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Cory Chase in Hot MILF Episodes (2020) HD

Caught Jerking Off HD

Scene One: Caught Jerking Off I am jerking off to my hot mom’s nude photo’s, when she walks in to the room and catches me! She is wearing a blue, floral bathrobe as she bursts in to my bedroom. Just a moment later, she pulls her bathrobe open, exposing her big tits to me. “Oh wow! What are you doing?! Where’s my dad?” I ask her. “Your father is at work! It’s just the two of us…” she giggles. She walks over to me and my hard cock and she wraps her lips and hand around my throbbing cock. She throws her bathrobe to the floor and then she shoves my cock in her mouth. She gives me a nice, sloppy blowjob and she even gags on my hard cock as she tries to deepthroat it. “Dad can’t find out about this!” I tell her. She shakes her head, “no!” She reminds me that she’s not my real mom, so it isn’t THAT weird! She pulls her thong off and then she asks me if I’m ready for her MILF pussy. She gets on top of me and she starts to ride my huge cock in the cowgirl position. She bounces up and down on my cock for a few minutes, and then she switches in to the reverse cowgirl position next. She keeps riding my cock faster and deeper, and I end up cumming inside of my mom’s pussy! “Now that we’ve both satisfied our urges, we should both have a productive day!” she giggles. “And remember, don’t tell your father about this!” she reminds me.

Dad Will Be Home Soon HD

Scene Two: Dad Will Be Home Soon

My mom walks down the stairs in a short, tight skirt with a tiny crop top. “I just finished having a few glasses of red wine at lunch and all that I could think about was that thick cock of yours penetrating me!” she confesses. She stands right next to me and she lifts her skirt up. “Feel how wet I am!” she begs me. I take my fingers and I move them underneath her panties, so I can feel her pussy. “What do you say… Do you want to do the naughty again?” she asks me. I tell her that I am definitely cool with doing her again! She stands in front of me as she pulls her shirt off and her skirt down. She has a maroon colored bra on with a matching thong. She pulls both of those off as well. Then she gets down on her knees and starts to lick my balls, making her way up to my cock. She shoves my hard cock in her mouth and down her throat. She deepthroats my cock as much as she can! She starts to use her hand to jerk my cock while she sucks on the head. After a few minutes, she is finally ready to ride my cock again. She hops on top of me and she bounces on top of me in the cowgirl position. She just loves to ride my cock and take control! “I’ve missed this cock all day!” she explains. “Your cock hits all the right spots!” she moans. She flips over in to the reverse cowgirl position next and she keeps boucning up and down on my huge cock. After a few minutes, she stands up and leans against the couch so I can fuck her pussy from behind now. She lies down on the couch after that, so I can fuck her MILF pussy in the missionary position. She rubs her clit as I fuck her pussy hard. When I get close to cumming, I tell her to get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face. She swallows as much of my cum as she can! What a good mom she is…

Remote Control Sister HD

Luke has turned his wife, Cory, in to a sex bot, and he is using her mouth for his own pleasure. He shoves his cock in and out of her mouth, until his phone starts to ring. “I have to come in to the office now?! I’m in the middle of something!” he says in to the phone. “Okay, I’ll be right there…” he quickly puts his pants back on and he shoves the remote control in between Cory’s tits. “We’ll finish this later!” he says to her, as she is still unresponsive. A few minutes later, JMac walks in to the room to find his sister frozen on the floor. “What’s going on?!” he asks himself. He grabs the remote and he starts to press buttons. Cory comes back to life and she screams “What are you doing, you pervert?!” JMac presses another button and he freezes her again. He stands Cory up and then he pulls her shirt off of her. Then he unhooks her green bra and he starts to grab at her tits. “So nice!” he exclaims. He pulls her white skirt down, so he can grab at her ass cheeks. He pulls her panties down and then he spins her around in a circle, so he can admire her whole body. He brings her down to her knees and he opens her mouth wide. He takes his hard cock out and he shoves his cock inside of her mouth. He uses her mouth for a blowjob, just like Luke was doing earlier. He moves her body over to the couch and he spreads her legs. He starts to lick her pussy now. “Damn sis, you have a good tasting pussy!” he exclaims. After he eats her out for a few minutes, he is finally ready to shove his cock inside of her. He fucks her in the missionary position for while, and then he decides to move her body in to the doggy style position. “How about I take you to the bedroom…” he whispers to her. He picks her body up and he brings her over to his bed. He lies her body down flat on her back, and he shoves his cock in her mouth again. He makes her give him a blowjob while he plays with her big tits. Then, he jerks his cock off all over her face. He tries to get as much of his cum in her mouth as he can! “You look so pretty now!” he exclaims. He props her up on the bed and he tells her “I like you so much better like this!”

