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Tiffany Watson – Stepdaughter Reprogrammed MP4 Optimum

Tiffany is a spoiled bitch with no respect for her stepdad. She does what she wants, when she wants, looking how she wants, and all with his money. With mom out of town, Tiffany is even more rebelious, threatening to tell her mom about how he looks at her in what barely qualifies as clothes. She tells him that if he says “please” she’ll listen, but when he caves and says it, she just brushes it off and heads out to party all night with her slutty friends. He’s had enough. She said “please” would get her to obey, and he’s going to hold her to her word.

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MILF1696 – Manipulating Men, The Grifters HD

34:53 video
Rod and his girlfriend Misty live by their wits. Sometimes they break into fancy houses and use them hotels while their owners are away. Other times they charm their way into the lives of the rich and generous – conning them out of money with sob-stories. One day they try to pick the lock of a house belonging to a beautiful church-going lady named Rachel Steele. Rod and Misty mistakenly believe she is on vacation. When her son Lance happens up the driveway and catches them, quick-thinking Rod comes up with a lie about owning a security company. He is merely testing Lance’s lock to see if it needs upgrading – he claims innocently. Although Lance is sceptical, he does not challenge Rod, and allows the incident to pass. However, a few days later, Rachel returns from a church meeting accompanied by Rod and Misty. The couple have befriended her in the guise of devout charity workers. It is all a sly plan to ingratiate themselves into Rachel’s and Lance’s lives. They have been set on conning them ever since being thwarted during the break in. Even though Lance definitely smells a rat by now, he does not yet have the courage to speak up. Instead his mother plays happy host, cooking a splendid meal for her two guests – whom she believes to be too hard up to enjoy the finer things of life very often. When Lance is left alone with Rod and Misty for a moment, the couple show their true colors.

Rod mocks him awfully – questioning his sexuality and telling how much he would like to fuck Rachel. Misty chips in by flirting with Lance. Despite this, the young man remains quiet. Later, he walks by the open door of the guest room in which his mother has allowed Misty to stay for the night. To his surprise the bold and horny minx lies masturbating naked on her bed. Lance recalls at that moment the taunts about his sexuality, and decides to give Misty a fucking that will remove all doubt from her mind. He knows she will not reject him or make a fuss. Her earlier flirting showed that she would welcome his cock any time. And that is exactly what Lance gives her now. First, standing over Misty’s face, he givers her his thick hard meat to eagerly suck upon. He then fucks her tight young pussy in the missionary, cowgirl and doggy positions. It is hot, dynamic stuff, and it all ends creamily as Lance blasts Misty’s pert titties with cum. Moments after, she goes into con-artist mode. You forced yourself on me! – she says. If you want me to keep quiet about it, you better empty your bank account and give me all your money. With a sinking feeling, Lance realizes that he has been fucked in more ways than one. Meanwhile, in the living room, Rod has begun to seduce a tipsy Rachel. He starts out unbuttoning her blouse and tweaking her nipples to get her aroused. Then he hikes her skirt to that he can rub her pussy through her panties. Just when he has Rachel crazy with desire, he stops what he is doing – claiming that concerns about his charity’s future is effecting his libido. If only someone would make a contribution – he says in a sad voice. Through a combination of naivety and horniness, Rachel immediately volunteers herself to be the rescuer. She writes out a huge financial donation on the spot – thanks to the fact that Rod just happens to have all the necessary paperwork on hand. The conman even tricks her into including her bank details. Once that is done, it is back to making out. Rachel sensually sucks on Rod’s cock, then strips down to her lingerie. He then gives her a hard missionary and doggy style fucking. From the landing, Lance looks on with a mixture of arousal and sadness. His mother sure is hot. But he knows she is being used just the same way as he was. After the climactic action of Rachel jerking Rod’s cum into her mouth, the pair sit together on the couch – all smiles. By now the conman is in complete control. As it is all a done deal, he talks about staying on at Rachel’s house and getting more donations from her. Poor Rachel has no idea of how badly she has been suckered.


