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Dad And Daughters Slow And Nice Sex!

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Daddy Fucks His Cute Student Daughter HD

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MANDY FLORES – Gold-digger HD

Gold-digger #3 – Homewrecking a sugardaddy with MANDY FLORES

You are the rich father of a college girlfriend of mine and I know you have the hots for me. Im working on the side at a high end strip club and searching for the perfect sugar daddy and after your wife starts accusing us of sleep together I get an evil idea.

I come over claiming I left my phone while using your pool earlier that day while no one was home. I ask to use your phone to try to call it but Im actually just texting your wife as you claiming that you want to stop fighting and to come home so you can work it out. I ask you why is your wife going nuts on me and you explain that she wants a divorce because she is sure he’s cheating on him. I start to realize and explain why she might have the wrong idea about me and that leads to me confessing to you that I strip for college money.

You fall right into my plan and begin to talk of how Im better than that and you are getting curious as I start in on my flirting from flattery. ‘Im just looking for a sugardaddy who will take care of me….. a wealthy older man who spoils a younger hotter woman. He buys everything she wants and she is his hot piece of ass. I love a man who knows who to take care of women financially and sexually.’

Your jaw drops and I stand up and open my jacket. See why your wife might be a little Jealous? She must have saw me in this outfit tanning by the pool… do you see any tan lines? I know right…none. Its because I tan naked, do you mind if I go work on my tan? You want to see more of me so you ask where I work but I tell you that my strip club is for customers and I have different plans for you….

I want YOU to be my sugardaddy! Leave that fat crazy wife of yours and marry me sugar daddy! I’m going to be the arm candy you always wanted, I know you have always been in love with me. Let me show you how much Im worth sugar daddy…. I pull out your cock and start to blow you. I know you’re worth millions and your money will get well spent with my wet hot pussy.. Isnt that right? Oh yes…. I want it all sugar daddy!!!

You agree just as your wife walks in to catch you getting a blowjob. ‘Guess you were right bitch, we are having an affair! Hey where you going? you’re about to miss the best part!’ Guess she doesn’t want to watch me fuck you sugar daddy, hehe. I begin to fuck you so good you agree to whatever I want and then I confess to you that I planned it all and we both cum together.

I finally found my perfect sugardaddy.

Sex acts include sucking a fake cock, fucking it in cowgirl and some masturbating.

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Gold-Digger with Home Wrecker MANDY FLORES

I am your sons gold digging girlfriend. You realize that I manipulate him and you are willing to write me a check to get me out of his life. You pay me $1,000 to break up with him and dump him right there on the spot, like a cold hearted snake.

I now start in on the bigger prize and that is YOU. Your son never meant anything to me because I knew he was just a boy not a real man like you who has real money. No man stands a chance against me and I can manipulate any man. You disagree saying that you are happily married and that gives me a sinister idea.

I start to flirt hard with you and the home wrecker games begin. I never lose. You cant help but to get turned on by me and I proceed to turn my tricks on you. I open your wife’s dresser drawer and start making fun of her old out dated clothes, instead of the hot sexy clothing I am wearing. Every guy wants to fuck me.

Then I take one of your wife’s necklaces and put it on. I play around with it and ask you if I can keep it, still flirting with you. Your hesitant so I ask you if the necklace looks sexier on me or your wife. You admit it looks much better on me and you tell me I can keep it if I dont say anything and leave. I promise and I am great at keeping secrets.

There is only one way to make this necklace even look better and you ask how? I seductively take off my clothes. I can see that you are embarrassed but you agree with me. This could look better one other way and you ask how? I pull out a pair of earrings from your wifes jewelry collection and put them on. I tell you that if you let me keep it, you can pull out your cock and jerk off. It will be our little secret.

You are so turned on now, that you agree and proceed to stroke your cock to me. Are you going to be my new sugar daddy? You agree. I tell you that you can fuck me if you pay my rent for me. You agree. I jump on your cock and remind you that you said that you were in a great marriage. Dont worry your secret is safe as long as you pay rent of $1,500 and all my credit card bills.

You agree and tell me that I can have whatever I want as long as I keep it a secret. Oh, I like this relationship already…. I tell you I could get any man and this is going to cost you plenty, maybe even your marriage and home. A gold-digger never stops.

Silly man, Like father like son.

Sex acts include some masturbating and fucking a fake cock in cowgirl.


