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Missbehavin26 – Fuck Mom While Shes Watching Her Shows!

Your “son” will come up from behind and start grabbing your butt and kissing you on the neck. You’ll push him back and ask what he is doing. He’ll tell you that he is horny and wants to fuck. You’ll tell him that last week was a mistake and that you were drinking and lonely. He’ll insist, but you don’t give in. You then sit down to pee with your thong pulled down, while he is still asking to fuck you. While sitting on the toilet you tell him to leave you alone and that your favorite tv show is about to start. He looks sad and keeps asking you while standing right in front of you and trying to grab your boobs. You feel bad for him and give in. You tell him this’ll be the last time and walk him to your bedroom so you can watch the show in the meantime. You lay in bed on your stomach while facing the tv. You pull down your thong to your knees, slap your ass and tell your son to start doing his thing. He quickly gets naked and gets behind you. He starts grinding his dick up and down your butt crack while you casually turn on the tv and start watching your show. He then puts you in doggy style and starts fucking you. You’re too glued to the tv to care about him fucking you. While watching your show, you talk to him about random mundane things like how school was and what he wants for dinner. You completely ignore the fact that he’s fucking you. Then you get a phone call from your husband and start talking to him while still getting fucked. He asks you if you’ve seen your son and that he isn’t answering his phone. You tell your husband that your son is with you watching tv and that you two are having a mother-son bonding session. You also tell him that you think your son really needs to get a girl friend. After talking, you hang up and continue watching tv and casually talking to your son. You tell him to hurry up since your show is about to end. He tells you that he’ll cum sooner if you blow him. So you reluctantly get on your knees and start blowing him while telling him things like “this isn’t exactly what other mothers do for their sons. You know how lucky you are that I’m letting my own suck stick his dick in his mother’s mouth?” He still can’t cum after a minute so you get back in doggy position for him to fuck you and start doing some dirty talking to encourage him. You’ll do it in a unamused tone, clearly faking your enthusiasm while saying things like, “Oh yeah, that feels so good. Fuck your mommy son. “I really like having my son fuck my pussy.” He then tells you to get on your knees and you think he wants you to blow him again. To your surprise, he ends up cuming on your face. You are disgusted and tell him you don’t like facials and not even allow your husband to do that. You put your thong back on and walk away

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Lauren Demands He Touch Mommy’s Tits – Lauren Phillips HD

Chad was getting beyond fed up with his mom Lauren’s constant demands of things to do for her. When he finally said “no” Lauren asked what she could do for him. Wanting to see her big tits shocked her for a second and then obliged and in the end still command him how to suck her breast and fuck her hot pussy.

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Mothers And Fathers (2017)


Elsa Jean, Adriana Chechik, Abella Danger, Ava Addams, India Summer, Gina Valentina, Peta Jensen

Relationships have never been this close and the sex has never been this hot! Let Elsa Jean, Abella Danger, August Ames, Dakota Skye, India Summer and more naughty girls break down all barriers and sexual taboos in 10 scenes of unbelievable sexual encounters!

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Aaliyah Love, Cherie DeVille – My Step Mom Seduced Me HD

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Natasha Nice, Joseline Kelly – Oops, I Made a Mess! HD

Brunette teen Joseline is trying to bake cookies, although her boyfriend Jay is doing his best to distract her by running his hands all over her slender body. The young lovers’ romantic baking is interrupted when Joseline’s stepmother Natasha gets annoyed at what a mess they’ve been making. When the teen refuses to clean up, Natasha thinks it’s time for some discipline, pulling up her stepdaughter’s skirt and spanking her ass with a wooden spoon!…
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Arianna LaBarbara – Auntie Loves HUGE LOAD!! HD

Arrianne can’t resist her nephew! He’s just a goofy youngster.. he doesn’t know what to do when his Aunt starts fondling and rubbing his penis through his shorts!

But young Ryan isn’t just an ordinary boy! He’s a JIZZ MONSTER!! Poor Arrianne thinks she’s seducing a simple boy, little does she know she’s about to see the biggest CUM BLAST of her life!

Just look at her face as the skeet flies! She FUKKING loves it!

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Forbidden Family Affairs 7 (2017)

Title: Forbidden Family Affairs 7
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay,
Gonzo, Mature, MILF.
Duration: 02:17:00
Studio: Team Skeet
They’re doing things step-siblings never should!

