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Sex Lessons From Mama – Jaclyn Taylor, Sierra Nicole HD

Sierra Nicole and Brand Knight are getting it on when Sierra’s mom, Jaclyn Taylor, spies them. Instantly turned on, Jaclyn lifts her miniskirt to run her bare twat as she watches them. Despite her arousal, though, Jaclyn sees some room for improvement in the technique between the two, especially when Brad cums early and leaves Sierra hanging.

Later, Jaclyn confronts Brad about what he did to Sierra. After hearing about what he did to her daughter, Jaclyn decides that Brad needs to be taught how to really please a woman. She starts by leading him to the bedroom and showing him what a clit is and just how to lick it. Before long, Brad has mastered that lesson and is rewarded with having his dick licked and sucked. That’s how Sierra finds them, and though she’s unhappy to see them together she’s open to playing along. Soon the two girls are locked in a threesome where Brad is taking all the orders. He is fortunate to fuck bot Sierra and Jaclyn in many different positions that are designed for the girls’ pleasure before they finally let him join in on the pleasure and allow him to climax. When he has permission from Jaclyn, he pulls out and jizzes all over her flat belly so that Sierra can lap it up an snowball it with her mom.

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First is cum covered fucking, this is by far my favorite fetish, the guy cums on the girls face and the goes back in to continuing fucking her
Second is euro gangbang creampie based on one girl[Tekohas] evilone99 made a PMV with her and ive been in love ever since
Third is arab hijab muslim themed PMV because ive never seen it doesnt before, I like to think of it as repressed gone wild ;)

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Cooking With Cristal – Jaye Summers and Cristal Caraballo HD

Horny mom Cristal Carabello couldn’t help but want to spread cooking oil all over her huge tits. With a day to herself, Cristal wanted to have some fun in the kitchen by oiling up her massive boobs and playing with them. Cristal turned herself on so much that she started feverously masturbating right there in the kitchen, spreading the oil all over her wet pussy and round ass. When her son Van Wilde comes home with his girlfriend Jaye Summers, he’s surprised to find Cristal’s naked body glistening in the kitchen. Jaye, however, isn’t surprised as this isn’t the first time she’s seen Cristal naked! Jaye and Cristal show Van how comfortable they are together as they lick each other’s tits and kiss while getting Van’s cock nice and hard so he can give these sluts the dicking they’ve been craving!

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LILY’S MOM – Veronica Avluv HD

Brad is over at the Avluv house to visit his girlfriend Lily, but only her mum appears to be home. After some innuendo Brad gets the feeling Mrs Avluv is trying to seduce him, and let me tell you: He’s not wrong!

Brad is starting to feel a little flustered and Mrs Avluv suggests he should lie down. What happens next might be explained by Mrs Avluv trying some things to bring his body temperature down. But if it is, she’s not doing a very good job at it :no2:

She starts licking him up and down and is slobbering all over his cock. Now while this might seem like a good way to lower someones temperature, it is having the exact opposite effect on poor Brad. Brad needs some fluids dammit!

Luckily Mrs Avluvs pussy has those in abundance :yaydance: But she needs Brads help to get to them, so she starts fucking him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Unfortunately this is raising his temperature even more, so he decides to stick his finger up her poopshoot to give himself some relief. This is working better than expected, so he decides to stick his whole fist in her pussy to lower his temperature even more!

While this was working wonders for Brad, next up he starts fucking her in doggy. Why not put the other fist in as well if it was working so well, you ask? Honestly, I have no idea :dunno:

Mrs Avluv starts to do some squirting and, while you can clearly see Brad sweating his ass off, his temperature seems to have dropped back to human levels by now. He is even starting to enjoy himself, so they continue to fuck in reverse cowgirl, sideways and missionary. Temperatures are starting to rise again, but Mrs Avluv is nice enough to let Brad ejaculate some steam all over her face and chest.

Poor Brad is saved!

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Allie Haze, Jaclyn Taylor & Gina Valentina – The Family Sexologist HD

Daughter-in-law Gina Valentina is masturbating in bed when her mother-in-law Jaclyn Taylor bursts into her bedroom. The MILF announces that she made an appointment with sex therapist Allie Haze, so that her son can finally get Gina pregnant.