Hot Office Milf Seduced Into Anal By Her Well Hung Boss HD

Gina has been dying to fuck her hot boss lately, but he isn’t picking up on the hints she’s been sending him! When he comes in to the office this morning, she plans on doing anything that he wants her to! She has her black thigh highs on with a matching black skirt and a white blouse with her cleavage showing. She follows him in to his office and she tells him “I know what you want! Why don’t you just sit there and relax…” She bends over and she lifts up her skirt, revealing a blue jewel butt plug in her ass! “Is this to your liking?” she asks him. He starts to spank her ass while she gently moans. He keeps spanking her ass cheeks, going from the left to the right one. Then she gets down on her knees and she starts to suck his hard cock. He pulls her big tits out from underneath her blouse and he starts to kiss her while she jerks his cock with her hand. He grabs her by the neck and moves her over to his couch. He starts to eat her pussy while he strokes his hard cock. “Do you like that?” he asks her. “Oh, yes! I’m all yours!” she moans. He keeps eating her pussy until she cums for him. Then he pulls her butt plug out of her ass, to make room for his cock! He decides to fuck her pussy first, though. He shoves his cock deep in her pussy and she moans “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” He keeps fucking her pussy in the missionary position, and then he flips her over in to the doggy style position. He shoves his huge cock inside of her ass hole! “You like that cock in that ass?” he asks her. She replies “yes sir!” and her moans get louder. He keeps fucking her ass, until he gets close to cumming. Then he tells her to get down on her knees so he can jerk his cock off in to her mouth! She swallows it all for her boss!

A four scene clip starts with (1) Cory going to a bedroom, giving a blowjob and riding a cock in a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position. The first scene ends with a blowjob and putting the panties back on. The second scene starts with some pussy fingering and a blowjob + ball sucking (in POV), continued with some cowgirl + reverse cowgirl riding and doggy pounding, continued with some missionary fuck, the second scene ends with a cum on tongue and cum in mouth + cum swallowing. The third scene starts with Cory being remotely controlled and face/cock fucked in many different position. The fourth scene where we have both anal and vaginal sex, which gave Cory a pleasure of her lifetime. It was Jmac who showed her all the pleasure of his cock fucking her. The last scene ends with a facial and partially cum in mouth.

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MILF 1243 – Rachel and Robin Steele, Twin Trouble

