Nicole Aniston – Anal On The First Date HD [Untouched 1080p]



Nicole has called off her engagement. As hard as it was to admit, they just weren’t right for each other, but moving on is not on the cards – or so she thought. After her girlfriend drags her to a party at her bosses house, Nicole finds herself really getting to know him better than she should have. But just as it starts to get interesting, she changes her mind. The next day she is filled with regret that she didn’t take it further – but she’s about to get a second chance.

Nicole and Mick kiss, he gives her a rimjob, followed by Nicole sitting on Mick’s face. She gives him a blowjob in 69 and rides him in cowgirl by vaginal and anal penetration. She gives A2M blowjob and rides him in anal reverse cowgirl, too. She gets fucked in the ass in doggy and missionary and receives a facial in the end.

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Sexual Supremacy Match: Anna Bell V Rion HD

In this sexual supremacy match, Anna Bell teaches Rion yet another lesson. She gets over on him countless times, and when she makes him cum first, she sits over him while he eats her out until she cums. And not only does she cum, but she squirts all over him, leaving him a humiliated, cum-soaked loser.

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Family Feud (2017) HD

Stars: Amara Romani, Bobbi Dylan
Goddess Amara Romani needs her step bro Jake’s help so she can get a scholarship for her film project. She decides to influence by giving him something extra in his cocktail. When he wakes up, he is shocked to find his cock locked in a chastity device. If he wants her to free him, he is going to have to help her get that scholarship, but first she’s also going to humiliate him by making him worship her feet. She starts by making him kiss her beautiful bare feet and lick her soles from heel to toe. Watch her shove her entire foot in his mouth and make him suck on her toes before grinding against his cock to tease him. See her finish him off with a steamy foot job.
Goddess Amara Romani is working on a film project for a scholarship and she could use some assistance from her step pops. His son, Jake, is on the board for scholarship decisions so she wants him to talk to his friend about helping her get the scholarship. Knowing how much he loves her cute little feet, the beautiful brunette plans to seduce him into helping her, starting by letting him kiss, lick, and suck on her sexy bare feet. In no time, her tits are out and his cock is hard as she rubs it through his pants with her feet. Watch her hug is big cock between her soft, wrinkly arches, giving him the foot job he craves, foot milking him into helping.
Goddess Bobbi Dylan catches her stepbrother checking her out while she’s adjusting her dress and she is not amused. When he tells her he would do anything to have sex with her she decides to have some fun with him. To start, she has him kneel before her and strip out of his clothes before locking him up in a chastity device. She then has him take off her sexy nude strappy high heels and makes him lay beneath her feet where he belongs. Watch as she teases him, trailing one foot over his caged cock as he kisses and sucks on her toes before sliding his tongue along her soft, wrinkly arches. Then, after three days in chastity, the goddess treats him to a steamy footjob.
Goddess Bobbi Dylan wants to get out of being grounded so she decides to seduce her step pops to get what she wants. Watch as she puts her cute tattooed feet in his lap, teasing his cock through his pants by caressing it with her soft soles. Watch as he takes one foot to his face, kissing and sucking on her toes before wrapping his tongue around them, slipping it between each toe. See his tongue slither from her heel, up along her soft, wrinkly arches, and back up to her toes, worshiping her pretty feet just as they deserve. Soon, his pants are down and she’s hugging his cock between her feet, giving him the foot job he’s been craving.

Family Feud.mp4


Sexual Supremacy Match: Claudia Valentine Vs Rion King: EXTENDED EDITION HD

Claudia and Rion trash talk each other, but talk is cheap. On the mat, Claudia dominates Rion with her thick thighs and powerful legs in scissor holds and choke holds until he eventually taps out!

Feeling very competitive, both Rion and Claudia begin fighting and bickering that they’re going to make the other person cum first. Both put up a good fight, but Claudia eventually rides him until she makes him cum, making her the winner.

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Stepdaughter Secrets (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: Teens +18, Older Men, Family Roleplay
Starring: Summer Day, Whitney Wright, Penelope Reed, Ryan Mclane, Ramon Nomar, Bill Bailey, Derrick Pierce.
Duration: 01:39:35

She’s got secrets she can not wait for you, and when you find out what’s inside her dirty mind, you’ll be just as horny as she is! That’s when the panties fly, the zippers drop, and all the family rules go out the window – she’s gotta have it, and she does not care who’s related to who – sometimes the hottest hardcore is the forbidden kind!



Physical Exam – Jodi West HD


School nurses Jodi and Sadie love football season and so do the players! When this young man goes in for the mandatory physical, he cant help but let his mind wander as nurse Sadie examines him for a hernia. The nurses just go nuts for his young cock in his mind! Jodi and Sadie stroke and jerk that cock until it explodes in a FANTASTIC FACIAL! This is one of the biggest and best Handjob Cumshot Facials you will see on this site!

