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Krissy Lynn – Mom’s Fantasy HD

Your Mom comes in your room while you’re laying in bed. She wanted to check up on you. As she slowly climbs onto your bed, she asks if you were sleeping. Answering the question for you, she says she knows you weren’t. Her body language tells you she didn’t come in here just to tell you she knows you’re masturbating. She starts to slide the skinny straps from her shirt off of her shoulder, teasingly undressing herself in front of you. It becomes very clear to you that your mom wants to be with as close with her son as she an tonight.

As you are about to leave to catch the bus for school, your mom notices you have a “raging hard on”. Realizing you can’t leave the house like that, your mom takes care of you again, like she did the night before.

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Make Mommy Pregnant – Meana Wolf HD

Sweety it’s no big deal… your step father and I just are a little on edge right now. I’m sorry you overheard our argument. The truth is… we’re trying to get pregnant. I know it’s crazy right? But I’m still young, and having you was the best decision I’ve ever made… and now that your step dad and I have gotten married it only seems right to have another baby. Can you keep a secret though? You know I love him… but I’ve been lying to him about when I’m ovulating… I know it’s wrong but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love him but I chose him because I knew he would be good to us and love and take care of us…not necessarily because of his genetics. Not like your dad, I know you never met him but he was so handsome and strong. You remind me so much of him. Your perfect body… your full thick hair…I’d want my second baby to be just like you. Son, I know this is a strange thing for a mother to ask… but maybe you could help mommy? Maybe you could help our family… if you made mommy pregnant than everyone could be happy. You’ll get a little sister or brother, your step dad gets a son or daughter…and mommy gets the perfect new baby, just like you. It will be our little secret… just this one time baby… just make mommy pregnant.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your ovulating mother will do whatever it takes to get pregnant again… but she doesn’t want her new husband’s sperm. She wants her son to fill her up with his young, healthy, perfect cum. She wants you to fertilize her fresh eggs and put a baby in her tummy. It’s so natural… you can smell that she’s ready to be inseminated… you shoot your giant load deep inside your mom’s creamy pussy as she cums on your rock hard dick. It’s your little secret. **Ovulating Mom, Taboo Mother and Son fun, Impregnation Fetish, Breeding, Cream pie, and so much more**

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Mom Spies On Son Fucking GF HD

I was feeling horny, but my boyfriend said his mom would be over soon & we wouldn’t have time! I assured him we would and tried to change his mind by sucking his cock! He was practically begging me to climb on his dick and ride him! We weren’t at it long before his mom came in & saw the whole thing! Not only did she see it….she filmed us & played with her tits and pussy while watching! She knew it was wrong, but she just couldn’t help herself… & who could blame her

Blowjob Boy Girl Girl Cumshots Hidden Cam Voyeur

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Mom’s Anal Tease Creampie – Tammie Madison HD

I know you fantasy about me sweetheart. I know that you long to take me. You crave my ass, admit it! You want to take your mom’s anal virgintiy. Well, how about we strike a deal? I promise you my ass, but first you need to make me pregnant. That’s right, I want your baby. Now, now honey, don’t protest, it’ll be worth it for your chance to fuck my ass.

Good, slide it is mommy’s pussy and fuck me until you cum. Now, now, don’t go trying to tet inside that ass just yet. Remember, you’ve got to get me pregnant first.

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Mom Tells Son Dad Wants To Swing FULL VERSION HD

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Fucking Mom While She Makes Dinner – Sidney Alexis HD MP4

Son, please… Calm down. I need to finish making dinner.. And your Father will hear us… He’s in the living room watching football… Let’s just wait until tonight. What’s gotten into you lately?.. Alright fine, but we have to make it quick….

***Starring Sidney Alexis***

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Coco Vandi – Mom Measures Son’s Cum HD

Part 1 – Son is a little worried because no matter how much he jerks off he keeps getting hard at the worst time and he cums like a river. He goes to his Mom for help, she says she will ask Aunt Susan who is a doctor what she thinks. When Mom gets back from the Doctor’s office she tells her Son he has to cum in a cup several times a day and have it measured to see how much cum hes producing! The one catch is he needs a helper and since there is no one else around a reluctant Mom has to help!
Part 2 – Mom is in a hurry this morning trying to leave for work but she still needs to take her son’s sample. she figures she needs to help stimulate him fast so she can milk his cock. she shows her son her nice thick juicy ass and even lets him play with it just a little! once she has him nice a hard she drains his balls into a measuring cup!
Part 3 – Mom has to hurry off to work again but still needs to take her sons sample. The last time she did it she got lube all over her work clothes so this time shes going to collect his sample in just her bra and panties.

Part 4 – My Aunt Kimmie who is a nurse stops by to check on me and my Mom! Together Mom and Aunt Kimmie drain my cock for a sample!
Part 5 – Today Mom comes in to get my semen sample, and this time she decides to help stimulate me by sucking my dick until I make a big load for her. I love the way my mom works my big cock.
Part 6 – Mom wakes me up with a blowjob, i asked whats going on and she says she wanted to get my sample right away. i could tell she was really turned sucking my dick and shes ends up letting me fuck her! yep that’s right after all this time she finally lets me fuck her! at the end to finish it all off i also creampie her as well!

