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I’m hungry for that cock! Quick party blow job!!!

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I love these VIP parties!!! You know already how kinky I’m and when I’m horny like now and someone just stick the beautiful cock in the GLORY HOLE…..I have to make my mouth busy!!! Always when I see cock like this….is only one thing in my head…..LET ME SUCK THAT COCK. That the thing I love the most…feel him in my mouth…make him grow….feel how is pumping up. Then start to play with him….slowly, softly and keeping you on the point of cum…but I don’t allowed you to cum….not until I enough pleasure my self….I take that cock so deep in my mouth…..and keep sucking you and moving my hand…faster …..and faster…the lick your balls but I don’t leave that cock for one second……I’m just a slut…..slut who born for it….for the BLOW JOB you can’t resist…when you stick your cock true the glory hole….I’ll be there….to make you cum like never before….Then I keep your treasure only for me…I want all your worm sperm in my mouth…eat it….eat it all!!! And I want it NOW!!!

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Don’t Touch Her 5 – Valentina Nappi HD

Keiran’s girlfriend wants to spice things up, so for date night she suggests they try going to a strip club together! But once they get there she’s disgusted and demands they go someone “classier.” VIP room beauty Valentina is trying to make that money and has no time for curious couples. She tells them they owe her some business! The angry GF has to sit there and watch Valentina grind on her boyfriend, but she has just one rule for him: Don’t Touch Her! However, she didn’t say anything about Valentina touching HIM, and his big cock! Looks like sexy dancer has a sneaky sex attack planned to teach this bitch some strip club etiquette. When will the wench realize her beloved’s cock is deep inside a hotter girl’s ass?

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Sofi Ryan & Van Wylde in Dirty Wives Club HD

Sofi Ryan is so damn horny! She’s masturbating in the bathtub with a toy while talking to her husband, who’s stuck at the office and isn’t coming home any time soon. But he wants to make sure his sexy-ass wife cums, so, being in a hotwifing mood, he tells her to call over her college classmate and fuck him! Never one to turn down dick, Sofi rubs her big natural tits, calls Van from class over and gets all sexed up in lingerie, a thong and heels so he can help her… with her math? Riiiiggghhhhttt. If 1 +1 = 2, then a horny wife + her husband isn’t home = yes. Just go with it.

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Where: Bed, Bedroom
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Fucking Awesome – Valentina Nappi (The Pizza Delivery)

216mb | 32:13 min | 854×480 | mp4

Valentina has been busy all day and decides to relax and order a pizza. While waiting for the pizza to arrive she starts unwinding by watching some of her favorite anal porn videos. Working up an appetite for both pizza and anal she forgets she has no money to pay the delivery guy. Not wanting to let him leave with her pizza Valentina gets creative and offers him something better than a tip, her tight, sexy Italian ass.



Anna 26 Ans La Representante (2016)

Country: France
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 02:24:08
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Cast: Anna Polina, Mya Lorenn, Susy Gala.



Private Practice (2017)

Starring: Lexi Lowe, Noe Milk, Lena Love, Alexa Tomas
These sensual nurses are ready to take care of their patient’s every need. With the flick of their tongue or the thrust of their fingers, they have the remedy for their patient’s sexual urges. Their Private Practice will make you cum all night long.

