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Mommy Fixes Son’s Masturbation Problem With Taboo Stroking, Sucking, and Riding His Cock HD

A hot blonde MILF is seen doing various housecleaning chores. After vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, and folding laundry she goes to clean the bathroom, only see her son masturbating. He rushes her out and she is audibly upset.

A little later she goes to clean his shower and finds him jerking off again. A bit later she goes into the living room where he is jerking off to beach volleyball on television. Mommy has had enough.

She tell him that he needs to stop the masturbation and needs to find a nice girl to have sex with. He confesses he is a virgin and has no interest when he can jerk off, but mommy convinces him and he agrees no more masturbating.

One week later he is caught on his bed jerking off yet again. Mommy is furious and he says he tried hit on girls, but they had no interest. She then climbs on the bed and does something very unexpected and very taboo.

Mommy takes off her panties as she knows he has been using them anyway and lets him sniff them. Then, she grasps her son’s hard cock and starts to stroke it. His face is in shock and even more so when she starts to suck his cock. She keeps talking about how sex is better with another person and he is starting to see why.

Mommy then does the very unexpected and continues the taboo fun by climbing on his cock as she starts riding him. She explains she will take his virginity so he can gain some confidence and so she can fix his masturbation problem.

After some taboo dirty talk by mommy and lots of riding he cums deep in mommy’s pussy. She then alludes to the fact that he can do this anytime instead of jerking off.

There is then a cutaway scene that shows mommy and son fucking in several different rooms and even a POV blow job. The taboo adventure ends with him on top of mommy thrusting deep and cumming in her again, with mommy smiling a wicked MILF smile that lets you know she is really enjoying all of this.

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Mommy Needs Me – Meana Wolf HD

You’ve been trying for so long to push down your feelings for your mother. You know it’s wrong… but ever since your dad left, you’ve felt the need to look after her… to protect her. To be the man that she needed you to be. But the guilt and shame kept you from ever telling her. You knew she could sense it…the tension between the two of you . And it grew as you got older. So once it came time to apply to university…you decided the only thing for you to do was to get as far away as possible. Maybe with some distance between you two… the feelings would go away. Months went by…and no responses came. You started to suspect your mom was hiding your mail from you… so you confront her. She denies it at first… but she’s a terrible liar… it’s really kind of adorable. She shows you the small stack of letters. “This is all just happening so fast…why did you apply to all these schools so far away?” You don’t know what to say. You don’t know how to tell her that if you stay any longer… you’re going to do something you regret. But then she puts her hand on your knee…and you can feel it in her touch. She needs you. And her need made your cock instantly hard. “I know we never talk about the feelings that we both have… but I don’t think I can let you just leave to another city without telling you how much I want you.” She pulls you in…and kisses you.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your needy mother can’t bare the thought of you leaving her alone. You’re the only man she really loves… you’re the only man she really needs. You’ve both been trying so hard to fight your feelings for each other. But she’s not going to let you go. Not without showing you exactly what she feels. She gets down on her knees to suck your cock. You moan…your moms mouth feels so fucking good. She takes you inside of her as she lays down on the table… mommy needs you to cum deep inside of her. Mommy needs you.

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Lady Fyre – Masturbation Lessons With Mom HD

I walk into your bedroom & catch you masturbating under the sheets. Now I know where all these stains on my sheets are coming from! Didn’t your older brothers teach you how to masturbate without leaving stains everywhere? No? CWell then I’ll just have to teach you. Mommy will give you a handjob. You seem to be too embarrassed to cum, and I need you to cum so I can show you how to catch it & clean it up. It’s my job to teach you life’s lessons, and if that means having sex with you, then that’s what I’ll do. Now that you’re rock hard, let’s switch back to the handjob. When you’re ready to cum, tell mommy so I can point your cock at your chest. Wow! You shoot really far. Now I’m going to show you how to use this toilet paper to clean the cum off your neck, chest, stomach & cock. This is an important lesson, and I don’t want you ruining any more of my sheets.

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Angie Noir – Mom Seduction HD

Mrs Angie Noir is a horny slut who loves young cocks. Today, the sexy milf intends to seduce her son, while her husband is not at home. The hot mom fucks that lucky young dude for good, until she makes him explode with salty cum in her sexy face.

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Sexy StepMom Nikki 3 More Hot Vids in HD!