Rachel and Robin were twin sisters. Despite being physically identical, their personalities were vastly different. Rachel was a reserved and responsible mother who had been long and loyally married to her late husband. Robin on the other hand was a wild and extravagant gold-digger who had travelled the world, enjoyed countless lovers, and been married and divorced five times. Being so opposite in nature, the sisters inevitably had little to do with one another. Deep down Rachel was glad of this. She did not want her good reputation damaged by association with her wayward twin. Furthermore, she had a son called Brad whom she wished to protect from bad influences – especially those of his aunt. To this end she even avoided telling him of Robin’s existence. Eventually, however, the truth had to come out. Soon after Rachel had become widowed, her sister called up out of the blue one morning and announced that she was coming to visit on that very day. Rachel was horrified, but unable to deter the wilful Robin. After hanging up, she reluctantly went to tell Brad the news. Having dropped the bombshell that he had an aunt who was the spitting-image of his mother, she warned him to be wary of her reckless and immoral conduct. He would need to watch Robin’s every move and also keep her out of the liquor cabinet. Brad assured his mother that he was up to the task, and Rachel left for work feeling a little better. A short while later, Robin arrived. Brad was stunned on seeing her. It was as if his own mother had suddenly changed into a glamorous vixen. Robin was truly identical to Rachel. Her dress sense, however, was far different. Where Rachel dressed conservatively, Robin wore a short skirt, movie-star sunglasses, and a flamboyant fur coat. Her manner, too, was very open and sassy. Brad was enthralled by his aunt from the start. Up in the guest room, he talked with her while she unpacked her belongings of mainly skimpy underwear and lingerie. He even revealed that he had been left a fortune in his father’s will while his mother had not received a cent. Robin listened attentively. She knew that her sister and her husband were having problems, but she did not realize they had grown so far apart. Later that day, Rachel and Robin had their first meeting in years. There was clear tension and mutual disapproval between them as they looked each other over. Rachel thought Robin dressed too provocatively; Robin thought Rachel was dressed too primly. Presently they got to talking, and Rachel warned her sister not to try and corrupt Brad. He was an upright, hard-working son, and she wanted him to stay that way. Robin did not say anything to rock the boat, but she had no intention of turning square for her sister’s benefit. That evening, while she was undressing in her room, Robin caught Brad spying on her from beyond the door. Her nephew’s show of sexual interest delighted her, and she called for him to come on in. Brad found himself obeying her will. The sight of his mom-look-alike aunt in her skimpy, cleavage revealing lingerie, had him totally mesmerised. In no time he was lying next to her on the bed, entirely at the mercy of her seductive attentions. The horny Robin never passed on a chance to enjoy a hot young stud, and now was no different. After getting Brad to strip naked, she caressed his cock to hardness and let him suckle on her big tits. She then jerked him off and gave him a long, sensual blowjob before getting into the reverse cowgirl position and impaling her hungry pussy on his stiff chunk of man-meat. Brad groaned happily as his aunt expertly fucked herself up and down on him, slowly taking him to the balls then rising to the tip of his cock so as to enjoy its every inch. During all this, it suddenly occurred to Brad that he was almost making love with his own mother due to the uncanny similarity between her and Robin. The thought made him more aroused than ever, and he went on to pound his aunt passionately on her side and on her back. Such thorough loving was just what Robin craved. Constantly she gasped and writhed at the deep, sweet penetration of her nephew’s big cock. When Brad was ready to cum, she made sure to take his every drop into her open, eagerly waiting mouth. Afterwards, she lay contentedly on his chest – pleased to have such a wonderful lover for a nephew. She had also made him promise to spend some of his fortune on her. Yet later, Brad went downstairs and found his mother back home – and none too happy. She revealed to him that she had seen what he and his aunt had been doing in the spare room. Brad did not apologize. Already he had become corrupted. In addition, his experience with Robin had revealed to him the extent of his lust for his own mother. Now he was prepared to do anything to have her. Fortunately, he had leverage: possession of the house and of the entire family fortune. Rachel was stunned when she heard her son threaten to throw her out if she did not give herself to him sexually. After some hesitation, she went upstairs and changed into some slutty black lingerie that he had set aside for her. When she came back down, Brad ordered her to kneel and suck his cock. Rachel forced herself to do it, and ended up excelling herself. Before long, her sensual licking and sucking had made her son’s cock rock-hard and fuck-ready. A moment later, Brad had his mother in the missionary position on the living room rug, and was pumping into her forbidden pussy with a passion that made her tits shake. As Rachel lay holding her legs as wide apart as she could, she was tormented between the pleasure she felt and the sinfulness of the deed itself. Neither was her son anywhere near finished. He was so horny that he got Rachel onto her knees and knees gave her another intense fucking – even deeper and harder than before. Getting it on with his own prim mother was the hottest experience of his life. Finally, to Rachel’s infinite distress, Brad blasted his load into her fertile pussy. She tried to stop him, but he was far too horny and determined. Even while the mother’s mind reeled from what had just happened, her body refused to regret it. Perhaps Rachel’s nature was not so different to Robin’s after all.

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REAL Twin Sisters Two Hot POV HD Vids

Quickie in Club Bathroom with Sexy Sister Sluts HD

Skinny Sisters have Threesome Sex HD

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Addiction – Rollling On The Floor HD

You are in the room with the sofa, wearing those white jeans that you just wore in the foot lover vid. You are arguing with someone (your son?neighbor?coworker?) about coming over Tipsy and making advances on you. You are asking for his keys because he is Tipsy and you will call a cab to take him home. You are looking into the camera the whole time. Then you reach up and start struggling with the camera (like it is a person) for the keys, and then we hear them hit the floor and roll under the sofa. Then you get on your hands and knees looking under the sofa while the camera is focused on your butt while you are looking for the keys. (about 30 seconds to a minute)