Private Practice.mp4


Stella Cox Loves Getting Fucked In Public

We welcome back one of the many muses of Public Disgrace, Stella Cox who returns once again to get what she often craves; corporal punishment, rough sex, and public humiliation. The lovely Nikki Thorne and the always serious Antonio Ross have Stella crawling outside on her hands and knees across the dirty pavement with her ass and big natural tits exposed and a spreader bar tied to each ankle. Nikki and Antonio take turns occasionally zapping Stella’s ass, thighs, and tits with electricity just to watch her flinch in fear. Sitting on a park bench, Antonio then uses Stella’s ass as a footstool while she licks clean and deep-throats Nikki Thorne’s sweaty bare feet, covering them with saliva and tears from all the gagging. With Stella’s legs spread apart on the concrete showing everyone her shaved pussy, Nikki commands Stella to clean her dirty ass and takes a seat on Stella’s face while the public watch and listen to Stella’s muffled screams. While starving for air, Stella furiously licks every crevice of Nikki’s asshole. Later with Stella being led by leash and collar, they head to a crowded bar to meet Steve Holmes where Stella then gets on her knees and licks Nikki’s hairy horny pussy while Antonio slaps Stella’s ass until its pink and warm. Steve Holmes then canes Stella’s ass and tits, leaving her covered in lasting red stripes to match her red dress. As a gesture of gratitude, Stella then drops to her knees and sucks Steve and Antonio’s cocks until both are rock hard and ready to fuck. Antonio pounds Stella’s pussy with gumption on a nearby table holding Stella’s throat in one hand and the other busy slapping her face while Steve fucks Nikki’s pussy and ass on the table next to them. Stella ultimately gets her slutty asshole and pussy wrecked and drenched in everyones fluids.

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Duration: 00:58:05
Format: 1280×720 / mp4
Size: 2.07 GB



Peeping your aunt is so wrong!!! BUT she will make you a real man!!! HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4

After long, long time you are going to visit your aunt. And you staying in her house for few days. To be were thinking of your aunt as a most beautiful woman when you were little boy. And now…when you growing…you fantasies about her when you masturbate.

You are so glad to spending some time with her…alone…just two of you!

When she open the door for…she is even hotter then you remember. She already has a plan for both of you tonight, you are going to fancy dinner together. She send you into your room to change until she takes a shower. But you getting naughty…your fantasy is could come true! When she taking the shower, you hide in her garderobe and wait…quietly in the dark. So exited…you may see your hot aunt naked!

She start to taking off her towel and start to changing her lingerie…she has beautiful tits and great butt! Your pants start to grow…you feeling how your cock getting harder and harder. And you loose the concentration…you moving some of her clothes…making noises. Your aunt notice the noise and coming closer…she move all her closes and find you!!!!

How dare you to peeping…to watching your own aunt like this!!! You try to be cute…but she is real angry and asking the real explanation from you!!! You could lie…and try to find out something…but you decide to say the true! You say how do you feel about her…how sexy you find her and how you always fantasies about her!!! GOOD CHOICE!!! This compliment make her thaws her like an ice!!! She start to flirting with you! She drop her bra…and now…your aunt standing half naked right front of you!

She tells you that you grow up nicely and you are not her little nephew any more! You are very handsome young man! You tell her about your deepest desire! She looks at you and your completely swollen pants…but this is not fair!!! You saw you aunt naked but you are still fully dressed!!! Down with your pants baby….take off your shirt too!!!

You are only one step from you deepest sexual fantasy, but you have to promise to her something…this whole think must stay forever only between two of you!!! You promise!!! And you find your self in heaven!!!

She take your stiff cock and start to suck you! You feeling her beautiful soft lips…her tongue all over your cock!!! You just can’t believe your aunt giving you a blow job….it feels so good…but then…this is just a begging! She turns over and push her big butt to you and let you fucking her! or she is fucking you as her hips are moving and pushing your cock in and out. You grab her butt..oohh…real heaven! She lie on her back…pull you closer to her…hold your cock and play…rubbing your hard cock against her pussy….so warm…you can’t wait to be inside her! To feeling your aunt wet pussy! She feels your pumps…with one movement she hold and stick your dick inside her! Ohhh…she is moaning…your aunt loves your cock! You start to pushing deeper and deeper your cock! She hold you even closer…hold your butt with her hands and pushing you in the rhythm…the way she love it! You are fucking your aunt! And you make her cum so good…so laud….it make you crazy…how her pussy juice squirt all over your cock…and you feel you’ll cum! You want to move…pull out your cock but she keeps you close…she wants you…wants you inside her. Feeling your warm sperm inside your aunt’s pussy! And you do so!!! Is the best orgasm in your whole life!!! Your aunt made you a real man!!!

