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Just Use My Body, Son – Mom Helps Son – Son Takes Too Much Viagra before Date HD

**Starring Ivy Secret**

“What’s the matter?” Mom asked with a concerned look on her face. “Why are you sweating so much, honey? Are you okay? Are you nervous about your date?”

In an attempt to “impress” your date, you had taken two of Dad’s Viagra pills, and now you had a rock hard, throbbing cock that you couldn’t control. “I know you’re nervous about your date, but you’re young, you don’t need that,” Mom lectured. “That’s for older guys that need help. How many did you take? You’re supposed to take, like, half – how much did you take? You took two? That is way too much! No wonder.”

She looked down at your erection in disbelief, her hand pressed against her head, and sighed. “Did you try to jack off? The only way you’ll feel better is if you cum – you have to cum. Your date is in an hour, you have to get rid of that thing. This is a really nice girl, you can’t screw that up,” she said bluntly.

Of course you tried to jerk off, but the Viagra was so strong, it didn’t do anything. “Alright, we’re just gonna get you off so you can go on this date,” Mom started to say, “and don’t you ever do this again, and we’re not going to talk about this, okay?” She sat up, wrapped her hand around your cock, and started stroking it. “How does that feel?” she asked. “Does it feel like you’re going to cum? Not sure?”

“Maybe if I take my top off…” Mom thought out loud, then pulled off her shirt, “just trying to help.” She encouraged you to take deep breaths, but the stroking wasn’t doing much for you, so she decided to try her mouth. “Still nothing? That always works for your father – that’s like my go-to move when I’m trying to get him off,” she sighed.

“Okay, this is what we’re going to do…you’re not going to like it, I’m not going to like it, but it’s what we gotta do,” Mom began to say. “I’m just going to let you use my body, just use it, put your penis inside of me, and I’m going to let you cum.” You pushed yourself into Mom’s pussy and she let out a soft moan.

“It’s okay, just cum…” she said in-between breaths. “Yes, just use me, fuck me…yes, there you go.”

This clip includes: Ivy Secret, mom/son, POV, son has a big date & takes 2 of his dad’s Viagra to “impress” her, he freaks out because he can’t control his rock hard cock, son goes to mom for help, mom can’t believe he has taken so much Viagra, she asks if he’s jacked off, mom decides she better help him since his date is so soon, mom helps son, virtual handjob, mom takes off her shirt to help, handjob doesn’t do anything for him so mom tries her mouth, virtual blowjob, Viagra is so strong that mom lets her son use her body, virtual sex, missionary, fucking, moaning, mom encourages son to cum, older woman, redhead, MILF, momma’s boy, family sex, fauxcest

Category: TABOO
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Sex Scenes : blowjob simulation,handjob simulation, missionary sex simulation – all in POV

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Roxxxie Blakhart – Mom Helps Stressed Son Relax HD

Enjoy this taboo experience with a brand new Mommy…
“Hey honey,” Mom said sitting down beside you on the bed, “how are you feeling?” She knew that you had a big test tomorrow in one of your classes, and was worried that you were over-exerting yourself trying to study for it.
“Have you had something to eat today? Are you drinking enough water?” she asked concerned. “You don’t need to stress about the test – we can get through this. Maybe…there’s a little something I can share with you that helps me relax. I know it might be a little weird because I’m your mom…but self-satisfaction is really important and stress relieving.”
“I know it’s a little uncomfortable, but just trust me,” Mom said offering to help loosen you up. She unfastened your pants and wrapped her warm, soft hands around your cock. “See, that feels better already, doesn’t it?” she smiled as she stroked your cock. “This is all you’ll be able to think about it – you won’t even be able to think about the test. This can your little euphoria.”
“Just relax,” she repeated with a gentle, soothing voice. To make you feel more comfortable, she stripped down and showed off her beautiful body to you. “Get close to Mommy…I’ll make you feel all better…I’ll help you. Go ahead and put it in Mommy’s pussy…”
You penetrated her tight, pink hole, and she moaned loudly as you fucked her. “Such a good boy,” she smiled warmly, “I’m so proud of you.” After you had cum, she told you to get a nice, cooked meal and a big glass of water. “Don’t worry about your test anymore today, okay? You feel all better now, don’t you?”
This clip includes: Roxxxie Blakhart, mom/son, POV, mom is worried that son is over-exerting himself trying to study for his big test tomorrow, she makes sure that he’s been eating & drinking water, she offers to help de-stress him, she wants to loosen him up & make him not worry about the test, she tells her son to trust her, virtual handjob, mom is sweet & caring, mom strips down to make son feel more comfortable, tit groping, mom shows off her body, she tells son to put his cock inside of her, virtual sex, fucking, missionary, mom helps son, MILF, older woman, younger man, momma’s boy, brunette, big tits, big butt, smiling, fauxcest, family sex

