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I’ve Noticed You Noticing Me – Ivy Aura HD


Ivy works in a sex shop while in college. Her family doesn’t know. But one of her dad’s friends visits the shop one day while she’s working and she realises he’s into some really kinky stuff. From then on, she can’t stop thinking about him. So she finally pops over to his place to stir up some trouble.

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Butt Daddy – April Dawn HD

Thats Where I Want It

Dear Diary,
After my first time with Daddy I started fantasizing about him more and more often. The more we spent time together the riskier things got, Daddy just can’t seem to pull out in time. Anyway I heard my sisters talking about Anal sex with Daddy and that gave me an idea. I started stretching my virgin ass so daddy could cum inside me any time he wanted and it really felt good.
The day finally came when I thought I was ready for Daddy so I dressed in a sexy outfit and waited in his bed. Daddy was a bit surprised to see me when he walked in but it didn’t take long for us to start messing around. After I rode him for a bit I made the suggestion of anal and Daddy just sort of smiled.
I sucked his cock to get it wet then put the head against my rosebud. Daddys cock slid in slowly and I nearly came from the feeling. When my ass loosened up a bit Daddy started fucking me harder and harder until he came deep inside my ass. He filled me up so much it made me cum again. I think Daddys gonna be fucking my ass a lot more that was AWESOME!!!

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Jericha Jem – Thats How You Start A Family HD

Jericha Jem and her husband have been trying to have a child for ages now! Her man has conjured up enough cum to fill up a barrel, but still no baby. This has pushed Jericha to be persistent about it. Anytime her hubby is home and not busy she’s pressuring him for sex. His cock just can’t take it anymore! One day he chose to sleep instead of fucking her, which was the worst decision of his life. Jericha out of desperation approaches his brother who was staying with them, and insists he fuck her raw style, cum in that tight pussy, and provide them with a baby. His brother was trying to be ethical, but Jericha explained it in a way where he would be seen as starting a family, not splitting one up. No time was wasted. Jericha pounced on that cock like a spry sex fiend. That pussy was stuffed with dick until the interior twat pressure reached outrageous proportions. Our boy nutted with a vengeance, and watching that jizz puddle plop out of Jericha’s throbbing pussy was a beautiful sight! Hopefully that cum wasn’t sterile…

This scene features Jericha Jem getting fucked. Sex acts include blowjobs, cunnilingus, doggy style, missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and a massive creampie.

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Your Brat Little Sister Gets Payback Tying You Up for Some Taboo Handjob and Blow Job Tease and Denial HD

Your little sister is a brat girl for sure. In your POV you rouse to find her giving you a blow job. She tells you she has been waiting for you to come around and knows you must be wondering why she is doing this. You try to talk and realize you are gagged and then try to move only to realize you are tied up. In true brat form, she tells you why this is happening.

As she talks in a bratty voice to you she gives you a handjob and tells you this is her payback. She knows you told mom and dad that she was having sex last week and as a result they took her car way for the entire weekend she is home from college. To top it off they went on a trip and she is stuck there with nothing to do. So, she put you out for the count, dragged you in the room, tied you, gagged you and here you are.

She knows this is torment for you as she knows your girlfriend broke up with you a couple weeks ago which means you have had no sex. She knows she is a brat, but also hot, and knows you have been checking her out lately.

She continues to tease you with a handjob and a blow job and talks about her tits. She knows you want to see them so she pops them out of her top so you can. She even takes your cock and smackers her big tits with it.

She tells you she could tease and torment you as long as you like, but she is your sister after all and does love you. So she tells you she will finish you off with a nice fast blow job as she feels your balls getting big with a nice cumload for her.

She goes after your cock with a fast and furious blow job and just as you are about to cum, she stops. She then reveals just how much of a brat she is. She tells you she is not going to let you cum and will also continue the tease and denial process for the whole weekend. You made her life miserable, so she will do the same to you until your parents get home. With that she walks away and leaves you with a hard cock and blue balls, telling you she will be back later on.

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Nocturnal Emmissions – Jodi West HD

720p HD VERSION…..

When Jodi and Sadie came home from a night of clubbing, Jodi found her son asleep on the couch. He had spent the night cleaning the house, but also jerking off. They found lube and tissues right next to his sleeping body. Just for cruel fun, they decide to milk him again in his sleep!

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Mom Slips You a Mickey – Penny Barber HD

How are you feeling this morning? Not great, huh? Well, it’s a good thing that we got you started on these vitamins. You clearly need them right now! Here. … You still in there? Hello? There it is. You’re feeling more complacent now, aren’t you? You’ll do pretty much whatever your Mom wants, even if I’m opening your pants and taking out your cock. You’re so sensitive! Or maybe a boy’s mother just really knows how to please him. Oh, you just came everywhere! Good. Now pay attention: I’m going to explain to you exactly what your life is going to be like. I’m going to keep dosing you, making you not only my sex slave, but my domestic servant, too. You’re going to be Mommie’s little helper. That means doing whatever I say whenever I say it, with a smile and a hard on!

Category: TABOO
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Cheating Wife Punishment HD

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Butt3rflyforu – Always Come To Mommy HD

Oh Honey, has it happened again?…You poor thing….You did well , just as I asked…You’ve come to mommy when you are frustrated, pent up , throbbing and aching after a date with your girlfriend….You need to understand that some girls want to stay pure until marriage…and that is a wonderful thing to do for the man she loves…I want you to understand how to deal with this….how to control yourself and know that is why I am here…I love you very much and I will show you how to relieve that aching boner ….come in mommy’s room and let me bounce that boner away…I can tell how frustrated you are….now listen carefully while I explain everything we are going to do to help you! ENJOY!

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Little Sister With Big Tits Does Taboo Riding on Your Cock in POV With the Intentions of Getting Pregnant HD

Your smoking hot little sister is ready to take thing with you to the next level and since you are both adults there is nothing to stop the two of you. With that, she gets up on your cock and starts riding you in your POV.

Her intentions though are more than just sexual. She wants to get pregnant and she want you to be the one to knock her up. As she rides your thick cock she tells you what it will be like when she gets pregnant with your cum.

Her tits will swell up and fill with milk. Her belly will be puffy and big. She will be the envy of many women and nobody but you are her will know that the pregnancy is due to you cumming inside her.

She continues to ride your dick and tells you she wants your cum deep in her. She wants your seed to knock her up and she knows she will get pregnant if you have a nice big cumload. When you do cum inside her she loves every second of it. She sits on you for a moment to make sure all your cum is drained from your cock into her pussy and gets off you with her hand covering her cunt so none of your jizz drips out of her. She is happy and thinks she just might get pregnant.

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Alexis Fawx – The Lonely Hot Wife HD 1080p

Tommy Gunn goes to Alexis Fawx’s house to talk to her husband, but he only finds the hot wife, alone. While they discuss on the couch, Alexis tells him that her husband hasn’t fucked her in a year! The big tits blonde is so horny that she can’t resists Tommy’s big cock. Watch the lonely hot wife being fucked hard and craving for cum in her mouth!

Doggy Style

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