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Student Trades Sex for Free Room & Board


The scene opens on Amy, a 20-year-old college sophomore, (Aubrey Sinclair) as she sits crying in the front seat of her car. Her vehicle has been loaded up with boxes and clothes and an eviction notice rests atop a notebook on the passenger seat. The student was recently kicked out of her apartment and has spent the past few days living out of her car. She is dirty and tired and incredibly anxious. When her phone rings, a return call from an application she submitted, she answers enthusiastically … but her face falls as she is told, for the tenth time, that her credit is too poor to be considered. There is only one rental left – a private room in a house. Since the place is close by, she decides to skip a call and go directly there. After all, perhaps meeting the landlord in person will give her a stronger chance at pleading her case. When she knocks on the door, she is greeted by a man. At first, he is very timid and uneager to open but when she mentions being interested in the room he’s advertised, his expression changes and he warmly invites her inside. He introduces himself as Philip (Tommy Pistol) and shows her around the house, while she cautiously checks him out. Something about him seems a little strange but the place is very nice and clean and the price is right, so she decides to ignore it. When Philip offers to let her to move in right away and not worry about a lease (or credit check) she jumps at the chance. Eagerly, she heads back outside to begin grabbing her things as Philip stands at the door watching her intently.

Throughout the day, as Amy unpacks in her room, Philip keeps making excuses to come in and check on her. She finds it annoying and a little creepy, especially the way her landlord leers at her, but it’s all so harmless that she shrugs it off. Even after he is found watching in her room as she gets out of the shower, he is so nervous and apologetic that she shrugs it off. She gets into bed, calls her mother to tell her about the move, glossing over the details, and then turns out the light to go bed. That night, she is woken up by a rustling noise. Looking out across the darkened room, she discovers Philip has snuck in, rifled through her dirty clothes, and is now sniffing her panties while watching her sleep. She panics and confronts him, turning on the light and threatening to call the police. He calms her down and explains that he is harmless, he just has a little problem… He is a sexual deviant who is obsessed with young women. Everything about them: how they look, how they smell, how they taste. When she showed up at his doorstep and inquired about the room, he couldn’t help himself. And, now that she’s living under his roof, he finds the temptation unbearable. Nervously, she asks him if he is a sex offender and he assures her that he has no criminal record, it’s just a … hobby of sorts. He promises to be the easiest landlord ever, if she’ll just allow him to watch her from time to time. Letting her guard down, she realizes that she has power over the pervert and this descends into a negotiation where she agrees to let him ‘obsess’ over her in exchange for free room and board. Excitedly, he goes along with it … agreeing to her terms as she removes articles of clothing and lets him touch her. Eventually, she tells him she will let him use her body however he wants in exchange for covering her entire year’s tuition and the horny pervert agrees.

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Songbird’s Name HD

At the Ink & Paint club we get all kinds of clientele. Blue collar, white collar, those toon fellas. Even the occasional private eye, thinkin’ they’re all clever by snoopin’ around. But everybody, and I mean everybody who comes in here on a Friday night comes in for one reason – to see Jessica Rabbit take the stage.

Shame about her fella Roger, been missin’ for the past week. Rumor has it the mob is holdin’ him downtown, but hey – that ain’t any of our business now, is it? Why don’t you take a seat buddy, grab a drink. The show’s about to start…

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Horny little Soccer Sluts – Desperate for a Hard Fuck! – Gemcutter’s Soccer & Self Degrading Dirty Talk PMV HD

What will you see in this video?

Literally what you read in the title. Horny little soccer sluts, desperate for a hard fuck. Hungy cum sluts in soccer outfits, playing the game, getting fucked hard and relentlessly, gobbling down dick and receiving thick and messy facials.

Everything is in perfect sync to the beat and choreographed like a professional music video. Even the dirty talk segments are in snyc with the beat and in many cases put together from multiple sources.

I included font like in alot of my edits to enhance the tension and impact. In addition, this edit is heavy on slow motion effects and has a custom made colorgrading to make the edit look more uniform. I also removed all the watermarks, so the viewer is not distracted by any of those ugly and immersion breaking marks.

For fans of the song, the source is a special remix of “Flesh” from Simon Curtis.



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Oktoberfest: Das Bier Bruste – Lovely Lilith HD

Beer Breasts!!! Begin Oktoberfest right with massive tits soaked in beer!

Category: WET-T-SHIRT
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Arabelle – Face Fucked Schoolgirl HD

Sister Mona Wales caught me with lipstick that’s not allowed at school and teaches me a lesson I’ll never forget. She shows me what it’s like to be a dirty painted whore by shoving my face down on the janitor’s cock until I’m gagging, choking and spitting everywhere. Together they fuck my face until he cums all over it.