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Carmen Valentina – Son Uses Magic Wand to Fuck Mom HD

You were thrilled that your mom had gotten you a new magic kit. You rushed to get the box open, then pulled out a pair of white gloves and a black wand with white ends.
“Do you like it?” Mom smiled sweetly. “So, what do you say when you do a magic trick? Do you say alakazam or abracadabra? Have you been practicing?”
You LOVED magic – of course you had been practicing! So, when Mom requested you do a magic trick, you could hardly contain yourself. “It’s so cute,” Mom said, “I love it when you get a new hobby.” With wand in hand, you flicked your wrist, and a huge puff of smoke appeared in front of Mom. “Oh my god, where’d my shoes go?” she asked shocked. “Wow! Honey, that is an amazing trick – how did you do that? That is too freaky.”
“Wha-what are you going to do now?” she asked when she saw the wand pointed at her. You flicked your wrist, and her pink dress disappeared, revealing her bare, perky tits. “Oh my god, honey, what did you do? I don’t even know how you did that…this is inappropriate. You’re being bad now. This isn’t cute anymore!”
Although she threatened to ground you, you didn’t stop there – you couldn’t, it was too much fun. Another flick of the magic wand, and now Mom was naked. Embarrassed, her hands quickly covered her exposed, private parts. “No, no! You go to your room. You’re not allowed to do magic anymore!” she yelled at you. “I don’t even know how you’re doing that, or how you learned this. I know that magic book I bought you didn’t teach you this!”
Mom tried to take the wand from you, but you just continued to make her do one thing after another. Without any control, she started masturbating, her fingers circling her clit. “Why can’t I stop this?” she panicked. “What did you do to me? Don’t look at me while I do this!”
Another flick, and she couldn’t stop herself from getting onto her knees. “No, no…get that cock away from me! STOP!” she begged, but couldn’t stop herself from putting it into her mouth. You pushed her back, and she gasped for air. “Don’t you dare do another trick on me,” she clenched her teeth. “You’ll be grounded for life!”
Another puff of smoke appeared in the air, and Mom was fighting herself from getting onto the bed. She laid back with spread legs, and you slowly penetrated her tight pussy and ran your wand down her gorgeous body. “Honey, please stop,” she cried. “Get off of me, honey, please.” She begged, pleaded, whined…but you weren’t finished just yet.
Once you came, you held up a finger in the air to indicate you had one more trick to show her. You flicked your magic wand, and Mom sat up with a big smile on her face. “Honey, I had the best time fucking you…” she said seductively, then quickly covered her face in horror. “I didn’t say that! What did you do to me? You know I’d never say something like that!”
Afraid you’d do another trick, she stood up, and quickly ran out the room naked, leaving her clothes behind.
This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, son has a new magic wand & mom is excited to see if he can do any tricks, son makes mom’s shoes disappear & mom is shocked, son continues to do one trick after another, dress disappears, mom is topless & embarrassed, she tries to cover her exposed body up, she yells at her son to stop, threatens to ground him, he makes all her clothes disappear, forced stripping, embarrassed naked female, humiliated, embarrassment, she tries to take the wand from him, son makes mom masturbate, masturbation, forced blowjob, virtual blowjob, mom begs son to stop, mom tries to fight getting onto the bed, she can’t move while her son is fucking her, virtual sex, forced sex, son makes mom say that she liked being fucked by him, mom is mortified, runs out the room, female training, magic control, uncontrollable body movement, woman following orders, MILF, momma’s boy, erotic magic, fantasies, taboo, family sex, ENF, fauxcest, obedient slave