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Marica Hase – How To Speak Dirty English HD

Asian cutie Marica Hase is getting lessons in English from her step daddy, Rodney. Her boyfriend wants her to talk dirty to him in English so for their next lesson, Marica plans to ask Stepdaddy some naughty words and phrases. Rodney has her repeat some dirty talk that always works for him. “I’m horny for you,” he has her say. Then they try something harder, “I can’t wait to feel your big cock in my wet pussy” she squeaks out in broken English. To get the full effect, she gets on her knees for the next phrase, “I want to suck your cock!” Rodney tells her she’s doing great then tells her to say, “I want to lick your ass.” But instead she just repeats, “I want to suck your cock!” No, that’s not right, try again. “I want to suck your cock.” She repeats. Rodney tries to clarify but she squeals with delight, “No, Stepdaddy No! I want to suck your cock!!!” and she yanks down Rodney’s pants. He’s taken aback but Marica is super eager to suck her step daddy’s dick and so she does. Somehow she manages to shove Rodney’s thick stick all the way down her throat. She gives him a sloppy wet blow job with her drool pouring down over her perky Asian tits. Rodney, in turn, licks her dripping wet pussy then proceeds to suck on her tiny Asian feet. She giggles as his tongue runs between her toes. After finally learning to say, “I want to lick your ass” in English, she actually does lick Rodney’s ass. She’s done so well learning to talk dirty, Rodney rewards her with a massive serving of sticky, sweet cream. She swallows down the goo and sucks every last drop off the tip.

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Nightie Night Daddy: Step Daughter Drugs Step Father [Femdom POV Taboo Roleplay Forced Intox]

When I married your mom I promised to lead you with short leash, cut your allowance and not let you wear slutty clothes anymore. Six months later nothing of this happened and this is the reason: Every time youre alone with me in the house you serve me a special drink you call Triple V. I don’t know what the name stands for. Half an hour later you come with some really sexy outfit. I look at you funny, but you simple smile, move your body and my head spins. You ask me if Ive been fantasizing about you every day as you brainwashed me to do. I don’t understand why I answer: YES. You ask If I feel guilty afterwards. YES. That’s exactly how you indoctrinated me to feel. That’s why I can do nothing against you: I feel guilty for being a bad step daddy. Your allowance got bigger and your clothes got sexier. You tell me that Triple V is a mixture of , Viagra and Valium. It makes me horny, woozy and docile exactly how you want me. Now it’s easy to brainwash me deeper and deeper each time you tease me while I’m under the Triple V effects. And you are so cruel in a somewhat innocent way: Im not able to cum when I jerk off because you have triggered me to cum only when I kiss your juicy brat ass. I look confused, horny and sleepy, so you prove your control over me by making me get naked, on my knees, and start stroking for you. You have fun teasing me and revealing it all cause you know I’ll forget it all once I fall asleep. You take off the sexy clothes you bought with my money so I can see your bratty hot body. Now you ask me to hand you the credit card you brainwashed me to put under your name in our last session and ask me for my car keys so you can go to the mall to shop more slutty clothes to brainwash me with. Then you make me beg to kiss your ass so I can release. You tell me to kiss your ass, cum and sleep and forget like I do every single time you mind fuck me. As I blackout you could say Nightie night, daddy.

Includes simulated blur/intox effects.

Redhead dominatrix/humiliatrix/findom specialist Erotic Goddess Christina mindfucks you to do her bidding in her Femdom POV Taboo Roleplay Forced Intox clips. She is so gorgeous as she wears sexy thigh high athletic socks, black spandex volleyball shorts and a white bra that shows off her ample cleavage, large tits, perfect legs, and her unbelievably spectacular round firm ass.

Role playing a taboo relationship, her demanding sweet voice instructs you, her dad, to follow her orders after she gives you a alcohol and drug laced drink. Her beauty and domineering manner mesmerize you until you are in a drunken daze kissing her ass and jerking off. You are totally controlled by your daughter, a young sexy Domme.

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Daughter, Teen, Big Tits, POV, Jerk Off Instruction, Cheating, Female Domination, Stockings, Blackmail


Princess Camryn Bell – Daddy’s Girl HD

I’ve been wanting to put on a show for Daddy for awhile, and mommy is finally out of town and we can play the way I know you’ve been wanting to.

Camryn Bell roleplays calling you daddy, giving you jerkoff instructions, teasing and masturbating along with you. She even cums and has an orgasm!

