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Taboo Family Affairs – Jenni Coxxx – Brother Face Fuck Fantasy HD

Johnny read his sister’s diary and fulfills her Face Fuck Fantasy.

Jenni’s brother Johnny was going thru her room looking from some money to borrow… well more like steal. He found she had a diary and decided to read his sisters personal thoughts. She wrote how she loved to be submissive and be told what to do. Jenni described how she fantasied being blindfolded and made to suck cock until her eyes watered. She also wrote how she couldn’t keep from noticing how big her brother’s dick was when he’d get out of the pool last weekend. Johnny decided he was going to fulfill her fantasy and make sure she knew how big his cock is.

When she gets home from school he hides behind the front door and waits for her to come in. He comes behind her and puts the blindfold over her eyes. “Shhhh” he whispers. Jenni jumps at first but realizes she’s not in danger and she quickly begins to feel excited. Her brother picks her up and carries her to his room. He wipes out his huge thick cock and tells her to open her mouth. “Suck it” he says sternly shoving it in her mouth. Jenni knows who’s dick is in her mouth and her pussy gets immediately wet.

She has a hard time getting her brother’s cock in her mouth. Even semi-hard it was more than her little mouth could handle. Johnny grabbed the back of her head and shoved deep making her gag and tears runs down her cheeks. He began face fucking her so hard the blindfold falls off and her mascara runs all over her face. He pulls out of her mouth and blows cum all over his sister’s face. Jenni smiles thru cum, tears and mascara on her face and tells Johnny “Just wait big brother, it’s mine turn next.”

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Family Fun 101 – Akira Shell, Sierra Simmons HD

Live On The Internet

Dear Diary,

When my sister Sierra heard we were making money on webcam just for having some family fun she decided to join us. She was a bit hesitant at first so Daddy and I helped her relax with a few orgasms. By the time she came we had someone pay for a live threesome. Sierra and I played with each other and rode Daddy a bit then he took turns fucking us. Daddy pounded both our pussies until we came and Sierra started spraying breastmilk everywhere. Needless to say by the time the show ended we were a hot sticky mess but thats Family Fun 101 in my book.

Xo Akira

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Jericha Jem – Thats How You Start A Family HD

Jericha Jem and her husband have been trying to have a child for ages now! Her man has conjured up enough cum to fill up a barrel, but still no baby. This has pushed Jericha to be persistent about it. Anytime her hubby is home and not busy she’s pressuring him for sex. His cock just can’t take it anymore! One day he chose to sleep instead of fucking her, which was the worst decision of his life. Jericha out of desperation approaches his brother who was staying with them, and insists he fuck her raw style, cum in that tight pussy, and provide them with a baby. His brother was trying to be ethical, but Jericha explained it in a way where he would be seen as starting a family, not splitting one up. No time was wasted. Jericha pounced on that cock like a spry sex fiend. That pussy was stuffed with dick until the interior twat pressure reached outrageous proportions. Our boy nutted with a vengeance, and watching that jizz puddle plop out of Jericha’s throbbing pussy was a beautiful sight! Hopefully that cum wasn’t sterile…

This scene features Jericha Jem getting fucked. Sex acts include blowjobs, cunnilingus, doggy style, missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and a massive creampie.

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Adriana Maya & Misty Stone – Family Betrayals HD

Adriana Maya is excited to see her nephew after many years! He’s grown into a handsome young man that this ebony Auntie can appreciate. His Uncle is impressed with how much he’s grown too! However, Uncle is also a stepfather to Misty Stone. Misty, is a fine black beauty with a little bit of a wild side to her. During dinner, Adriana starts to simulate giving head to a banana while gazing at her nephew. Misty sees this, but cannot believe her eyes. She finally gets offended enough to leave the table when she realizes her mom is giving her cousin a footjob under the table. I guess she didn’t like seeing her mom with her cousin’s dick between her feet. She lures her stepdaddy away from the dinner table and decides she will get even with her mom who is getting even with her stepfather by fooling around with her nephew. Misty’s stepfather is reluctant to let Misty give him a blowjob, but finally caves in. Soon, daughter and mother are competing with each other under the dinner table by seeing which one of them can give a better blowjob. Finally, the chaos comes to a head with daddy telling everyone how it’s gonna be. He says that it’s fine for his nephew to fuck his wife and that he’s going in turn fuck his stepdaughter. Dad’s word is law and the ebony family starts a fuckfest under one roof, and ends it with a cumshot onto both of these girls hot chocolate faces. Now that’s our idea of a family dinner!

