerability from her despised male abuser. She grimaced and cried out and moaned in pleasure even as she loathed the cause of it. Finally, back on her knees, she had to perform a second, rigorous sucking of Mr. Brown’s cock – until it blasted a load of horrible man-cum all over her lips. This ordeal drained much of her defiance. It was just as Mr. Brown had hoped. To Charlotte he could now make a persuasive point. What he’d done to her was just a taste of things to come – should she refuse his offer again. Such was his influence that he could easily doom her to spend the rest of her days being a fuck-toy to the prison’s hundreds of brutal male prisoners. Charlotte shuddered at the idea, and at last agreed to join Mr. Brown’s agency. Immediately after this, Mr. Brown had Sergeant Aaron escort her to The Recruit Room. There a Dr Green injected her with a revolutionary formula concocted to change her very DNA and imbue her with unique physical powers. The next thing Charlotte knew, her naked body was all aflame and she was writhing in agony on the table. But this feeling eventually passed, and she afterwards found herself completely unharmed. She had become impervious to the effects of fire, and had developed the ability to generate within her own body – thereby using it as a weapon again her enemies. When next in Mr. Brown’s presence, she made much different impression than before. She stood to attention before him, dressed in a tight red lycra suit, efficiently agreeing to his orders. He told her that she was now a super-agent known as Blaze. She possessed great new powers, and had only one weakness – cold water. Already, he had a trial mission for her. This was to rescue an agency scientist who had been imprisoned by a villain called Drake. The scientist knew many formula’s for creating superhuman abilities, and Drake wanted to get them out of him by whatever means possible. Mr. Brown’s agency had already located his lair using GPS. Charlotte – or rather Blaze – had 48 hours to get in and out of there with the scientist. As Mr. Brown put it: she must either succeed or perish in the attempt. Failure would result in very harsh punishment. Meanwhile, in his lair, the gas-masked Drake was preparing to use a device that would extract the formula info from the scientist’s brain. He was eager to get started, and was in a good humor from thinking of how Mr. Brown’s agency would surely send some inexperienced recruit to foil him. For just such an eventuality, Drake had already laid a number of obstacles and traps. Now all he had to do was wait. When Blaze entered his lair via an underground tunnel, she bore a of great confidence and determination. She was unfazed by meeting a big burly guard intent on attacking her. Materializing a small fireball in her hand, she hurled it at the fiend, striking him in the chest, and sending him senseless to the floor. She then headed on into a large cavern – only to find the door lock behind her. Before she had a chance to react, a ceiling-fitted sprinkler activated. Cold water rained down and caused her to collapse. In moments she had been utterly overcome. The darkness of sleep came with it. Upon waking up, Blaze saw that she was lying on a bed in a small ward-like room. She had Drake and one of his henchman for company. Drake was in triumphant mood. He explained to Blaze that she was now physically helpless – thanks to a special power-restraining collar that he had placed around her neck. In a short time, he would carry tests out on her and learn the secret of her powers so that he could use them for his own ends. However, he first wished to let the henchman have his way with her alone. And that’s exactly what happened. Ignoring Blaze’s threats of retribution, the big fiend started out running his hands over every feminine contour of her lycra-covered body. Then he unzipped the front of her outfit, pulled out her pert breasts, and commenced to squeeze and fondle and suckle upon them. Blaze was powerless under his assault. The collar saw to that. But there was something else hadn’t counted on: her new affinity with fire meant that she was also hot in other ways. Now, even though she hated what was being done to her, she couldn’t help feeling bodily arousal against her will. Thus she was soon breathing hard and moving with sinuous sensuality on the bed. Presently, the henchman pulled out his big hard cock, placed her little hand around it, and made her stroke it off while he moved his own hand between her legs to finger and rub her unguarded pussy. Blaze suffered and enjoyed this violation for some time – led on her back with her legs parted, and then on her hands and knees, submissively. In the latter position she was later made to suck on the henchman’s cock. His pressuring hand on the back of her head left her with no alternative but to swallow his length deep, and at whatever pace he dictated – even if it meant her gagging. Following this, the henchman pushed Blaze on to her back and spread her long legs wide. With her outfit totally opened at e front, her pussy was totally exposed for his taking. And take it he did. Blaze gasped as the henchman’s cock filled and fucked her relentlessly. As Charlotte Davis she had hated men. But the side-effects of being the elementally-hot Blaze had doomed her to be stimulated by them whether she liked it or not. Thus she groaned and writhed and panted with unwanted intensity throughout her long ravishment. This was especially the case when the henchman dominated her from behind, doggy style. Receiving the henchman’s cock to her deepest and sweetest spot, she clawed at the bed sheets and gasped at the top of her lungs in unwanted ecstasy. Then she was back having to perform one last forced cock-sucking. This one resulted in her getting a mouthful of cum. Blaze did not shy away from it, but rather took it willingly over her tongue. She had momentarily turned into an utter wanton for man-juice. But as soon as her ordeal was over, she felt ashamed at herself for taking pleasure in it. Not that she had much time to dwell on the matter. For, in a surprising move, Drake decided to let her go and rejoin her agency. There Blaze suffered Mr. Brown’s particular punishment for failure. She had to kneel down and suck his cock as long and as hard as a often as he wished. Her mouth filled up, her pretty head bobbing away busily, it was not clear if Blaze minded it all that much. She was a different woman now. If action with men was what she wanted, she had no fear of being disappointed any time soon. Mr. Brown already intended to continue her punishment by handing her over to all the agency’s male recruits.