The next scene has the camera pretty low to the floor, still focused on your butt. We hear the guy say he can help you, and then he climbs on top of you, and his whole weight is on you as you both are reaching under the sofa for the keys. Of course, he starts slowly grinding you against the floor while you two are looking, all the while both of your legs are open so we can see him grinding his bulge into your butt (he is wearing something tight like biker pants or athletic gear). After a while of this you finally tell him to stop and push him off of you. Then you two lie there on the floor facing each other while he listens to you tell him how wrong he was, until he looks sad and you give him a hug. But when he hugs you he slides his thigh between your thighs and rolls on top of you, and the two of you hug each other and roll out of camera view.(about 3-4 minutes)

The next scene is from the side on one end of the room, as the two of you roll toward the camera with your legs intertwined (thigh between thigh), before you get really close to the camera before rolling back to the other end of the room, over and over. It starts out almost like wrestling, but eventually gets more sensual with butt and thigh groping and kissing during the rolling as he finally “convinces” you that he should stay.

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Xev Bellringer – Obsessed With The Hostess’s Big Ass – 1080p (AI Upscale)

Xev’s juicy ass is inches from your face as you lift her up onto the counter to reach some dishes. Her tight little cocktail dress is hitched up just high enough for you to notice she’s not wearing any panties. Being this close to her smooth pussy was almost too much, you feel yourself getting hard almost instantly. She is so wrapped up in the party preparations that she doesn’t even notice how exposed she is… and that you’re staring. When you agreed to show up early to help the hostess with food prep, you didn’t realize she’d be running around in such a skimpy dress… bending over repeatedly to reveal her round booty and plump, bare pussy. How were you supposed to focus with distractions like that?

You couldn’t take your eyes off her curvy body bouncing around the kitchen in a hurry long enough to get any prep work done. By the time she came over to check on your progress, you couldn’t take it anymore and groped her big tits. Xev wasn’t shocked for long… and smiled. She knew you had to get it out of your system, before the guests arrived. The hostess bent over and beckoned you closer. Her juicy ass was begging to be manhandled, to have a hard cock rubbing up between those buns. But she needed relief too… her pussy was far too wet to neglect. So you pushed the hostess against the counter, lifted her leg up and thrust your aching manhood deep into her.

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Brittany Andrews – Two NEW Taboo Vids in HD POV

Stepson Walks In On Mommy HD

Misstress Mommy sees you watching her, and she tries to shoo you away, but after you ignore her pleas, and pull down your pants, Brittany cannot keep her eyes and mouth off your beautiful cock, and yes you get to have hot sex with her too!

Stepson Seduction HD

Daddy is Away, so Mommy Needs to Play with Her Naughty Stepson! We Won’t Tell Anyone What We Do, it’ll be Our Little Secret! Take Out your Cock and Let Mommy Have a Taste and then Get Ready to Fuck Me Like the Slut You Are!

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Cute Daughter Masturbates HD 1080p

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Crystal Knight – Cancel Your Date For Mommy – JOI HD

You walk in all dressed up ready to go on your first date. You don’t want to tell me what you’re doing because you know m0.mmy will stop you from going. You see what I’m wearing and have to tell me your plans. I’m surprised my good boy’s plans for the night are not as innocent as expected. Why would you go on a date? You could be on a date with m0.mmy all night long instead. So I decide if you’re going to go on this date you must know how a woman body works. I start talking about m0.mmy’s big tits and how you love to suck on them. Such a perv. I can tell that you’re hard so I tell you to stroke for me. Forget about your date and focus on m0.mmy. As I tease you into this moment of pleasure and submission, I tell you to cancel on her and we’ll have much more fun in my bedroom than you would have going out tonight. M0.mmy won’t share you with anyone, you are m0.mmy’s boy now and forever. (Name mentioned)

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Daughter Sucks and Fucks Money Out Of Daddy For College Supplies HD 1080p

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Winter Bell – I Like To Masturbate Too 4k

My Sister Winter is always the princess in the house and can do no wrong in our parent’s eyes. I was grounded to my room again when Winter comes bursting into the room while I am jerking off, now I am not gonna hear the end of this. I thought this could have turned into a bad thing but Winter confesses she likes to play with herself too. She tells me to keep going while she starts to rub her clit right in front of me, she can see my cock get harder and the next thing you know I am fucking my sister in my bed while our parents are out. I shot my load right down her throat as Winter looks up and smiles at me then you will never believe what she did next…

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