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MILF 1692 – Mother and Two Sons HD

Our copywriter says that this is the hottest video we have shot all year. We hope you agree! Widow Rachel stands to lose her home if she cannot pay the bank $40,000 within 60 days. The money should have been available to her through her late husband’s Will, but is currently inaccessible due to legal complications. When she tearfully explains the situation to her two sons Ace and Nash, the young men try to come up with a get-rich-quick scheme. This leads to them finding an ad online from a porn company called Red MILF Productions. They offer huge amounts of money to young men and MILFs to shoot sex scenes. Interested, Ace and Nash decide to check it out. They also tell their mom to go in for it. Rachel is a little taken back, but not really outraged. Aside from being an open-minded woman, she also realizes that desperate times call for desperate measures. The next day, then, she meets the producer of Red MILF Productions. He stuns her by saying she will get paid $20,000 for her shoot with a couple of virile young studs. Nervous about what she is getting into, yet won over by the huge financial incentive, Rachel goes straight from the interview to sign a contract with the company. Later, Ace and Josh come to see the boss. They two are offered $20,000 each – for fucking a MILF. Little do they or Rachel know that the unscrupulous producer intends to trick them into filming a genuine incezt scene: a taboo threesome between a hot mom and her two stud sons! The truth only becomes clear when the shoot starts. It takes place on a double bed, and the boss himself is directing. At the beginning a nervous Rachel sits looking into the camera. Beneath her open silk robe can be seen a tight, cleavage-revealing outfit. She also wears stockings, garters and heels. Suddenly Ace and Nash come in from a door behind her. With nobody speaking and with the mother and her sons unable to see each other, there is not yet any realization of who is who. That happens only when Rachel obeys the boss’s command to turn around – after she has already reached back and blindly taken hold of her son’s hard cocks! Unsurprisingly, the trio display great shock and embarrassment upon recognizing each other. It’s enough for a horrified Rachel to demand an end to the shoot. Here the boss uses his leverage. Rachel and both her sons are contractually obligated to shoot scene – he reminds them. They should have read the small-print which clearly states they would be willingly engaging in incezt on camera. From that moment on, Rachel, Ace and Nash know they are trapped and that they have no choice but to go ahead with the shoot. All of them are very nervous and reluctant at first, but then their own horny needs begin to take over. With the camera watching their every move, they respond to the boss’ directions. Rachel french kisses both her son’s while their hands rove over her shapely body. Then she drops to her knees to stroke and suck their cocks as they stand side-by-side before her. Next she lies back on the bed and parts her legs. As Nash licks his mother’s bare pussy, Ace kneels by head with his cock jutting out. Sensually, moaning, Rachel works her lips up and down his length. All this foreplay is so successful that she and her son’s soon become much more accepting of the idea that they are going to fuck each other. Stripped down now to just her stockings and garters, she rolls around with them for a moment before getting onto her hands and knees. This time Nash shoves his cock into her from behind, his hands gripping her hips, his fuck-thrusts causing her tits to shake while she again sucks on his brother’s cock. The passion between them is intense by now. The hot mother groans in delight while her virile son’s spit roast her in front of the camera. The stamina of both young men (and the horny appetite of Rachel herself) is such that they continue fucking for a long, long time. After Nash has taken his mother missionary style, Ace gets her into a sixty-nine position. While he licks her pussy, she alternate’s between sucking his and Nash’s cocks. Then Ace finally gets his own chance to enjoy his mother’s pussy – fucking her missionary and doggy style. Meanwhile, Nash takes care of her mouth. The frenzied fucking eventually leads to Rachel getting a load jerked onto her face. But things do not end there. The director wants a creampie scene! Keeping herself together as best she can, Rachel draws Nash on top of her again. The young man fulfils his part perfectly – fucking his mother until his potent cum blasts deep into her unprotected pussy. Afterwards, Rachel and both her son’s huddle together, shaken, seeking each other’s support. They are not sure if the director is joking when he talks about doing a follow up video in which the two sons fuck their pregnant mom.

Description: Entices you with; Taboo, MILF, Mother/Son, Threesome, Old Woman/Younger Men, Blowjob, Fucking, Kissing and Facial.

Category: TABOO

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Amateur Dad-Daughter Bound BDSM Orgasm HD

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, Amateur, POV, Male Domination, Humiliation, Helpless

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Nipple Manipulator – Silvia Saige HD [Untouched 1080p]

Silvia Saige is a MILF who is about her money. So, when her step son tells her that it is his turn to use the credit card, she is certainly not ready to part with it. She decides to give him something else to focus on, touching his knee seductively before whipping out his cock and swirling her tongue around his hog head. Later, Silvia wants her step son to touch her tits in the bedroom. She opens her blouse revealing her perfect nipples and her pussy starts to drip. A couple days later, Silvia is finally ready to bust her bone pocket open for her step sons thick, veiny dick. She rides his schlong skillfully and then takes a steaming load of cum on her tongue. This MILF is a master manipulator.

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REAL MOTHER AND SON 1080p HD Interesting Pose Video!

