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Cory Chase, Molly Jane in Mindwarp Rings HD

Scene One: Son becomes a man

Dad and son are sitting at the table when the son tells a dark secret. “I want to have sex with mom” he says. The dad laughs and begins to describe an ancient device that controls women. That can’t be real the son thinks as dad calls in his wife Cory. “Submissive slut ready for command” Cory says with a permanent smile glued to her face.

Making Cory take off her ring dad explains to her that she is a sex slave. Cory doesn’t believe it until the ring goes back on her turning her into a mindwarped slave again. He gives his son the other mindwarp ring and gives him the power to be a man.

He tracks down his sister Molly and convinces her to put the ring on. “You’re a pervert” Molly says putting on the ring. “Submissive sex slut ready for command” she says, standing up with a blank expression. His first task is to have them strip naked. Molly has some trouble and needs her mom to help with her jeans, but soon their naked and on the couch legs spread waiting for their masters command. Alex commands them to rub each other, watching as his mom and sister bring each other to orgasm. Their dual moans, make his fantasy come true. “Orgasm complete” the girls say.

Scene Two: Family suck off

“Get on your knees” he tells them. “Yes master I will obey” they respond, looking up at him with blank expressions. He makes them suck his cock. Their heads taking turns mechanically sucking him. His greatest fantasy come to life as his hot mother and sister pleasure him. He forces them to suck and lick on his balls. Mom watches her daughter sucking her sons cock like a good slave

Scene Three: Filling up my sister

With his cock hard and wet he makes his sister lay on the couch and fucks her. “Oh, oh” She repeats mechanically as she is filled by him.

“Does this please you master?” She asks as he fucks her. He pulls her on top of him and Molly rides the hard cock. He fucks her all over the couch until he shoots his hot load of cum inside her.

Scene Four: Slave loves anal

“I love anal” Molly says as Alex brings his dad into the room. He asks what’s going on. Molly asks for both their cocks. “I want double penetration” she asks in her robotic voice. With her dad’s cock in her mouth and her brother’s cock in her pussy Molly gets drilled from both ends.

“I love anal” She repeats as her father shoves his cock into her tight ass. “Oh Oh” she says as she sucks her brothers hard cock and gets plowed in her ass by her father.

Molly gets on top of her brother and fucks him. As she rides her father pushes her down and slides his cock inside her ass again. With both holes being filled by the men, Molly does as she commands and fucks as hard as she can.

On her back Molly continues to be fucked and licks balls until her brother explodes over her face. His hot cum makes her say “Thank you master” Dad follows with a cum shot of his own over her covered face. “Thank you master” She mumbles with cum covered lips.

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Blackmailing My Step-Mom (2019) HD

Released: 2019
Director: Levi Cash
Addie Andrews, Blaten Lee, Brick Danger, Crystal Rush, Levi Cash, Misha Mynx, Peter Green, Sydney Hall, Tucker Stevens, Tyler Steel
Categories: , Gonzo , M.I.L.F. , P.O.V. , High Definition , Taboo
Blackmail: Manipulate (someone) into agreeing to do something by means of threats or coercion for another person’s gain or sexual pleasure.
Step-mom’s secret is good with you…right? Wrong! This is the exact leverage you needed to convince her to finally spread her legs and do everything you ask of her! She is now your very own personal play-toy to explore and enjoy! Best thing is, since you have something over her, no one will ever find out! NOw come on “Mommy.” You don’t really want my “Dad” to find out do you? Beside, I bet you’ll enjoy me penetrating you…LOL!

Blackmailing My Step-Mom.mp4


Erotic Nikki – StepMom Is Your Best Girl HD

Did you forget that we have security cameras all around this house? Well, you must have because I saw a recording of you jerking off on the patio like it was the end of the world. You were looking at your phone the whole time. Curiosity got the best of Me so I went to your room today and got your phone. Yeah, I spied on you. Wow, you have a lot of porn on your phone. It seems that you like MILFs, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs and all of the girls you download have pretty fingernails. It looks like, maybe, I have created your fetishes. I’m not mad. I’ve got a surprise for you. Take off those shorts and sit down. I’m going to jerk you off nice and slow so that you can enjoy it. Maybe I can satisfy a few of your other fetishes while I do it. I don’t think any girl will ever be able satisfy you when I’m finished today. That’s ok though. StepMom is your perfect woman anyway.

Category: MILF
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Step Mommy Teaches You How to Jerk Off – Gloria Lamour HD

Come watch your favorite big titted black step mommy show you how to jerk off! She’ll even give you some milk to go with the cookies

Big Tits Ebony MILF Huge Tits Jerk Off Instruction Lactating

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Alena LamLam – Young Stepmom Ride and Blowjob HD

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Jerking it for Mommy Beladona Blue

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MOMMY’S APOLOGY – Holly Lace HD [Untouched 1080p]

Milf Holly Lace apologizes to her stepson and makes it up to him by sucking his big thick cock!

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My Stepmom’s A Fuck Up – Lexi Luna HD [Untouched 1080p]

Lexi Luna is excited to meet her new stepson, Oliver Flynn, and wants to make a good first impression. Lexi tries to make Oliver and his dad an amazing dinner, but she isn’t exactly the hotshot housewife she pretends to be. After Lexi burns the food to a crisp, Oliver’s dad sends him to the kitchen to help her. Little does Oliver’s dad know, Lexi’s about to get much more than just a helping hand.

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Mommys Panties

Little sissy has been rummaging through mommy’s panty drawer! Instead of scolding you, I decided to buy you your own silky satin panties so you can leave mine alone! I’ll have you try them on for me while you prance around like a little girl. Good sissy! Wait til you see the pretty pair I bought for your special occasion tonight! Mommy’s friends are coming over and we’re going to make you the prettiest sissy ever!

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Christinas Diaries – Fuck This Limp Stepmom Son HD

Chad’s fantasy was always that what would it be to fuck a completely lifeless body.He was lucky that he had a stepmom who lived on pills and alcohol was sleeping knocked out in her bedroom. Chad sneaked in and tried out his secret fantasy. he made sure his stepmom is , then started to enjoy her body. At first he was gentle and careful but adrenaline was pumping in his horny body that he can make this blonde beauty to suck his dick and fuck her.he flipped Christina on her stomach and inserted in from behind, too, so it will be more exciting to cum in his stepmom’s tight pussy. and after, like nothing happend, he went on with his day, only with this dirty secret in his mind.

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