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Sadie Holmes – Break My Water Daddy HD 1080p

I’m Ready To Pop
Dear Diary,

The night I went into labor started kind of weird. I couldn’t sleep so I started pacing in the living room. After several minutes I decided to wake Daddy and see if he would help me relax so I could sleep.

It took a bit of blowing him to get Daddys attention but soon as he was up I was ready to ride. I rode Daddy hard for a bit then he spooned me from behind. We both came pretty hard but then there was a gush of wetness as my water broke. Daddy rushed me to the delivery room and things went great. I can’t wait to recover so Daddy can knock me up again.

Xo Sadie

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Tabookitty – Daddy’s Girl Renee Is Ready To Play – BJ & Facial HD

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Sammy Sable – Double Daddy Anal Creampie Punishment HD

Daddy wants to punish my ass more even though its sore from the day before~ When daddy cums in my ass, he tells me to hold it in, he brought a friend over~(my other daddy) I have to hold daddys cum in my ass while im being fucked in the ass again~ And get another huge anal creampie~ I beg daddy asking him if I can release it now~ I fuck in up close doggy style~ Use two dildos BBC and a tan dildo

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Its Hip To Get Ass Fucked!

I walk in my bedroom to find my stepdad.. trying to fuck himself with my dildos. I start laughing hard and asking him what he is doing.. He plays dumb and pretends that he does not want it in the ass. Being such a loving step-daughter that I am… I offer to give him a very amazing anal experience for his first time.. I will be the one to teach.. how to get fucked in the ass… I even will bend you over and take your anal virginity… I am just amazing like that Includes-( butt plug, anal, anal instructions, brat girls, taboo, forced bi, strap on, dollies, dildo fucking, dildo sucking,anal masturbation) Visit My Wish Lists to Spoil Me !!

Category: STRAP-ON
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Buy Me An I-Phone Daddy – Hope Harper HD 1080p

The other day I did something really stupid and broke my phone again. All my friends have been getting the new I-phone 7 and since I’m Daddys princess I deserve 1 too. I went into his room to get his credit card and Daddy stopped me in my tracks. After we wrestled for his card I gave in and gave him what he wanted. His cock was already hard so it wasn’t long before we were fucking. I rode him for a bit then had him do me doggy to get it over with quick. Sure enough Daddy came right after I did so I grabbed his card and headed out to get my new phone.

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Princess Leia – Daddy, What Do You Want Most HD

Daddy, what do you want most in the entire world?… Hehe you really just want me to be happy? Well, can I tell you what I want? I want… to be a good Mommy. That would make me happy. I want you to share what you have with Mommy. I want to suck you, Daddy, and be just like her – but better! I promise I won’t tell. No one will know! I just want a little bit on my face and in my mouth. Only Daddy can make me a Mommy, right? I know I’m being naughty, but I also know you want it. You can’t say no. You won’t stop me, Daddy. I want it and I’m going to take it. I want your cock and cum deep down my throat. Ohh it feels so good!

Category: TABOO
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Cum In My Backdoor (2017)

Starring: Hope Harper

Hope loves to fulfill her anal fantasies. And we get to watch!
“So, I know how much you guys like my anal scenes so I put together a series of anal fantasies just for you in POV. These are some of my favorite fantasies where I get it in the ass from my Dad’s best friend, my sister’s boyfriend, a neighbor and a fan or two.
Look at you, shaking with excitement! I want you to fuck my ass with your hard cock! I love getting fucked in the ass, especially by my fans! They always give it to me best and I really love it when they cum in my ass. It’s honestly my favorite place for creampies.” – Hope Harper

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Princess Leia – Jealous Daughter Ruins Daddy x 3 HD

Daddy, don’t play dumb! My friend just left and you have to tell me, now! You looked at her, didn’t you? You did! And you know what? She told me you were eyeing me too! Daddy, why? What were you thinking about? Is Mommy not keeping you happy? You know I’ll do anything for you, Daddy.

Were you thinking about us… on our knees, Daddy? Pleasing you? Daddy! Honestly, you shouldn’t even be thinking of anyone else but me. I’m the only girl who should be making you happy. You know, Mommy’s gonna be out for a while. Long enough for me to teach you a lesson, anyways… I bet you want your little girl’s hands wrapped around your cock right now. I can feel how hard you are. You’re thinking dirty thoughts! They better be about me, Daddy. I’m gonna jerk you off and give you exactly what you deserve for all those naughty thoughts. Do you like it when I rub you all over my bare chest, Daddy? I’m the only girl you need. I want you to remember that. I promise I’ll take good care of you, if I’m the only girl you think about.

Woops! I was supposed to keep stroking, wasn’t I Daddy? Oh well. You have more cum in there. Let’s keep going… Oh, ruined again, Daddy! You really need to get off, huh? Well, stop looking at my friends and maybe you’ll get more from me. Have you learned your lesson yet, Daddy?

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Category: TABOO
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Taboo Sex Fantasies 44 (2017)

Stars: Ashley, Laura, Sarah, Kim, Hailey, Mariana, Robbie (Female)
Girls love nothing more than sparking up a hot cigarette and spreading their legs wide and playing with their pussies! A chubby blonde takes a smoke break. A petite Latina gives a puff of smoke and a peek of pink. A big titted blonde has cannabis clitoris time! Robbie takes in some smoking, sunbathing, and spreading! And more!
Kinky smoking girls spark up and fuck for a double high in this amateur fetish flick from Rick Cuban.

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Avery Adair – Making it HARD for Dad to Stay Mad HD

I can’t lie, I am a big softy when it comes to disciplining my beautiful 18 yr old daughter. She has a soft spot in daddy’s heart for sure, and deep down she really is a good girl.

So it surprised me when I came home from a vacation with my wife, and after a long flight home I was really in the mood to pour myself a nice stiff drink to help unwind. Come to find out my daughter threw a party, and her friends went through my liquor stash. Needless to say I was not thrilled, so I took her phone and other privileges away from her…and told her I was going to wait in my bedroom for her mother to come home so we could discuss how we were going to punish her.

I wasn’t in my room more than 15 min’s when I heard a knock on the door. Once I saw it was my daughter, and she was giving me the “daddy I’m sorry” eyes…I knew I was in trouble.

But something very different happened this time. What I didn’t know is that my growing daughter had lost her virginity!

I knew she was “of age” now, but I guess I have been trying NOT to think about other boys humping her. Truth be told…I have been having a hard enough time trying to stop myself about thinking of having sexual intercourse with her. She is just always walking around the house with barely nothing on, and her cute little bubble but and young perky titties always sticking out.

But now that she is sexually active, it appears she has learned a new tactic when it comes to getting daddy to keep a secret from mom….

Watch how innocent she looks while she slowly lowers the straps of her tank top, exposing her young perky nipples for her father to see and touch.

***Starring Avery Adair***

Category: TABOO
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