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Without electricity there is not much you can do home alone with your SISTER….OR IS IT???

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For most of the people this night is horrible….huge storm with upcoming tornado….but for you… will be one of the best nights of your life!!! And it will be just a begging of something amazing!!! You stock home alone with your sister…your parents are somewhere on the road home…but they will not make it home right now!!! Everywhere around is dark…no electricity as far as you can see and out…..disaster!!! Your sister lights up all the candles she finds and as a older one she has to entertaining you!!! Let’s play for money… will be fun… how the times goes…she lost all her money to you! It is the last game….now or never….!!! Lucky you….won again!!! But your sister refuse to pay you! She trying to come out of it!!! But bet is bet!!! And this is your time….your perfect chance to get what you always wanted!!! Make your sister showing you her boobs!!! But …no….you’ll not stop here!!! There is so much more you want of your big sister!!! Just take it easy….if she will agree with showing you the boobs… all yours!!! Who is the best player now?!!! Watching her pretty boobies make your fantasy growing….and not just your fantasy!!! And there….even with your cock stiff… the naughtiest idea born in your head!!! Your sister can make some her money back…if….if she does what you command her!!! Your sister is in your dirty mind now!!! AGREED!!! Hell yes….she will do everything you saying to her!!! Stripping for you….playing with her self…..this is the first time you see her beautiful pussy!!! There is no way back! You are so hard and horny…..You ask her to watching you for some cash….watching you how your stroking your dick watching her pussy wild open!!! And in that moment happen something you would never expect from her….you were always wishing for….but never see that become a truth!!! ,, Hey bro….I know you can’t think straight…with your dick so hard I don’t blame you….BUT…wouldn’t be easier and more exiting if you offer me all my money back and I stroke your cock???!!! GENIUS!!! And that’s how…..your sister was giving you the best hand job of your life!!! She play with your dick so sensually….every time she squeeze harder….the precum come out and she plays with it….so HOT!!! And whole is so much exiting as the one who holds your cock is your sister!!! She tease you the way you couldn’t imagine and she plays with your cum…control it…you told you were the best player tonight….you were so wrong…your sister….she own it….she is the one control you now!!! ,, Alright brother….I’ll make you cum…..give it to me….give all your milk to your sister!!! Cum baby…..cum….your sister want your sperm!!! This was the most erotic experience you had so far….but now is over…..OR….ISN’T IT?!!!

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You are in my hands!!! Your happy ending darling!!! HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4

Yes my dear, I know everything about you….and your cock. I know how much you like to jerk off….when the pressure in our cock is over and you cum! But let me do it for you today. Let me jerk you off. Your cock is so beautiful and I just wish to play with him. Hold that hard cock and slowly start to move my hand up and down. Make you feel my hands on every single millimeter of your cock. Make it nice, wet and sliding with my hands all over him. Ohh, yes…I feel how the is pumping in your cock….how we wish to explode!!! But I want to play some more….I don’t let you cum …..not yet!! Now I’m holding your cock with both hands and move them together, circling around your cock…more…and more..until you can’t control your self… my dear….cum for me…let my hands take all your warm semen!

Category: HANDJOBS
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Valentina Nappi – Sister Dearest HD

Van Wylde can no longer resist the temptation of his hot sister-in-law Valentina Nappi. She taunts and teases him with her huge bouncing tits, till he can no longer take it and buries his cock inside her ready hole. Giving her a deep and dirty pussy pounding. This may be wrong but it feels so right!

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Best Gift For Your Mommy!!! ( FULL HD )

Ohh…my dear son, you didn’t forgot my birthday!!! I made me a home made present!!! Now finally have time to open it! I find an dvd…well I’m so curios what my lovely son prepare for his mommy!!! I’m in my bedroom and play the dvd of my son!!! God!!!……my son is masturbating for me!!! He knows how much mommy loves his big, swollen cock!!! This is the most beautiful present I ever got!!! Now I can watch my son’s dick….hard and ready for mommy any time I want!!! Wow….for this present I have to say thank you to my son…..appreciate him!!!! I called you in my bedroom and I show you how much mommy loved your present!!! Watching this video of you my son, it turns me on the way….you can’t imagine….and now….I want him!!! I want your big cock….to blow you off!!! I want that swollen cock of my son in my mouth!!! Let me show you how much mommy appreciate your gift!!! Let mommy blow you so good…..feel it all over your cock…..mommy’s mouth…how is eating every single little place on your dick!!! Oh…..mommy wants to make you feel so good!!! Let mommy just lick you on the top…just nice and slowly tease the most sensitive part on your cock!!! And make you cum this way!!! Lick you so long and so good that your cock is ready to explode that way!!! ……Mommy will eat all of you my son!!!