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Unhappy Birthday 2 HD

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Unhappy Birhtday 2

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snu1f Play, Shooting, Abuse, Gun Fun, Bagging, Nude Sexy

Description: Starring: Luiza, Nata, Julianne, Annabelle

Fetish elements:

Strangulation, choking, stockings, tongue out, death stares, legs kicking, sexy situations. neck breaking, body carrying, 4 dead girls bodypile

25 minutes! 4 strangulation scenes and lots of dead playing!

Last summer, a terrible crime was committed (see Unhappy Birthday). 4 girls were strangled at the party. It was probably manic-strangler. The case was never solved.

Sister birthday girl strangled, which was not in terrible fateful holiday, continued to live sweet. She inherited the estate of his sister. And today she celebrates her birthday with her best friend!

Keith Maniac read about the events of last summer from the newspapers. He was very excited by what had happened and decided to repeat the “feat” of his predecessor. He tracked down the sisters of the dead girl and rushed to her holiday!

First he strangled Nata in the bathroom. He put the corpse on the toilet. Then he attacked Juliana, while she was resting on the bed. At the end of strangulation he broke her neck with a crunch! Later he attacked the very traitor and strangled her in the bathroom, shower cord, leaving her body in the jacuzzi. His last victim was a club girl Annabelle. Later, he stripped the body and folded in bodypile, like his predecessor.

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Daddy I’m Not On Birth Control!! Courtney Scott HD

I had just fallen asleep into a pretty peaceful nap and then all of a sudden here comes Daddy!! He wakes me up by putting his dick in my mouth and then slapping me in the face with it. What the heck!! He’s my father and I’m his little girl; what is he trying to do??? I try to question him and he just shoves his dick deeper into my mouth and throat. Ok, I guess he really means business here. I better do what Daddy wants. He keeps face fucking me and then he moved on to fucking my tight young pussy. Oh my god, my daddy’s dick actually feels sooo good and is starting to make me super wet. Daddy puts me into a couple different positions to fuck me in and then I can’t believe it. I feel him start to cum inside me!!!!! NOOOO Daddy!!!! I’m not on birth control!!! Daddy, what you doing?? Daddy doesn’t seem to care and just keeps shooting his big load inside my little pussy! Omg, I really hope my daddy didn’t get me pregnant. Includes: Impregnation Fantasy, Creampie, Forced Creampie, Forced Impregnation, Daddy’s Girl