Abi Grace gets caught trying to “borrow” her stepbro’s car. If he promises not to tell, she agrees to let him take some pictures of her tits. The next day Abi gets her arm stuck in the drain and her come stepbro to the rescue. However, when she feels his boner rubbing on her ass, she knows she’s going to get fucked before she gets free!
Maya Kendrick Ritchie returns home to discover he has a new stepsister. When he finds her passed out from partying he knows he has leverage over her and demands a BJ! The next day, while watching her stretch after a run, he knows he has to pound that sweet pussy! Luckily, she wants to get laid just as badly. These two were made for each other!
Alexis Fawx manages to get stuck under a table while moving it. Luckily, her stepson is home to help her out. But this horny guy demands to see her ass before he’ll free her. She gives in and soon he’s pumping that stepmom pussy! The next day he decides he wants more and takes her in the laundry room. Hope he doesn’t cum on his dad’s clothes!
Karly Baker catches her stepbrother checking out her naked, passed out mom! At first she’s shocked, but then her pervy side kicks in and she starts fucking him right there in front of hering mom. While fucking Karly, stepbro cops a feel on his stepmom’s tits whenever he gets a chance, but he saves his warm load for Karly’s face!
Cast: Alexis Fawx, Karly Baker, Maya Kendrick,
Abi Grace, April Mae.




Jerk it for Mom & Aunt HD

Young Marco is trying to enjoy some ALONE TIME with his favorite edition of PLAYBOY MAGAZINE.. little does he know that at that exact moment, who should be about to walk in but his DR-UNK MOM and her INTOXICATED SISTER They’ve been out on the town and now they’ve come home for a night cap!
They creep through the door silently, thinking young Marco is in bed and not wanting to wake him.. so they end up accidentally SNEAKING UP ON HIM while he’s trying to SPANK THE MONKEY to his PORN MAG! The two MIDDLE AGED MOMS can hardly believe their eyes as Margo’s STRAPPING YOUNG SON sits on the couch WANKING OFF right in front of them! Suddenly, Margo taps him oh the shoulder.. HELLO!!! The poor guy almost jumps out of his skin, and immediately COVERS HIMSELF modestly.. but the two SPUNK SLURPING SISTERS won’t allow him escape… they insist that since he was MASTURBATING anyway, they’ll stay and WATCH THE SHOW! At first the young feller can’t get going… what with his MOM and her HOT SISTER watching, but after they take turns TUGGING HIS NUT SACK he soon gets the hang of it. The ladies FLASH THEIR BIG MOMMY BOOBIES at him and FONDLE EACH OTHER as he’s forced to JERK HIMSELF OFF in FRONT OF THEM!They hold up his Playboy magazine and insist that he JERK HIS COLOSSAL LOAD all over MISS SEPTEMBER! Mom know about his HYPER SPERMIA because she has to wash his sheets, plus the CURTAINS AND WALL PAPER…!! Having no say in the matter, young Marco follows MOM’S instructions and PUMPS BALL MILK all over the magazine spread as his BARE BREASTED AUNT holds the mag in front of his STRAINING MEMBER while MOM TICKLES HIS BALLS! Poor Miss September is completely SLATHERED IN SPLOO!!

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Rebecca More & Rhiannon Ryder – Pussy Is International HD

Rebecca More is desperate to find a way to bond with her new step-daughter Rhiannon and when a foreign exchange student comes to stay with them, Rebecca is hopeful his presence will help bridge the gap. Rhiannon tries to communicate with Jordi but soon learns the language barrier is too much for them to breach. However, after an afternoon of studying her female sexuality textbook, Rhiannon resorts to the only universal method of communication she can think of: sex. When Mrs. More brings the two teens a snack, she’s shocked to find them messing around. Don’t be fooled though, she’s not surprised to find the teens sexually active but instead at their low skill level. A perfect hostess herself, Mrs. More doesn’t miss a beat and immediately joins in to instruct the two teens (and enjoy a little fun herself). They all enjoy a sexy (and informative) romp while Jordi learns that pussy is international.

Both girls give him a blowjob incluing handjob & deepthroat. Jordi learns to eat pussy from the busty milf and fucks the young girl while the mom sits on her daughters face. Next, Rebecca rides Jordi in cowgirl with Rhiannon sitting on Jordi’s face, and the girls swap positions. Rhiannon gets fucked in doggy while eating out her mom. Rebecca does pussy-to-mouth blowjob before also getting fucked in doggy and eating young pussy. Rhiannon rides Jordi in reverse cowgirl. Rebecca gets fucked in doggy with her daughter laying udner her, licking Jordi’s balls. They suck and jerk his cock and both girls gets a load of cum in their faces! What a bonding experience!

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