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Formula Turns Nerdy Sister into a Monster HD

This formula I stole from the lab turned a poor ugly mouse into a beautiful pretty mouse, I wonder if it could do the same for me? Maybe then brother will love me more? *Drinks formula* Oh no! What’s happening to me?!

In this giantess growth video I play your nerdy sister that has a huge crush on you! You’re too cute to like a nerdy girl like me though, so I stole a formula that was supposed to make me beautiful. Instead, I begin to grow, and I get fangs! Now I’m nothing but a monster, and I’m going to swallow you whole!

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Daughters of Luck / Töchter des Glücks (1999) UNCUT HD Version!

A story of a mother who had to change her profession from a teacher to a high class prostitute to make a living.

The cheerless life of many russian women in this beginning of century

Natasza,an attractive teacher, married with a nice guy, Andrei, lives in Moscow with her two girls, Masza and Katia.After losing his job, Andrei starts to drink. Desperate, Natasza decides to go to Varsovia with her best friend, Vera, and her daughter Masza to sell second-hand clothes bought very cheap in Moscow. But in Varsovia, Vera is involved in drug business and finally found murdered. To subsist, Olga starts to sell her body and becomes a luxurious prostitute. She tries by all means to keep Masza out of this sad world, full of sexual weirdness. The ability of directress Marta Mészáros and the talent of actresses Olga Droz-dova, Ewa Telega and Masza Petraniuk make of this picture one of the best made in Poland those last years. Mészáros shows us a sensitive and poetical portraiture of many women in the present Russia, obliged to use the saddest means to make a living. A very good film indeed !

Stars: Olga Drozdova, Jan Nowicki, Masza Petraniuk

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Slut Mom Gives Her Son A Handjob – Margo Sullivan HD

My son caught me masturbating this afternoon. He knew exactly what I needed. He slid his finger inside of me and licked my clit so good! The orgasms were so intense, I had to return the favor and stroke his big cock. It was so exciting to pull down his shorts and find his cock standing at attention for me. Feeling it throbbing in my hand was such a turn on!!

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Petite Teen Begs Daddy to Cum while getting Fucked in the Ass!

This. This is one of the hottest homemade videos I’ve ever seen. It starts off with this super hot teen who has a perfectly round ass crawling over to her daddy dom and sucking his cock. She sucks his cock and whimpers a whole lot. Without saying much more, they transition to the front of the bed and he starts fucking her tight pussy. She asks when he’s going to fuck her ass and then she whimpers like a the little teen she is when he shoves his cock up her ass. Her sounds are amazing. At one point she BEGS TO CUM and it’s amazing. He fucks her ass for a little while, switching positions and then I’m pretty sure he cums in her ass and makes her lick it off in the end. Hot video.

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Whats Up My Sisters Asshole – Marley Brinx HD

Marley was just borrowing her brother’s laptop and using it with no pants or underwear on. She was chilling on her bed with her legs spread wide open to air out her hairy pussy. That’s when her brother who was looking for his laptop walked in. He tried to take in as much of her exposed fur burger as possible before being chased out of her room. Later, Marley is preparing for a date and mentions to her brother she would like to practice doing something extra special for her date. Since she’s all hooched up and in need of practice, she grabs her brother by the arm and drags him to the bathroom. He tried to protest for less than two seconds and then lets her unzip his pants and go to town. Big brother is amazed at her technique and she confesses to picking up her style from watching some videos. A couple days later Marley decides she wants to let her boyfriend tap that bush, but she is very unsure of herself. Her brother offers a brilliant alternative to vaginal sex since she is unsure of that. Big brother asserts that if she has anal sex, nobody will know she is inexperienced with vaginal sex. Since this makes complete sense to her, she says okay, but wants to know if it will hurt. Big brother says to trust him and since his logic is so flawless she drops her pants and surrenders her delicious round ass to him. She asks him to be gentle and he reassures her while sticking his finger in her asshole that it will be a smooth ride. Of course, it’s not. He blasts ground and pounds that sister ass recklessly. She is being pounded so hard she is flailing around face down with her ass in the air. She even takes it in her asshole while sitting mounted in reverse cowgirl. She asked for gentle, but insists on masochistic levels of anal carnage. This all ends with that dick dipped in sister asshole plunging into her mouth for climatic finish. Brother hoses her right on the mouth giving her cumstache.