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, Hairy, POV, Amateur, Jerk Off Instruction


Satans Baby Doll (1982) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Directed by: Mario Bianchi

Stars: Jacqueline Dupré, Mariangela Giordano, Aldo Sambrell

Language: Italian | Subtitles: English [srt]

Country: Italy | Dvdrip [uncut]

Also known as: La bimba di Satana

Description: In the crypt of the remote castle of the Aguilars lies the recently-deceased body of Maria. Her husband Antonio is a jealous bully, his mute brother Ignazio is in a wheelchair peeping on his caretaker Sol, a novice. Also present are Miria, the couple’s virginal daughter, and Isidro, a factotum who fears Satan’s power. A frequent visitor is Juan Suarez, a doctor who wants Miria in a sanatorium for a month. She doesn’t want to go. Isidro tries to exorcize the castle’s evil spirits. Bodies pile up. Is Miria’s mother truly dead, and who is Satan’s tool?

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Satans Baby Doll


Katerina Kay – Teasing Her Stepdad HD

Katerina was on the phone with her friend talking about dicks and blowjobs. She was saying all of this in front of her step dad! She even lifted up her dress and touched her pussy in front of him, making him walk out of the room because he got hard! The next day she went into the kitchen with nothing but lingerie on, teasing her step dad once again! Later on she went outside to lay by the pool and asked if her step dad would put lotion on her. Trying to say if she got a sunburn her mom would be mad at him for not taking care of her! Katerina made a deal with her step dad – if he could rub the lotion on her without getting hard she would finally leave him alone, but if he does get hard, she can suck his dick! He ended up losing the bet and Katerina got what she always wanted – his big black cock! She went crazy for it, licking it up and trying to fit in all in her mouth. Then her step dad filled her white pussy with his gigantic meatsicle! She moaned with pleasure while getting stuffed with her step dads black dick that she craved since day one! Her tight twat was enough for him to finish all over her face!

Starts with a blowjob, then missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, doggy and then missionary again. Ends with an open mouth lying-down facial

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Kaidence King – Daddy Schoolgirl Forced Sex HD

I’m wearing a white bra, white over-the-knee socks, blue schooltie and a plaid schoolgirl skirt. I’m fucking my pussy with a dildo and moaning with pleasure. After a minute, I look up and notice my Daddy. “Oh my God, Daddy, I didn’t know you were standing there!” I try to explain, but you are furious, you call me a filthy slut. “But Daddy, I’ve never fucked anyone in real life, only my dildo. I’m not a slut.” You tell me that if I keep talking back and not admitting the truth, things will only get worse.

I start crying. “OK yes Daddy, I’m a slut. I’m sorry.” You tell me that sluts get fucked. “No Daddy, I haven’t ever been fucked, I’m a virgin I swear.” You tell me I’m not going to be a virgin for long, because you’re going to fuck me now. “WHAT?! Daddy, no! You can’t fuck me, I’m your little girl!” I’m crying properly now, but you don’t care. You tell me that if I’m fucking myself with a realistic dildo, I obviously want the real thing. I beg you for other punishments, I beg you to confiscate my dildo or spank me instead. I turn over and start spanking myself and calling myself a naughty slut, but it’s not enough. You’re determined to fuck me.

I strip off, embarrassed and crying, and I sob as you penetrate me. I’m begging you not to, moaning with pain, telling you it hurts, trying to back away from your cock. You pull me closer and fuck me hard, making me scream. “Daddy please, I’m a virgin! Not so hard Daddy please!” But after a few minutes, I start enjoying it and stop crying. “Oh Daddy, it feels even better than the dildo.” I reach down to play with my clit, but you tell me not to. “Please Daddy, I want to cum on your dick. Please let me play with my pussy while you fuck me.” You tell me that dirty, naughty sluts don’t deserve to cum. “You’re right Daddy, I’m a filthy slut who doesn’t deserve to cum. But please be merciful, it feels so good. Please let me orgasm on your dick Daddy.”

Eventually, you let me cum on your dick as you cum inside me and we moan and writhe in pleasure together. “Oh my God, Daddy, you came in my pussy! That probably wasn’t a good idea! But it’s OK Daddy. Thank you so much for teaching me a lesson with your cock, I needed it.” You tell me that I’m not allowed my dildo back. If I’m horny again, I have to come and find you. “OK Daddy, next time I’m horny, I’ll come and let you fuck me, I promise.”

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Invading Her Privacy – Harley Jade HD

OMG DAD! I accidentally saw your penis last night when you came into my room. I kind of really liked it hehe. Maybe you should come to my room again tonight and I can get to see it a little longer? Or I can wait in your room. Whatever will make my papa happy works for me :).

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TIME: 21:57

Noises In The Bedroom HD

Daddy’s Berries HD

Fuck Me Like Mom HD

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