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Daddy Creampies the Bride HD

Can you believe I’m all grown up and getting married today Daddy? Are you ready to walk me down the aisle? To let go of your little girl so she can be with another man forever? I’m not sure that I’m ready for it Daddy. I do love him, but I’m not so sure I want him to be the father of my . I don’t think any man will ever compare to you.

So, I was thinking Daddy, that maybe you could give me one last thing before you give me away. I want you fuck me and cum in me Daddy. When I walk down the aisle with you I want to feel your cum dripping out me and filling my panties. I want you impregnate me.

Will you do this for me Daddy? Will you give your little girl a creampie on her wedding day?

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Ellie Idol MegaPack 15-11-2017 ALL HD

This is a 190 video Mega Pack from Ellie’s ManyVids Page. These videos contain all sorts of different scenes including Cosplay, BJ, Taboo, POV ETC it is impossible for me to write a description on each video as I have not watched them….yet. There was only a single download link for each video and as far as I can tell it looks like most videos are 1080/720 not sure but the quality looks pretty good to me.

Give yourself over to me, I will have you weak on your knees begging for release! Depending on my mood, I may give you the right to cum but not without the price of having to lick it all up like some cum hungry slut! Other days I may just deny you completely. Remember the saying “It’s a priviledge, not a right”? Well that applies here. You follow my commands, MY rules. That said, other days I can be as sweet as candy and erotically tease your little pecker with my smokin’ hot bod, giving in to your addiction. 3,2,1, cum for Ellie, no tricks, no gimmicks. Pure pleasure!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been bratty and independent. I’ve been using and abusing the boys, making them do as I ask, spoiling me without any hopes of something in return. I’ve flown all across the country and stayed in nice hotels without spending a cent of my own money! I’ve had boys willingly dress up as sissies before I even knew what sissification WAS. I think I was born with the ability to get into boys’ heads, without ever leaving, stuck in their minds from now until the end.


Hair Color:Black
Height:5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight:103 lbs (47 kg)
Tattoos:Outline of heart with two wings on right hip
Piercings:Tongue; Navel; Left nostril

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ELLIE IDOL Screens.rar



MILF Mania – Lady Fyre HD

The School Bully’s Mother:
CUSTOM: I’m in the kitchen drin.king wine when you ring my doorbell. Your mother has already told me a little bit about what my son did to you, but I tell you to follow me into the kitchen & give me the whole story. You tell me that my son has been picking on you at school & beating you up. I’m skeptical until you show me your bruises. It’s shocking. But what’s even more horrifying is the text message my son sent to you: “I’m going to fuck your mother, cum on her face & make her give you a cum-covered kiss.” I can’t believe my son wrote that! What’s wrong with him? Maybe it’s because his father works too much & isn’t around to punish him & teach him how to be a gentleman like you are.
Suddenly I have an idea: we’re going to give my son a taste of his own medicine. I order you to follow me into my son’s bedroom where he’s awaiting his punishment. I yell at him & tell him that he’s going to sit right there & watch. Then I give you a passionate kiss, remove my shirt & bra and make you get undressed. I get down on my knees & start sucking your cock. You can hardly believe it, you’re so hard.
After the blowjob, I tell you that I want you to fuck me from behind. I pull off my panties & hike up my skirt over my ass. You pound me from behind, and I cum hard. Then we fuck missionary style & I cum again. I tell you how much better you are than my husband. I just love your young dick, sweetie. I am aching to ride that cock, so I climb on top of you & let down my hair. I’m just about to cum again when my phone rings. It’s my husband, and I try to stifle my moans as I explain that I’m punishing our son, and it’s alright if he stays late at work again. I slam down my phone as my body is rocked by the hardest orgasm of all.
I finish you off by tit fucking you with my big breasts. You cum all over my neck & chest. I use my finger to apply some of the cum to my lips, then I kiss my son right on the mouth. I give my bully son just what he deserves: a cum-covered kiss. He runs out of the room, and I tell you that my husband will be away this weekend & I want you to come back again for some more punishment.

The Peeping Paperboy:
The paperboy is a problem. He’s always delivering the paper when it’s already dark outside. I didn’t know why until I discovered the shoe prints outside my window. He’d been waiting until dark so I wouldn’t see him spying on me. Bad paperboy!
Today when you come to collect, I invite you inside & confront you about your behavior. I know you just have to get it out of your system, so I propose just that as I unzip your pants. Once you’re nice & hard I turn around & order you to do me d0.ggystyle, ans after you’ve enjoyed that view long enough I order you to lie down on my kitchen floor & I mount you in reverse cowgirl.
While riding you I confess that my husband is going to be home soon. He’s the one who’s been complaining about the paper being delivered so late, and I told him I’d take care of the problem. I make you switch to missionary position, screwing me on this stool in the kitchen. I warn you not to tell any of your friends about this. I hope I didn’t mess you up for the rest of your life. Now that you’ve had tight MILF pussy there’s no going back. I urge you to finish up before my husband comes home. You have never encountered a jealous man before & you don’t want to start now. I cum on your young cock, then I pull it out & you shoot all over my pussy. Just then the front door opens & my husband walks in. He looks a little upset, and you look terrified. But you’ll both come around. I DID solve both of your problems after all.