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My Mom Wants To Be My New Girlfriend FULL VERSION

I called my girlfriend to make sure we were still going out but she decided to break up with me???!!!!? Over the fucking phone? WHAT A CUNT! I want to tell my mom, but I walk in on her masturbating! She is so nice about the breakup and asks me if I want her to be my new girlfriend! She strokes my cock and asks me to fuck her! I can’t believe it! I get to fuck my mom and cum all over her face and mouth! SHE LOVES LICKING MY CUM!!! OMG, MY MOM IS THE BEST GF EVER!!!

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StepMom’s Brainwashing – Jodi West HD

720p HD VERSION . TOP 35 SELLING C4S CLIP! This clip includes , STEPMOTHER TABOO, ORGASM CONTROL & LEGS AND PANTYHOSE in this very erotic StepMother tale.

When Jodi took over as the matriarch of the family, she knew she had to establish control of her new husband and his son. No one knew the lengths she was willing to go to establish this control!

This morning she sits down with her stepson to talk about her new role in the family. After all, there have been many changes lately. Her new husband has been buying her lavish gifts, expensive vacations, and has even cut his only son out of his will to leave everything to Jodi.
Trey sits nervously as his stepmother explains that this might seam unusual, but everything is going to be okay. He just needs to trust her, and as she explains this, it seams he is slowly loosing more and more of his senses. She sits directly in front of him, slowly caressing him and exposing more and more of her body and perfectly shaped legs.

Soon Jodi has her stepson just were she wants him. As she seals his fate, and tells him just how he is going to follow her, she slowly pumps his organ up and down. By the time her stepson explodes, she knows she has sealed his fate and made him just as controllable as his father!

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Helena Price – Mom Showers With Son HD

Part 1 – I got up for school and was heading to the bathroom for my morning shower when my mom walked out having just finished hers. i was caught off guard because she was wearing a short white towel and nothing else. we said good morning to each other and then she told me she was done and to get in the shower. five minutes after my shower started i was getting ready for my morning jerk off session when mom knocked on the bathroom door and said she needed to use the sink and wanted to know if that was ok. i said sure and she came in but then she said no peeking, i couldn’t figure out why so i peeked and she was naked and rubbing lotion all over her body! i watched her oil herself up while i jerked off, i cant wait for tomorrow!
Part 2 – I got up late for school and when i was walking to the bathroom i bumped in to my almost naked mom(she had a small towel on). we both realized that we were running late and still needed to shower, mom told me to get in first and hurry. When i was in the shower mom came into the bathroom and said if she was late that she would be fired and i wasn’t going fast enough. Mom said she was coming in and opened the shower door, i freaked and told mom i was naked. she said she was too and i shouldn’t look, yeah right! I needed my morning masturbation session but of course i wasn’t going to do it with mom in the shower and decided id have to wait for another time. then i noticed the soapy water running over moms smooth tan milf ass and i got hard as a rock, mom really wasn’t looking in my direction so i started to play with myself. i figured i could cum with out her knowing but then she turned around a saw what i was doing. she yelled at me but i was so horny and needed to cum. i told her i needed to do this every morning to focus during school. she told me to hurry up and turned away, i told her it was gonna take a while so she did the unthinkable. she soaped up her hands and started jerking me off. well that turned into a blowjob which then led to me fucking my mom in the shower till i came inside of her!
Part 3 – It just happened again, me and mom were bot running late. so of course i said we could shower together again and mom said no way! she said after what happened last time she couldn’t trust me and that she loved my dad and wasn’t a cheater. so i promised id be good and she actually believed me! Once we were in the shower mom asked me to help wash her back, so here i am again. naked in the shower with my hot mom and im soaping up her back (Booty) and all i can think about is how good it felt to fuck her yesterday. so after a few minutes of this i can tall my mom is getting turn on and then she feels my rock hard cock brushing up against her ass. she tells me its ok and only natural because im a young man, at those encouraging words i move my had below her ass and between her legs. i start using my had to play with my moms pussy and my mom is loving it! then mom starts thrusting her ass back and lets me slide my dick up and down her soaping ass crack. i had to tell mom that i couldn’t take in anymore and she needed to help me. so first she jerked me, then she sucked me and finally she let me fuck her up against the shower wall. i finished deep inside my moms pussy then we got out and started our day. we both want to shower together tomorrow but dads gonna be home so i dont know what were gonna do!
Part 4 – So after the last couple days of showering with and fucking my mom i was kinda sad that it was the weekend. my dad was gonna be home all day so i knew me and mom wouldn’t shower together, or fuck for that matter. when me and mom first shared a shower and some sex she was really mad and ashamed after but after the last time i could tell my mom was loving my cock. so anyways im shower this morning when mom comes into the bathroom… Naked! i asked her what she was doing and reminded her that dad was home. mom just said dad was out mowing the lawn and he would be riding that thing for hours, then she said something that made me weak in the knees. she said i can think of something id like to ride, then she garbed my cock and got down on her knees and started sucking my rock hard rod. after just a minute i told her i couldn’t take and i needed to fuck her, she said not here, she said i could fuck her on the bed she shares with my dad. Yes i got to fuck my mom doggy style on her own bed and the best part when i came, i didn’t pull out!

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