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Sister Stretched By BIG Birthday Boy – Princess Leia HD

Oh my goodness, I’ve forgotten your birthday!! I’m so sorry, what can I do to make it up to you? What does my brother want most for his birthday? Okay, I’ll bite. You want to show me something in your room? I wonder what it could be. *** Fine, fine, I’ll close my eyes and hold out my hands… Oh! What– you, your cock! Oh you’re huge! It’s so big. I never knew… I never thought I would want my brother’s big dick, but I can’t resist! Please let me play with it. I’ve never seen anything like this and I forgot your birthday, after all. Let’s see if it will fit in my small mouth. I want to try but there’s only so much I can take… it’s just HUGE! Maybe my pussy can fit more of you. You can stretch your sister out as much as you want.

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Birthday Surprise: Bondage – Margo Sullivan HD

For his birthday, Kevin’s mom told him he could have whatever he wanted. He wanted to give her a gift…rope! He wanted to tie her up for his birthday!

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Nicky Ferrari – Birthday Boy Busts His Nut HD

Joey is finally 18, so that means his perverted mom can now take fully legal advantage of him and what better way that to have your mom give your lap dance and when your cock is throbbing she decided to suck on it and let you spurt your seed across her big tits and pretty face. This is one fucked up mom.

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Birth Control Causes Balloon Boobs HD

Oh Daddy, I know the birth control you put me on was supposed to curb my libido, but it’s had the opposite effect! Now I crave cock all the time! I need to suck and fuck every day, everywhere, and everyone! Even you Daddy! I need your cum so my balloon boobs can grow even bigger! Won’t you please cover my face and boobs in your cum?

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Bettie Bondage – Happy Birthday, Son HD

Sweetie…wake up darling. I have a birthday surprise for you!

Mm, that’s it baby. Wake up and feel your Mom’s hand around your cock. Doesn’t that feel good, darling? What am I doing? Well, it’s your 18th birthday, son. It’s time I made a man out of you. Just relax and let mommy take care of your cock…don’t you love how my mouth feels? How my tits look as I ride you? Your cock is throbbing inside my pussy, baby, are you close? Cum inside your mother’s pussy…mmm, that’s it. Fill me up. Watch it drip from my pussy. Happy Birthday, son.


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Dream Pairings: Birthday Surprises – Eva Lovia & Samantha Rone & Angela White HD 1080p

Eva Lovia wakes up excited to celebrate her birthday today! But, her girlfriend Angela White doesn’t seem to remember. Eva hides her disappointment, and goes about her day, unaware that Angela’s planning a birthday surprise. When Eva gets home after work, she finds Angela naked and covered in whipped cream and sprinkles. But that’s not all, Angela’s baked her a birthday cake, expressly to eat it off her ass!

Angela sits the birthday girl on the cake and eats it off her perfect ass and pussy. She smears the sweet colorful cream all over their skin, and they make a ginormous mess licking it off each other’s bodies. After the lesbians face fuck, finger and 69, devouring every drop of cum from their pussies, Eva confesses her fantasy of having threesome with Angela and another girl.

So, the following morning, Angela secretly calls Samantha Rone for an extra special birthday surprise. Later that evening, the girls get all dolled up in sexy lingerie. Angela blindfolds Eva and sits her on the bed. Eva’s completely unaware that Samantha is present and fondling her pussy. Angela rubs Samantha’s pussy while the newcomer makes Eva cum in her mouth. Other than noticing a difference in technique, Eva’s none the wiser, until Angela removes Eva’s blindfold and makes the formal introduction. The lesbian threesome delight in each other’s company for the remainder of the night. And the surprises keep on cumming, along with some show stopping squirt! Click to enjoy!

This video has 2 scenes. The first one is with Eva and Angela and it´s Eva´s birthday and they have sex with eachother and uses the cake aswell. This scene have alot of foodplay.

In follow up scene Angela puts a blindfold on Eva and suprises her with a friend (Samantha). They all have lesbian sex on the bed in a nice scene.

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