Nice all oral, all pov clip from Arabelle. She is a schoolgirl punished for wearing lipstick by strict nun Mona Wales…what follows is a very forceful vacuum sucking, face fucking, deepthroating bj ending with a mouthful of cum. Oh yeah there’s also a crucifix dildo involved…now there’s a phrase i never typed before!


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Cosplay With My Ass – Cherie Deville HD

Before the big convention, Cherie is looking for a little fun. There’s something about donning that blue wig that just gets her super horny. So she’s lucky to have Kyle around to coat her luscious rump in oil and give her anime-inspired ass the attention it deserves.


Zombie Attack Revenge – Mandy Flores HD

Mandy comes back from making the rounds to be sure there are no Zombies in the area, but little does she know there is one waiting outside her house. She keeps the lights low to not draw any of them to her, but as she lights the candles she is attacked from behind. Our Superheroine Zombie Mandy Flores is pushed to the limits fighting off this crazed zombie who seems more intent on capturing her than eating or even biting her, which he could have easily done many times already. She desperately tries to reach her on the floor but the monster is too strong for her. He pulls her back to him and gives a swift hit to her head to stop the struggling. Now he admires his prey, drooling thick gooey zombie drool on her and tearing open her shirt, revealing her mesmerizing breasts. He fondles and nibbles on her all the way down to her exposed pussy. The touching stirs Mandy and she opens her eyes to see he has his erection out and ready to penetrate her. A furious fight ensues, Mandy using all of her strength to hold him off, but he is too much for her. She finally succumbs to his desire, and as he is thrusting, her cries become moans of pleasure. The Zombie begins cumming inside her, and then pulls out and finishes on her tight ass. What he doesn’t know is that unlike his bite, that would her and send her into a mindless Zombie existence, his seed inside her has caused her to mutate into a half human-half zombie machine! He looks in her face with confusion, thinking perhaps he has a new zombie mate, but Mandy attacks with incredible superheroine strength, throwing him effortlessly onto her bad, and leaping upon him, taking his still erect cock and and riding it to get her own orgasm, and then, after she is finished cumming, her revenge! As the scene draws to a close her fiance arrives home to find Mandy holding the severed head of a Zombie….. but will she suppress the Zombie instinct to attack him? Featuring: Mandy Flores


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Wedding Belles (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Hardcore, MILFs, Tattoo
Starring: Abigail Mac, Adria Rae, Ashly Anderson, Anna Bell Peaks, Casey Calvert
Duration: 02:27:17

Best friends Abby and Casey are planning the perfect double wedding – except their hungry pussies keep getting in the way. From male strippers to the boyfriend’s best friend, old flames and new cocks keep springing up. While the girls try to keep it in their pants, Casey’s future husband isn’t exactly behaving himself. When he commits the ultimate betrayal, will Casey finally be able to cut the wedding knot? Or is she tied down for life?



Kittennymph – Puppies Biggest Anal CreamPie & Facial HD

First, I Tease Daddy By Showing Off My Tail While Also Flashing My Cute Little Pussy Until, Daddy Punishes His Little Pup With A Spanking From 2 Different Paddles. Next, Daddy Cuffs & Fucks Me In 4 Different Positions Until, He Pulls My Tail Out & Starts To Fuck My Tight Little Ass In 4 Other Positions Until He Cums & Makes The Biggest Anal CreamPie Yet. Finally, I suck & Deepthroat Daddies Big Throbbing Cock Till He Cums All Over My Face.


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Riley Reid – New and Hot Parody Raw Sex HD

Busted HD

Riley Reid is in jail and she finds her way out by seducing Officer Gun. First she gives him a nice sloppy blowjob and they move to 69. Afterwards they fuck in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (where she squirts), doggy style and sexy spoon. In the end Officer Gum cums in her mouth and as he fall tired into the bed, Riley walks free.

This Halloween Riley ended up spending her trick or treating in jail because she was caught throwing toilet paper on peoples houses.

Killer Blowjobs HD

One night during a full moon, Tommy was driving home from his last job when his car ran out of gas. Stranded in the middle of no where Tommy’s only choice was to take his bag and walk up the road in hopes of finding some help or somewhere to stay. Lucky for Riley, she had plenty of rooms at her hotel and had been dying for someone to come in. Tommy found himself in a situation he couldn’t resist and well lets just say Riley gave him one of her famous Killer Blowjobs!

Riley slowly seduces Tommy and starts sucking his dick. Then they fuck in various positions (missionary, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, spooning) before Tommy cums in her mouth. In the end Riley stabs him with a knife and she gets covered with “blood”.

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