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Mom Helps Son With Porn Addiction And Gets A Creampie 1080p HD

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Daughter was bored and horny! – Sadie Pop HD

I came home and my daughter was bored and horny. She is always trying to get me to do stuff with her and I know I shouldn’t but she is such a sexy tiny slut. It’s hard to say no to food when you’re hungry and my wife sure doesn’t feed me. She just started getting naked and I guess I’m weak but I needed my cum on or in her.

She pulled my cock out and started stroking it and playing with her tiny little mouthful tits. Then showing me her round firm young ass it makes me feel like I’m going to instantly explode. Fingering her tight wet slit from behind, rubbing the head of my cock on her rock hard little nipples and begging me to cum in her mouth was just too much! I poured my hot cum in her mouth and just hoped she doesn’t tell her mom.

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Autumn Falls – 18 Years Young – Tender Loving Blowjob HD

Short oral and POV scene with Autumn Falls in red lingerie. She starts with her outfit on as she begins the blowjob and takes off her top at one point before continuing until the cumshot.

Includes: Indoor, Bedroom, 1on1, POV, Red Lingerie, Blowjob, No Hands Blowjob, Topless, Ball Sucking, and Cumshot

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Mommy catches young Tyler playing with her “toys” and decides to show him how she uses them as she masturbates. After she has an orgasm, it’s time to play with Tyler. They then play the pee-pee game with a blowjob first then Mommy rides him hard, reverse cowgirl. She finishes young Tyler off with getting a facial.

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My Stepsister Sucks – Anastasia Knight HD [Untouched 1080p]

Anastasia Knight’s annoying stepbrother JMac is home for college for the weekend, and her mom insists they share Anastasia’s room. The tempting teen tries to drive JMac out of her space by making him uncomfortable – most notably by watching porn on her phone and masturbating. But JMac won’t go down without a fight – he whips out his dick and jerking off, giving Anastasia a taste of her own medicine. When Anastasia gets a glimpse of JMac’s big dick, she realizes sharing a room might not be so bad after all…

sex scenes includes 69,blowjob,cowgirl,cumshot cleanup, deepthroat, playing with dildo, doggystyle, facefuck, facials,handjob, sex in indoors, masturbation, reverse cowgirl and sideways.

Anastasia Knight

Hair Color :Blonde
Body Type :Athletic
Ass Type :Small Ass
Tits Type :Natural Tits
Tits Size :Small Tits
Pussy Type :Bald , Outie
Date of Birth :September 24, 1999
Birth Location :Orlando, FL
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Complexion :Medium Skin
Weight :105lb
Height :5’4″
Measurements :34A-22-32

Anastasia Knight is a submissive teen who loves to be handled roughly. To say she wanted to get a head start in her porn career would be an understatement to this blonde spinner, who debuted just one month after her 18th birthday! Experimenting with a fun bit of exhibitionism, Anastasia began to crave the thrill of being the center of attention while getting her tight pussy pounded. Giving in to her newfound sexual agenda, she sought out a way to turn sex into a full time job. Describing herself as someone who “needs dick 24/7,” the jump to porn was a decisionA this tiny cutie couldn’t ignore any longer. Paired with platinum blonde hair, her signature brace-face made this teen stand out amid even her seasoned adult entertainment colleagues. With the juiciest blowjob lips, and a small pair of perky tits, Anastasia’s pursuit of porn greatness is going to be an absolute pleasure to watch unfold!

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Isabella Nice, Lexi Lore – My Sisters Hot Friend HD [Untouched 1080p]

Rion King is really into his sister Isabella Nice. He spies on her whenever he can, and when he’s feeling especially pervy he whips his dick out and strokes himself off to Isabella’s hot bod. His mom Sovereign Sire catches Rion in the act of masturbating to Isabella and sends him to his room as punishment and with the added bonus of keeping Rion away from Lexi Lore, Isabella’s friend.

Biding his time until Lexi arrives, Rion sneaks out of his room as the girls are changing into their pajamas and sneaks into their closet when their backs are turned. From there, he can watch to his heart’s content. When Isabella leaves to go find her phone, Rion makes just enough noise for Lexi to realize he’s there. She is feeling horny, so she invites Rion to come out of the closet and shove his dick into her creamy twat. The two are almost caught by Sovereign, but Rion hides beneath the covers.

Unfortunately for Lexi and Rion, Isabella isn’t quite so clueless when she returns with her phone. She busts her friend and brother, but Rion takes this opportunity to let Lexi know he has some dirt on her so she’d better not tell. Reluctantly, Isabella joins Lexi to deliver a double BJ. That encourages her to take her bro’s dick for a test ride. It’s not long between Isabella and Lexi are sharing Rion’s hardon like champs, up until Lexi gets Rion to bust a nut on her face. That’s a step too far for Isabella, who freaks out badly enough that her mom comes to see what the commotion is and catches them in the act.

The girls give him handjobs and blowjobs with deepthroats. He penetrates their pussies in different positions, including spooning, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle, until he cums after a handjob on Isabella’s mouth.

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