Category: TABOO
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Only your MOMMY could solve your morning erection trouble!!! HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4

As usual your mom waking you up every morning. But in past few weeks…you have trouble to get out of your bed. The reason is not because you are so, so sleepy…but you became to be a man and you having this huge erection every single morning! You are trying to hide this from your mother…in fact…she is the reason of it!!! You always dreaming about her and wish to have different…totally different relation ship with her! Not like a son & bother, you wish to have your mom for your self….to be her lover!

But this morning is even worst…you erection is not disappear as it use to! And you start to panic! You know you are going to be late again and the fact that your mother is constantly knocking on your door, doesn’t help you to much! And in that moment…your mother get enough and enter into your room. She doesn’t understand what is wrong with you…always late…spending most of the mornings in the bed!!! And she would like to have some explanation!!! Why her baby boy lives not hide like a cave man?!!!

She try to get you quickly from the bed and take the blanket off! HUGE MISTAKE!!! In that very moment she sees your hard cock…pointing right on her!!! Oh my God!!! Now she wants that you cover your self….but wait, it is not your mistake…she take it off of you!!! And now….she start to realize what is going on with her son! You are not her sweet little boy any more….you are starting to be a man!

But how she could possibly help you with that?! Didn’t your father explain you all the staff? Didn’t he had a ,, men,, talk with you? Of course not!!! Everything is now on her. Your mom try to calm you down, this is completely natural and normal think. Your hormones are now working and this is the reaction of your body…of the body of young man. And she wants to know how do you feel?

Should you lie? Or should you say the truth? Your erection has nothing to do with your body changing…your mother does!!! You find her so fucking sexy…how she walks home all the time…in panties…she smells so good and your erotic dreams about her getting kinkiest and kinkiest!!! Well…you say it to her!!!

Your mother seams shocked in the moment!!! ,, But there is only one thing…how you can solve it for your self baby! Did you try to masturbate? NO??? Why not?….gosh…what??? What you want from your mother??? That’s crazy!!! We are mother and son…I can’t ,, says your mother. ,, I can teach you how to stroke your cock! ,,

But she is already so late for work…and you are still here…laying front of her…with your cock rock hard! You know, how is going to end! Your mommy loves you more then anything in the world!!! She’ll do it for you! She will hold your dick and stroke you…she ‘ll make you feel like in heaven! Is it hard to believe..but it’s even better then in your dream! You looking at her, that pretty face…sexy body…beautiful smell…her sexy lingerie…and…God…you cum with your mother’s hand job. But even after few minutes…your erection is still there….your cock is stiff just like before! Your mother can’t believe…you have so much potential…and so beautiful cock…of course…nicer then you father!!! You just wanted to feel her again…her soft hand…and you ask your mom to make you cum one more time!!! Now is the situation different! You can see on your mother’s eyes…that she love it…she love her son’s swollen cock and give you so passionate hand job and make you cum over again!!!

Your mommy is the best!!! She solve your erection trouble! For this morning! You can’t wait…what kind of solution she will find for you tomorrow!!!

Category: MOMMAS BOY
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Nikki Delano – Rival’s Wife Under the Influence HD

Nikki comes to her husband’s office to find his coworker at his desk. The coworker gives the frantic trophy wife a glass of water and sits her down to tell her the “truth” about her husband. He tells her that her husband is out of the office with a younger, hotter woman. Understandably, Nikki becomes distraught at the news. Who could cheat on a gorgeous and talented woman like her? Little does she know what her husband’s coworker has to gain from driving them apart. The coworker explains the gravity of the situation at hand, telling her how the husband’s work has been affected and the slutty nature of the mystery younger woman. As Nikki sips her water and tries to calm down, she rapidly opens up to him more and more, especially about how her husband just doesn’t satisfy her like a real man should.

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