Screwing My Girlfriend’s Mom:
What are you doing here today? Oh, my daughter didn’t tell you she has practice tonight? Typical. She’s going to be late. You know, I’ve been thinking today about how much my daughter looks like me. We have the same body type, but she of course isn’t blessed with my fantastic butt. Mind if I sit here & wait with you? Have you had sex with my daughter yet? No? Well that’s good. But I bet a young man like you is just aching for some… attention. I’ve been feeling a little neglected lately… and I’d like some attention too. My daughter doesn’t have to know. Relationships at your age rarely last anyway. My daughter’s tits are big, but mine are bigger. I bet you want them in your mouth. You know I want in my mouth? Your young cock. It’s so big. My daughter didn’t tell me. Now I want to ride you so you can look at how much better my ass is. You should come over every time my daughter has practice after school. This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. I want to make sure that you get your orgasm, but you can’t cum inside me. That would be taking it too far. Cum all over me. That’s it. Now clean yourself up. We wouldn’t want my daughter to find out that you’re not as dedicated as you claim to be.

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Mom’s Anal Tease Creampie – Tammie Madison HD

I know you fantasy about me sweetheart. I know that you long to take me. You crave my ass, admit it! You want to take your mom’s anal virgintiy. Well, how about we strike a deal? I promise you my ass, but first you need to make me pregnant. That’s right, I want your baby. Now, now honey, don’t protest, it’ll be worth it for your chance to fuck my ass.

Good, slide it is mommy’s pussy and fuck me until you cum. Now, now, don’t go trying to tet inside that ass just yet. Remember, you’ve got to get me pregnant first.

Category: TABOO
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Mom Tells Son Dad Wants To Swing FULL VERSION HD

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REAL Brother and Sister Masked Private Video!

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Kadence Marie – A Gift That Vibrates HD

Kadence Marie is a redheaded freak who was patiently waiting for her father to arrive home from a business trip. She was hoping he got a present for her. Of course he wouldn’t forget about his beautiful little princess! He gave her the gift and she skipped off to enjoy it. Just then dad realized he fucked up badly. He accidentally gave Kadence the gift meant for her mommy, which was a powerful vibrating wand! Dad attempted to go fix the situation but Kadence was already head deep in her fire crotch with a vibrator meant for her mom. She was none the wiser to the mix up and asked dad to show her how to use it. He figured it couldn’t hurt so he guided the massage wand around her virgin teen pussy and then began to fuck her to increase the pleasure. Kadence never felt this good before, and also never tasted her father’s semen before. There’s a first time for everything!

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Brandy Makes Daddy Very Randy … Taboo HD


Sweet slim petite Amy had been in Daddy’s care for some time now, he loved her as profoundly as he would if she was from his own flesh, nurturing attentive and kind, encouraging the young girl in her endeavors and aspirations. Tonight how ever the old man had been indulging himself and this occasion had somewhat lost control of his rampant taboo desires, it was time she realised her place in the household. It was time he taught her the most valuable lesson of her life, it was time he used her like the little whore she was destined to become

Barely Legal Taboo Age Play Daddys Girl POV Sex

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Fucking Mom While She Makes Dinner – Sidney Alexis HD MP4

Son, please… Calm down. I need to finish making dinner.. And your Father will hear us… He’s in the living room watching football… Let’s just wait until tonight. What’s gotten into you lately?.. Alright fine, but we have to make it quick….

***Starring Sidney Alexis***

Category: TABOO
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Coco Vandi – Mom Measures Son’s Cum HD

Part 1 – Son is a little worried because no matter how much he jerks off he keeps getting hard at the worst time and he cums like a river. He goes to his Mom for help, she says she will ask Aunt Susan who is a doctor what she thinks. When Mom gets back from the Doctor’s office she tells her Son he has to cum in a cup several times a day and have it measured to see how much cum hes producing! The one catch is he needs a helper and since there is no one else around a reluctant Mom has to help!
Part 2 – Mom is in a hurry this morning trying to leave for work but she still needs to take her son’s sample. she figures she needs to help stimulate him fast so she can milk his cock. she shows her son her nice thick juicy ass and even lets him play with it just a little! once she has him nice a hard she drains his balls into a measuring cup!
Part 3 – Mom has to hurry off to work again but still needs to take her sons sample. The last time she did it she got lube all over her work clothes so this time shes going to collect his sample in just her bra and panties.

Part 4 – My Aunt Kimmie who is a nurse stops by to check on me and my Mom! Together Mom and Aunt Kimmie drain my cock for a sample!
Part 5 – Today Mom comes in to get my semen sample, and this time she decides to help stimulate me by sucking my dick until I make a big load for her. I love the way my mom works my big cock.
Part 6 – Mom wakes me up with a blowjob, i asked whats going on and she says she wanted to get my sample right away. i could tell she was really turned sucking my dick and shes ends up letting me fuck her! yep that’s right after all this time she finally lets me fuck her! at the end to finish it all off i also creampie her as well!

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