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Alana Cruise – Family Values HD

Alana Cruise is in trouble again so she turns to cousin Seth Gamble to ask for help. Seth Gamble is a successful musician who lives in a big fancy warehouse. She shows up on her cousin’s doorstep begging for money and she will do anything to get it. Anything! Seth is apprehensive but gives into her flirtatious ass as Alana begs and pleads for the 10 grand she needs while she sucks her cousin’s dick. A sloppy deep throat blow job isn’t enough for Seth to follow through with the loan so things take a turn and he kicks her out. But before leaving she steals a bunch of money and runs. When Seth realizes what she has done he tracks her down and makes her pay. Tied up and gagged Seth teaches his cousin a lesson in stealing from family. Flogging, caning and spanking turn Alana’s sexy ass and thighs bright red. Then he puts her in a one leg up doggie style tie and fucks her pussy and ass until she’s screaming for more. These kissing cousins keep it cuming all day long. Seth puts her on her back with nipple clamps and fucks all her slutty holes until he covers her face with his cum. All this and more in this episode of Family Values.

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Gypsy family nude beach – Looks Like Real Mom-Daughter!

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Aaliyah Love & Sloan Harper – A Fucking Family Affair HD

Aaliyah Love is the hottest MILF on the planet. She is a sexy blonde with a very tight body. She has a really sexy pitch to her voice. Aaliyah has a thing for her daughter’s boyfriend. Sloan Harper is very sexy teen girl in her own right. Naturally, she snagged a very handsome guy. She comes home with him and her mom corners him when Sloan isn’t paying attention. She tells him that ever since her daughter brought him home that she has wanted to get her hands on him and fuck him. He is shy about it at first, but gives in to the womanly sexiness of Aaliyah and her amazing tits. Just then, the door knocks, and it’s Sloan. She nearly catches them fucking around. On another day, she actually does walk in on them fucking when they think Sloan isn’t home. Her mom is right in front of her. She’s going up and down on Sloan’s boyfriends cock. Both of them are caught mid fucking and the shit hits the fan as they try to explain themselves. Instead, Sloan gets involved in a family fucking affair and they double team the handsome young man who has the pleasure of fucking this hot mother and daughter duo. His young spooge chamber can’t hold back and he blows a load big enough for both of them to share all over Sloan’s hot pussy. Lets hope mommy does her job and cleans it up, preferably with her tongue!

Aaliyah takes advantage of her daughters boyfriend and fucks him behind her back. In the living room, he eats his gf’s mom’s pussy and she sucks his cock and rides his cock in reverse cowgirl. Her daughter catches them and joins in, sharing his cock in a blowjob and taking turns getting fucked, including titfuck, girl-girl pussy licking, cowgirl, face sitting, doggy & missionary. Sloan takes a load of cum on her tits in the end.

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Forbidden Family Affairs 6 (2017) HD

Legal Teens, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Mature, MILF

Bambi Brooks, Kristen Lee, Sophie Sativa, Stacey Leann, Summer Day

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Bambi Brooks – she spills paper clips on the floor just so she can bend over and give daddy a nice view of her naked ass and tight pussy. And suddenly, her dad realizes the benefits of having Bambi around.

Kristen Lee – sibling are meeting for the first time. But it turns out they were already fucked in college before their parents were married. Now that they’re together again they can not keep their hands off of each other.

Sophie Sativa – her new dad tells her she can ask him anything. She says she’s never seen a man’s cock before. He whips out the cock. Now Sophie and her new dad are the very best of friends.

Stacey Leann – wants to be a good sis so when her brother pulls a muscle she eagerly rubs it out for him – first with her hands and then with her throat.

Summer Day – this sweet girl has never tasted cum before and is all about being there for her first time.


My Bad Family

Cast: Alessandra Jane, Clea Gaultier, Rebecca Volpetti, Vicki Chase
Genre: All Sex, Blowjobs, Feature, Threesome

English language
Duration: 2:02:35
Director: Scarlett Revell

This is a bad family – how far are they willing to go? Award winning director Scarlett Revell takes us on a twisted tale of lust, betrayal, and forbidden love in My Bad Family. This sexually deranged family. How close is too close? Cast: Clea Gaultier, Alessandra Jane, Vicki Chase, Rebecca Volpetti, Nekane. Others

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