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L’obsedee (2017)

Country: Europe
Genre: All sex, Anal, Blowjob, Threesome
Duration: 01:58:14
Direct Liselle Bailey
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Cast: Ella Hugues, Cara St Germain, Lucia Love,
Ava Austen.



Anal Tramps (2017)

Country: Europe
Genre: Amateur, Anal, Gonzo, Public Sex
Duration: 02:00:25
Studio: Fake Taxi
This was the highlight of my month, she was a tourist originally from Russia and it was her very first day in London. I said she could get her tits out and have the cab fare for free which eventually she did, and I had her pissing outside the cab all on film so it was a simple case of let me fuck you or walk. But what I did not expect is her getting really turned on and just wanting me to fuck her hard in the ass, this was a gift from God himself. Not only was her blowjobs deeper than her voice, but she loved getting fucked deep into her ass hole and I couldn’t stop fucking it. Ass to mouth, ass to pussy it was all in play and I fucking loved it.
Cast: Olga, Victoria, Lucie, Chantelle.



Amish Girls 2 (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Cosplay, Parody
Duration: 01:45:42
Direct Mike Quasar
Studio: Zero Tolerance
There’s something about ‘plain’ girls that is simply irresistible! Under their demure, old fashioned clothes, they’ve got the hottest bods around! And since they’re so sexually repressed, they’re wet, horny and ready to go faster than you can whip off that boner! Straight-laced is the new hardcore!
Cast: Janice Griffith, Maddy O Reilly, Haley Reed, Avi Love,
Isiah Maxwell, Bill Bailey, Tommy Pistol, Small Hands.



Ninja Girl HD Uncensored

Ninja Girl HD.mp4


Cherie Deville (SEX WITCH: Cherie Deville Takes Five Hard Cocks in Dystopian Fuck)

In this epic, dystopian future Hardcore Gangbang, blonde bombshell Cherie Deville is a lust-filled Sex Witch, a warrior fighting for the right to sexual pleasure, who’s only a few steps ahead of the militant hordes sent to destroy her. Isolated in the desert, Cherie fortifies her bunker and seeks strength from the spirits of the witches that came before her, so she might fight off–or better yet, SEDUCE–the savages pursuing her! When the five hunters reach her, they take her down and proclaim their judgment. But Cherie’s sexual will is far too powerful. She bewitches them with her huge tits, slutty pussy and hungry ass, compelling them to whip out their hard cocks so she can suck and fuck them all! She pounces, taking every hard cock in her eager mouth, working the men into a sexual frenzy from which there is no escape. Out of control, they rip her remaining clothes off, setting her up on a piece of dilapidated old furniture for a nonstop, airtight, savage fucking! Cherie eats up every moment and descends into pure depravity as she takes every hard cock in every hole. She begs for more with her filthy mouth–for more intense pleasure, for more raging dick–and she gets it! The men DP her, sending her into an orgasmic fever as she cums again and again, always returning for a more vicious fucking. Tingling from head to toe after cumming so much and so hard, Cherie is finally drenched in hot cum. Each of the men, fully spent, shoots their angry load into her face. Fully satisfied, and after converting all five men to her wanton sexual cause, she writhes in bliss with the desert all around her, thanking her goddess for all she has received…every last drop.

[BDSM, Gangbang, Anal, DP]



The I.T. Girl (2017)

Stars: April O’Neil, Aaliyah Love, Dillion Harper, Serena Blair, Cassidy Klein, Ashley Adams, Jana Jordan, Marie McCray, Jamie Langford
Computer nerd Serena Blair helps Ashley Adams find lost invoices, and in return Ashley takes her lesbian virginity. Cassidy Klein pretends to be her twin sister when she steals her coupon for a full release massage with redhead masseuse Jayme Langford. Massage therapist Jana Jordan exposes married neighbor Aaliyah Love to the shocking truth that her husband attends swingers’ parties behind her back. When Dillion Harper gets a massage from favorite superhero April O’Neil in costume, the girls live out the fantasy of fucking each other in character.

The I.T. Girl.mp4


The Essential Ashley Alban Pack 49 vids 14.10 GiB in HD

Sister, Mother, Daughter, Teen, Big Tits, Big Ass, Chubby, Roleplay, POV, Amateur, Cheating, Wife, Male Domination, Female Domination, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Blackmail, SiteRip, Jerk Off Instruction, Anal, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Cum on Ass, Netorare, Virtual Sex, Cunnilingus, Spying, Caught Masturbating, Caught In The Act, Creampie, Cum in Ass, Cum in Pussy, Cum on Tits, Titty Fuck, Helpless, Rough Sex, Cuckold, In Front Of Husband, Threesome, Interracial, Spying, Parody, Stockings, Footjob, Anilingus

Ashley Alban is one of the most popular amateur stars on ManyVids right now. She produces really great content with varied themes, usually adopting some sort of persona or playing into some kind of taboo. This is another of my “essentials” value packs, it collects some of my favourite scenes and a variety of content that I feel best introduces you to the star. All scenes have been re-encoded to H.265, so they’re at least half of their original filesize without a loss in quality.

There are some regular B/G videos, which feature blowjobs, vaginal, and anal with her incredibly well-endowed male partner.