StepMom Found your Phone HD

Have you been looking for this? Well, I found it and couldn’t help but look through it. I was only mildly surprised to find so many pictures of Me. you’ve been such a naughty boy. I’m gonna have to tell your father unless you masturbate for Me right now. you had better hurry and cum before your father gets home and catches us. / Taboo / Masturbation Instruction / MILF

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StepMom Disgusted By your Crusty Sheets HD

I recently married your father. I told him to take care of something for Me. ya see I cleaned your room and was disgusted by your crusty sheets, socks and hand towels. I know it’s because you masturbate everyday. I told your father to talk to you about it since your his son, not mine. Well, he hasn’t, so I’m gonna handle it in My own special way, with this clip. / Taboo / Masturbation Instruction / MILF

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Official Tight End HD

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Taboo Adventure Starts With MILF Mommy Blow Job in Kitchen Moves to Multiple Sex Positions in Bedroom HD

A sexy MILF is in the kitchen and bending over trying to find something in her cabinets. She has no idea that she is accidentally giving her son upskirt shots and she is not wearing any panties. She turns to see him and she loves that he has been peeping. He starts to grope mommy and she enjoys it.

When she sees he is getting hard, she lets him do some standing ass grinding. His cock is really hard now and still in his POV mommy takes his boxers down and starts to give him a taboo blow job. She uses both hand, one had, and even goes hands free. When she realizes he is close to cumming, she tells him to hold off. She then leads her son into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom he spots some sexy lingerie on the bed and is immediately excited. The taboo adventure continues as mommy strips out of her skirt and changes into the lingerie right in front of her son. Still in his POV, he starts to once again grope mommy and gets a nice close look, and feel, of her pussy. He then does some more POV ass grinding, this time taking his cock out to do so.

He is so horny and tells mommy. She responds by laying him down and riding his cock. As the taboo fucking is going on the two talk as if they were a married couple. The talk varies from ordinary to a bit of dirty talk by mommy and she soon tells him to fuck her in doggystyle. He of course agrees and the view goes back to his POV as he enters his mommy from behind.

After a good deal of taboo doggystyle fucking they decide to fuck in their favorite position, which is spoons. Mommy lays down and her son follows behind her. He lifts her leg and starts to fuck her in the spoon position.

He then takes one of her big tits out of her lingerie for some titty squeezing as he fucks her good. The two are working each other up to a frenzy and they both get close to cumming. Mommy tells her son to cum inside her and to cum as she does. Mommy and son have a huge orgasm together and are both physically spent. They decide to rest as mommy wants her son to keep his hard cock in her a bit longer. With that, they close their eyes, the taboo fun done…for now.

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Desi Dalton – Mom Boot Camp HD

Brad doesn’t get along with his mom Desi Dalton, but now that she has returned from the attitude boot camp she was sent, things are gonna change for good. Today, the super sexy milf has a chance to show her son how much she likes him, so she gets naked and fucks his big-sized cock on her bed, until she gets a huge facial cumshot.

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Mommy Watches Porn With Son and Helps Him Cum on Her Tits With POV Handjob, Sex, and Blow Job HD

Stephen in in his room and working hard. His mom comes into the room wearing nothing but leather boots, black stockings, and a leather collar. She tells him he is working too hard and that he needs a release.

She then tells him that mommy can help. She asks him to put in his favorite porno so she can watch him jerk off and make sure he is getting the relief he needs. In his POV she pulls his pants down and he starts jerking off as the two of them watch porn together.

She remarks at how proud mommy is at her son’s big cock and she then starts to jerk him off and even sucks his cock to help the situation. She then tells him to think about his girlfriend and then suggests that he fuck mommy good to get it all out of his system.

Still in his POV he enters his mom and fucks her while he is on top. Mommy stops after just a bit as she sees his older sister standing in the doorway. It seems she wants to watch her brother get off on their mom.

With that mommy stops fucking and moves to the floor where she sucks Stephen good. She finishes by jerking his hot load all over her big tits and then reminds him that mommy is happy to help anytime he needs it.

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Mommy Helps Son Get Off With Handjob and POV Sex While Watching Porn HD

Your mommy comes into your room wearing nothing but a towel. She knows you fancy that girl Stacey who you go to college with, but she wants you to forget about her for a moment. She has brought you a surprise…a porn movie…and she wants to watch it with you Stephen.

Mommy puts the movie on and then encourages you to wank for her. As she watches she asks if the girls on the video remind you of Stacey. She tells you how natural it is to feel the way you do and then asks if she can help jerk you off.

After she removes her towel she proceeds to jerk your cock good. She tells you she is proud of your big cock and then asks for you to fuck her. Mommy wants it bad!

After she begs for you fuck her from behind, and gets it, Mommy then climbs on your cock for some hot POV cock riding. She finally gets off your cock and finishes you off with a nice handjob. She makes you spurt cum everywhere and tells you that you can do this with Mommy anytime you want. Mommy is proud of her son Stephen and she wants to help him get off whenever he needs to.

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Jodi West – Jerk It For Mommy HD

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