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Step Siblings Caught 9 (2017)

Title: Step Siblings Caught 9
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Gonzo
Duration: 01:32:01
Studio: Nubiles
OMG! Are you trying to fuck me with my mom ain the next bed?!!!
Cast: Liza Rowe, Melissa Moore, Sierra Nicole,
Jayden Cole, Olivia Lua.




BREAKING CURFEW – Teen Girls Taken by Pervert After Staying Out Past Curfew HD [Untouched 1080p]

Sadie Pop, Adriana Chechik

The scene opens on two friends, as they drive down a dark residential street. Inside the car, they arelistening to music and reminiscing about the party they just left. As they turn off the main road and down a long quiet street, the one in the passenger seat, Amanda, tells her friend to turn off the music and dim the headlights. She doesn’t want her parents to catch her coming home after curfew. When they arrive at the house, Amanda gets out of the car. Her friend asks if she wants her to wait until she gets inside but Amanda shoos her off, not wanting the car to attract attention. She’ll just sneak in the back door as usual. Her friend drives off.

When Amanda goes around to the back, she is surprised to discover it locked. She walks back around to the front. There’s a note pinned on the door from her parents. It reads: Mandy: We told you not to break your curfew again! If the only way you’ll learn is to spend the night locked out then so be it. Mom & Dad. Amanda swears to herself and tries to open the door anyway. It’s locked. She goes under the mat for the spare key. It’s gone. Looking out into the night, she swears to herself again and slowly walks back to the street. Her friend is long gone by now. She pulls her phone out but it’s dead. The only choice she has is to walk back to the main road and try to find a payphone.

As she walks, she begins to feel uncomfortable. It feels like someone else is on the road. She keeps turning around and staring into the darkness. But she sees nothing. Finally, the anxiety makes her stop. She can definitely hear someone this time. She slowly turns around … her fists clenched. Stay back, she threatens, I have mace! The night is still and silent. Breathing hard, she turns back and starts walking again. Just as she begins to let her guard down, someone approaches from behind. She is spun around and her eyes go wide.

Amanda slowly opens her eyes. It is morning. The teen girl has been stripped down to her underwear. She is lying on a pile of hay in what appears to be a barn. As she comes to, she notices another girl slumped beside her. The girl is also in her underwear; her body streaked with mud and a dazed look in her eyes. Hugging her knees, she stares at Amanda. She has been waiting for her to wake up for hours now. Amanda tries to scream but the girl covers her mouth. Be quiet, she whispers, or he’ll hear you! She slowly removes her hand from Amanda’s mouth. When Amanda asks what’s happening, the girl explains that she’s been here for days. This guy has taken them both. He is some kind of lunatic. Amanda asks if he has done anything to them … anything violating. The girl shakes her head. He keeps threatening too, she answers, but he can’t do it. He gets too anxious and leaves. I think he is really fucked up! Amanda asks the girl, who introduces herself as Jaime, some questions and the two girls realize they have a lot in common: they are both 19, live in the same neighborhood, and were taken at night. Just as Amanda turns the conversation back to the man who took them, they hear a noise and shut up. A young man staggers into the barn. He is clean cut and handsome but something about him seems unhinged. His eyes dart all over the barn anxiously as he walks over to the girls. Jaime pretends to be asleep but Amanda stares him down. He leans into her face. You’re awake now, he says. Bravely, she tells him to let them go. Defiantly, he picks Jamie up and drags her to the center of the barn. He tells Amanda all the horrible things he has done to her and what he is going to do to both of them now that she’s awake. As he boasts, he hears something outside and tells the girls to shut up and wait. He storms out. Jamie staggers back over to Amanda.

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My Stepbrother Took My Virginity (2017)

Title: My Stepbrother Took My Virginity
Year: 2017
Country: UK
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 02:06:30
Studio: Pure Xxx Films

Cast: Alessa Savage, Ashley Rider,
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PMV – Oceans HD

This little project was more of an exercise for me to just test out a few things I’ve been learning in premier pro. Like slo-mo with optical flow, luma fades, LUTS and various transitions. Thought it turned out rather well so figured I’d release it. For some reason it didn’t want to export the clip sounds from the first half or so.

This mini PMV contains clips 4K 60fps clips from Lubed and Tiny4k (rendered out at 24fps for slo mo’s)
It starts off slow with a variety of glam shots, with the various girls teasing.
As the song builds up the girls start to suck and fuck their way to climax with facials and creampies.

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