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Only MOMMY could fulfill your sexual needs!!! HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4

You had no idea that today will change your life forever!!! After the long phone call between your mother and your teacher….it comes out!!! And now your mother is waiting for you to have some serious talk! ,,Look baby…that was so unpleasant to hearing from your teacher….how you just use the girls! All the school is talking about that!!! I can understand…really I do….you are in the age when you want as much sex as possible…but…why you do this? Is it not enough one nice girl? Why do you need to changing the girls like underwear?! You having two, tree different girls every week! What is it?!!! What is your problem?!!! What…are you kidding me?!!! That’s nothing you could be proud of!!! I know…you are suppose to have the sex talk with your father…but hell….he is never around! That’s mean we have to solve this together! Yeah…I’m your mother and believe me, I don’t feel to comfortable to having this talk with you either but that how it is! So please, please stop to keeping secrets from me and just tell me the truth? Why? Why my son…my sweet boy is just like crazy and just fucking around?! You know how it makes me feel?!! Like I felt as a mother if I can not understand my son….I just need to know what is your problem! So don’t be shy….all the taboo it must be over and just say it baby. What?!! Now you just kidding me?! How is all my fault?! I can’t believe you…that night I was trying to explain to you how to be nice with the girl…how to touch her and make her feel good that you can both enjoy! I didn’t mean, in any way, to flirting with you! No, no, no…it was the simple sex talk between mother and son! You completely got it wrong! How could you even hitting on your mother! That what it is??? All your desires…your sexual experiments, your constantly changing girls…all of it is because of your mother? All is only empty sex for you!!! That’s making me so said! You are young and you are suppose to enjoy every single erotic experience…and now this. I’m so…so sorry baby! I had no idea you feel this way about mommy. And i don’t wish that we finish in the point you feel like you can’t tell me how you feel….but this is completely wrong! There is nothing mommy can do for you! Is it?! What do you have in your mind. Come on….just tell me….that’s why we both here having this talk! To find out the solution for my baby boy……Are you serious?!!! I can’t!!! I just can’t….you are my son…that is completely out of line! No….I can’t have sex with my son!!! No….don’t….don’t extort me! You know very, very well mommy loves you more then everything in the world! Let’s compromise then!!! You have to promise me….you stop to falling around….and I….I promise you to taking care of your sexual needs my sweet baby! But don’t push it to hard! Let’s do it step by step! Mommy will not have sex with you today….but….I guess milking my baby boy out with my hands will be good as well! Of course….you never felt like this before….mommy knows what is good for my baby and his hard dick!

Category: MOMMAS BOY
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K POV – Valentina A + B – Precum draining lips HD 1080p

Valentina wants your precum… she plays with your dick in an unorthodox manner aiming to get your transparent liquid… she uses her tongue or her squeezing fingers to get it… to play with it… to put it on her lips… on her tongue to taste it… (no cumshot in part A)

…after draining your precum, Valentina wants your sperm… but first she will make your cockhead sensitive… try to bear it…

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Mommy Cant Sleep HD

My husband is too old to keep up with me and he fall asleep too ealry .So as I cant sleep,I decide to see if my son is awake to know him better and to become better friends with him.And as I am such a hot mommy,was easy for me to get his friendship ;)

Mother, MILF, Small Tits, POV, Cheating, Wife, Only Handjob, Cum on Hands


Sexotische Begierde (2003)

Genre: Germany
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 01:35:29
Duration: Dave Denson
Studio: Media Partners

Cast: Claudia Clair, Dragana Preslei,
Isabela Flor, Renee Pornero.



L’Avocate (2012)

Country: France
Genre: Feature
Duration: 01:14:00
Direct Paul Thomas
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Cast: Liza Del Sierra, Brooklyn Lee, India Summer, Katie St. Ives,
Lily LaBeau, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Wood, Xander Corvus,
Eric Swiss, Jerry.



L’initiation D’Alexia (2015)

Country: French
Genre: All Sex, Oral, Anal, Blowjobs, Threesome,
Big Ass , Big Tits ,Big Cocks, IR.
Duration: 01:46:13
Studio: Jacquie & Michel ELITE

Cast: Mira Cuckold, Ivana Sugar, Candy Alexa,
Alexia Chuck, Mugur, Joss Lescaf, Mat HDX.


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