The scene starts with Marley Brinx getting caught by her brother while masturbating watching to porn. Marley gets a bit exited on what happen and later she wants her brother to help her out. He starts fingering her pussy.
In the next cut Marley appears on the floor sucking his cock.
And in the last cut there is some anal fucking in several positions like missionary, doggy style and cowgirl.
All of the cuts are recorded in POV style!
The scene ends with Marley Brinx taking the cock from her ass to her mouth and then jerking it off untill he cums all over her face and some in her mouth.

TIME: 21:16

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Why You Didn’t Knock HD

School Of Dick Sucking HD

Learning From The Best HD


Dad Catches Mom Sucking Son’s Cock and Joins In – Bettie Bondage HD

Me and my son are in our bedroom. God I know it’s wrong, but I just need to suck my son’s young, hard cock! Its been so long since I’ve been with a strong, young stud and my son fits the bill. Plus its kinda hot, milking my own son’s cock off onto my face, nearly every day! It gets me so excited that my sex life with my husband has improved vastly. Today, we’re cutting it a little too close before he gets home from work. I urge my son to cum quickly but before he can, my husband comes home, walking right in on quite the taboo tableau! I’m mortified…but I must admit, turned on.

I admit my transgressions to my husband as he stands at the foot of the bed, looking beyond pissed at me. I try and coax him into calming down, telling him about how good its been for our own sex life, how its a huge fantasy to have them both…I only half believe it’ll work but then I see the look in his eyes: he’s considering it! I push harder, knowing just how to frame it to get my husband hard along with my son. Soon, he comes around to my unconventional idea, pulling out his already rock hard cock and sliding it into me while I suck our son’s rockhard cock. I bounce on top of my husbands dick while I stroke and suck my son, laying down on my back to beg and stroke them with my holes until they both finish all over my body! A dream come true.


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Megan Rain – Fight Then Fuck With Brother HD

The scene starts off with this couples fighting over a remote control. Now when Megan puts up some humiliating remarks about his dick, he wants to shut her up as he grows more agressive towards her. He ripps her shirt apart and he forces her to suck his cock. Then he rips apart her pants, and starts fucking her missionary, slapping her tits. She starts to talk dirty: you’re so fucking dirty, do you like this pussy? She rides him cowgirls and reverse cowgirl and in the end some doggystyle fucking.

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Ashley Fires – Mother & Son Try Taboo HD MP4

Baby, you didn’t have to hide this from me. I’m your Mother, we share everything with eachother… And you don’t need to feel ashamed, it’s pefectly natural to watch porn, although it seems like all the videos are Mothers and sons… I’m just curious why you like this. Do you image it’s me when you watch them? It’s okay baby, you can tell me… Maybe we could watch this together… Just make sure you don’t tell your Father….

Ashley seems to have been raised in a nudist colony since she has no problem getting naked in front of her son. She calls him in to get his opinion on different sexy lingeries and changes in front of him before having a nice talk on the bed while fully nude, legs spread.
Later she find out he’s been watching incest porn (wonder why he’s gotten into that…) and she decides they should watch it together.
They masturbate for a bit before, because it’s ok as long as they’re not touching each other… she start to give him a handjob and then a bj, followed by some pov pussy licking. They then move on to fucking cowgirl then missionary with a bit of choking and finally doggy.
After all that she decides they should do anal as well (since they did literally everything else already) first in missionary then in doggy before going back to her pussy for a nice creampie.
Lots of dirty talk all throughout.

***Starring Ashley Fires & a REAL creampie from her son***

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