When the therapist arrives shortly thereafter, the women all meet in the livingroom. Eager to become a grandmother, Jaclyn hands Gina a bottle of prenatal vitamins. But Allie Haze is more interested in the details of Gina’s sex life. Gina admits she doesn’t have sex with her husband very often. Gina feels uncomfortable answering Allie’s intimate questions, about the color and consistency of her husband’s cum, whether he cums inside her, and which sex positions they favor. The meddling mother-in-law takes the liberty to answer for her.

For the purposes of conception, Allie recommends having sex on all fours from behind. She wants to simulate sex in that position, so that Gina can learn by experience how to tilt her ass upward. Allie motions like she’s fucking Gina from behind, until Jaclyn insists on showing Gina how to do it right. She takes her place in front of Allie and gets dry humped.

The therapist explains that orgasming during sex can make the cervix more receptive to sperm. She likes to demonstrate with toys for this purpose. She lets Gina choose a toy, then puts on her black strapon selection. Gina takes it in her pussy till Jaclyn insists on showing her how she should be fucking her son.

Gina moves over, her bush poking out of from under her unsnapped white bodysuit, and watches Jaclyn fuck the big black strapon. When Gina wants another go, Allie praises her for being a fast learner. But Jaclyn is less than impressed. She criticizes Gina so much that Gina sarcastically invites her to show her how it’s done. Allie hands over the strapon and Jaclyn puts it on. When Gina gets on Jaclyn’s lap and fucks the strapon, the MILF is finally impressed. Gina rides is until her pussy explodes.

Allie voices her observations that the issue could be stemming from the relationship between Gina and Jaclyn. If they show each other some love, it could go a long way in resolving the problem. They agree it’s worth a try.

Once the ladies start kissing, Allie goes down on Gina’s pussy. Then she suggests Gina give Jaclyn some action. Gina licks Jaclyn’s pussy till Mommy cums all over her face. Then Allie cradles Gina as Jaclyn finger bangs her till she cums. Allie is proud of their progress and gives them an assignment on working together. The lesbian therapist spreads her legs and Gina and Jaclyn make her cum in tandem. Then Gina rides Jaclyn’s tongue while Allie eats the MILF’s pussy.

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Vicky Love, Zazie Skymm – Fair Maiden HD

Cute blond trades oral with the man of the house and gets caught sucking by the mom who instead of gets mad joins in the fun. The ladies get their pussies fucked doggy and cowgirl plus they taste each other and keep their fingers bust until he can’t hold back any longer and cums on their faces and in the mouth of the young one.

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Talia Williams – Wedding balls are ringing for Talia’s future son-in-law HD 1080p

Weddding bells are about to ring for Talia Williams’ daughter, but 59-year-old Talia is going to celebrate the big day in her own way. Joe, who’s 27, is marrying her daughter, and Talia wants to find out if he’s a suitable sucking and fucking his cock and swallowing his cum. Now that’s our idea of a wedding present! This is the first time for Talia, who was born in Hawaii and now lives in Texas. She’s divorced but engaged to be married, and she’s a MILF.

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Payton Hall – Son In Law Gives Mother In law Massage HD 1080p

Payton has paid for her son in law to go to massage school to support his daughter and their marriage. Well Nick cums over with good intentions but things get steamy during this massage. He is very very good with his strong hands and melts Payton into oblivion with his magic fingers… It starts on normal ground with it going to him really rubbing her natural breasts. Then he works his way down to her private spots and oh my…, working around her sweet mound and then pulling apart her pussy lips and just taking care of that clit. She becomes very very wet. She doesn’t object as he has already hit her g spot ! Wow what a good investment that massage school! He is clearly aroused as his member is erect in his shorts. He then turns her around and enters her right on the table with her legs up against his hard body. A surprise ending with a cumblast shot of spoodge in the eye! Introducing “Nick Love” as a best newcumer

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Momma’s Boy – Sally D’Angleo HD

Naught granny Sally D’Angleo is horny as fuck and decide to suck off her granddaughters new boyfriend for fun. She easily seduces the young boy with her massive rack and sensual voice. The poor guy has no choice but to pull out his throbbing cock for her to suck on.

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Moms Bang Teens Vol. 21 (2017)

Elena Koshka, Nikki Capone, Bella Rose, Silvia Saige, Jamie Valentine, Lexxxus Adams, Veronica Vain

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