There are a few CEI and JOI videos where Ash has you focus on her legs while you jack off or she instructs you to eat your own cum. There’s a broad Cuckold, Forced Bi & Femdom category which is some of her best work, she adopts a great persona when being more dominant. There are no other men in the cuckold or forced bi scenes, she is instructing or cuckolding the viewer – super immersive!

The dildos section is for all things dildo related, Ashley is known for her ability to deepthroat dildos and service them with sloppy blowjobs. Incest & Other Roleplays features B/G vids that have some sort of roleplay twist. These are all pretty different but all really great. Ashley is great at adopting a character and actually rolling with it for the whole video as opposed to just saying a few lines at the beginning and then fucking. Finally there’s Twerking & Ass Worship. Ash has a great ass and she twerks really well. I never thought I’d be so into videos that are just about worshiping ass, but Ash does it well!

There are 49 scenes included in this pack. Most of them are 720p or 1080p with only a select few exceptions. The SD videos are older and I don’t believe a higher definition source exists. A couple of the SD videos feature Ashley pre-boob job! Usually I’d be especially ecstatic about this, but Ash is one of the few porn stars whose boob job actually compliments them and looks great!




My Brother Charlie HD

If you like incestuous brother/sister stories, then you’ll love this one.

Emily plays a girl who has devoted most of her early life to caring for her mentally challenged brother. While their parents are away, she gives of herself, feeding him, making sure he takes his medicine and bathing him when he pisses his pants. One day she returns from running errands to find his pacifier on the floor. She’d just run it over and decided to throw it away, over the ridge. When she enters the house he asks her for his pacifier in his usual child-like way bit she doesn’t want to hear it. Being ignored and perhaps playing his part too much, he forgets and his words becomes coherent and intelligible. She immediately calls him out, calling him a liar and wasting all those years caring for him. She threatens to tell their parents which would cut him out of a huge inheritance upon his parents death, which he was planning. He believes he can kill his sister and use his mental instability to clear himself of prison and still keep him in line for his inheritance. He grabs her by the throat and forces her out of the kitchen. They tumble over the couch and he lands on top of her and continues to hand strangle her until she dies. Always wanting to dip his stick inside his sister’s tight pussy, he peels her clothing off, spreads her wide and fucks her in a variety of positions until he squirts all over her plump white ass. He picks up his charade, hitting the speed dial to his parents and talking something unintelligible to get them to come home early to see their dead daughter.

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, R@pe, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Sister, Teen, Small Tits, Big Ass, Chubby, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Humiliation, Bathroom, Cum on Ass


Incest Collection Of Comics from Tracy Scops’ Patreon 2017

These comics have various Marvel characters from several comics in various sexual situations including threesomes, anal, incest and interracial sex.

Spiderman, Gwenpool, Mary Jane, She Hulk, Civil War, Venom

All-New Ultimates.
Amazing Fuckbuddies (Panel Excerpt).
Bygone Blues.
Gwenpool (Sample).
Indigo Allure.
Mayday Spidey.
Moist Fur and Sticky Web.
On the Edge of Spidercest.
Our Valentine.
Prison Pussy Bitch.
Red and White Gifts.
Scarlet Spiders.
Sexual Symbiosis 1-2.
Spider Gwen.
Spidercest 1-10.
Superior Spider-Man.
The Hunt for the Inheritors.
The Violation of the Spider Women.
The Sinister Six Against the Black Cat (Sample)
Gwen Stacies are the sole property of Deadpool (Sample)
Miss Marvel Spider-Man
Spiderman – Civil war

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RoboSexual: Taurus Angel HD

The new RoboSexual app was just released, and this customer is eager to try it. As he scrolls through the available bot models, his excitement grows. He hovers over Taurus Angel. Her page announces that she’s now available in the Silver Model, and that intrigues him. He pushes the button to purchase her for the evening, and she materializes in his living room. She introduces herself & reads him the menu of her available settings: DomBot Taurus, SubBot Taurus, PornBot Taurus, and Sensual Taurus. Unfamiliar with these new settings, the customer decides to start with the first one, but it becomes quickly apparent that isn’t his style. As he cycles through each setting, he becomes concerned that he’s never going to get off. This new Bot is very realistic but she has a few glitches.

He tries to explain to her exactly what he wants, but she’s only programmed to understand commands. Exasperated, he chooses the Sensual Taurus setting. She instantly becomes the girl of his dreams, and he relaxes into the couch as she kisses him deep & hard. He’s so happy he’s going to finally get his dream experience. In the middle of kissing him, Taurus Silver shocks him, glitches out & freezes. He’s worried this is the end, but she resumes kissing him as though nothing happened. When riding him, she glitches again & shocks him on his penis but she returns to administering pleasure until he cums inside her.

She offers to access ChefBot Taurus mode & cook him dinner. This really is the perfect woman. The LazCorp name has lived up to its reputation.

Category: ROBOTS
Keywords: laz fyre, taurus angel, robot, fembot, creampie, blow job, fucking, cumshot, roleplay, oil, tattoo, alt girl, woman following orders, android, sexbot

Teen, Small Tits, Big Ass, Parody, Male Domination, Passed Out, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cum in Pussy, Creampie, Stockings

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