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You’ve brought your girlfriend over to meet your mom, your mom tells you she’s lovely. Your mom gets emotional and tells you her son must really be growing up now, she can’t help but feel jealous that another woman is stealing you away from her. Your mother starts to reminisce about when you were little, growing you in her stomach, birthing you, washing you, and over time watching your body and penis develop. Your Mom then asks if she can see your body, for old times sake and to see how you’ve developed into a man. You remove your shirt and your mom starts caressing your skin, it’s the soft skin that your mom remembers. Now remove your pants, your mom is over whelmed by how beautiful your cock has turned out. Your mother tells you, as lovely as your girlfriend is, no woman in the world will be able to make you feel the way your mother does. Mom wants you to let her show you. Do you remember sucking and feeding on my breasts? I remember the feeling of you feeding on my big breasts… No woman will ever be able to suck your cock the way your mother does, your girlfriend can’t suck your cock like this can she? It feels so much better when your mommy sucks your cock. Mom assures you that no pussy will ever feel as good as your moms pussy, and lays on her back and takes your cock into her pussy. See, there’s no pussy in the world that will ever feel the way your mothers pussy feels around your cock, and there’s no cock that will ever feel the way my sons cock feels inside my pussy. You keep fucking your moms pussy while she tells you her pussy is the only pussy you will ever need until she cums all over your cock. Next mom jumps on top, and rides you while telling you Mom is the only woman for you, Mom is the only woman you need and no woman will ever feel as good as your mother. Mom rides your cock until you can’t help but to creampie her and blow inside her, your mother tell you, you have given her the best present, and shows you your cum dripping out of her pussy. Your mom reinforces gently, that she is the only woman for you, and that your girlfriend isn’t the woman for you, your mom is the only woman you will ever need, the search is over. Your Mom encourages you to make the call and end it with your girlfriend so that you can be mommy’s boy forever.

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Christina Sapphire – Mother and Son Amateur Taboo 2 Vids in HD

Mom Confesses Her Perverted Fantasies HD

Mom hesitates before calling a hotline for help, she confesses to having sexual feelings about someone she shouldn’t have feelings for, she is afraid to admit it is her son, she begins to get turned on as she talks about it, hand brushes against her chest & along her inner thigh, she masturbates as she talks about her perverted, disgusting fantasies.

Son Wakes Up Inside Moms Body HD

This clip includes: Christina Sapphire, mom/son, son wakes up inside mom’s body, he doesn’t realize it is her body at first, he wakes up to see he is in a different bedroom, his fingernails & toenails are painted, he has long, dark hair & big tits, he is wearing lingerie, he finds a mirror & looks at his reflection closely, notices he has glasses, lipstick, & eyeliner, realizes he’s in his mom’s body, body exploration, exploring female body, he has female body parts in place of his male parts, he strips out of his lingerie, tit groping, fondling, nipple play, nipple licking/sucking, ass grabbing, learning how to masturbate as a woman, sex education – learning where the clit is, clit rubbing, masturbation, masturbating, fingering pussy, fingering asshole, double penetration, anal masturbation, orgasm, tasting pussy juices, finger sucking, son likes being inside his mom’s body, MILF, mature, older woman, male to female, man to woman, m2f, gender transformation, gender switch, gender swap, body swap, body switch, transformation, fantasies, taboo, fauxcest, son transforms into mom** He woke up in an unfamiliar room. His blurry, tired eyes looked down to see painted fingernails and smooth, shaven legs. “I don’t remember this happening at the party last night,” he mumbled to himself. “This is a little weird. And my toenails, too?” His fingers pressed against his throat. “My voice is lower than this…” he said confused. “I mean…I think it is. Everything sounds funny.” He quickly realized he was wearing lingerie, and underneath that, he had female body parts in place of his usual male parts. “Uh…dude, what the hell happened?” he asked examining his feminine figure. “These are not mine.” His fingers ran through the long, straight, dark hair that fell past his shoulders. “Smells good, too. Girls use nice shampoo,” he said smelling its pretty scent. “And the ears are pierced….and a wedding ring? What the hell is going on?” He walked off to find a mirror to see what he looked like. “Glasses? Well, I wear glasses so that’s okay. Lipstick? Am I wearing eyeliner?” he said with his face pressed up against the glass. But then it hit him. “Wait…” He pulled back from the mirror and stared at his reflection. “That’s my mom! That’s…that’s…my mom. That’s…I’m not supposed to look like that,” he said in shock. “Oh my god…” Although he was surprised, he couldn’t help but continue examining his new, beautiful, mature body. He had never seen Mom in this way before, and being inside of her made it that much more interesting. He walked back out to the bedroom and began to strip off his lingerie. He fondled, groped, grabbed, and licked his new female body parts. Everything felt so good…so different from his own male body. He would eventually learn how to masturbate as a woman, rubbing his fingers against his clit, and then penetrating himself. There were so many exciting things to explore – even Mom’s tight, little asshole. He wasn’t sure how this happened…why it happened. All he knew was that he loved being inside a woman’s body and all the pleasures that came with it – even if it was his mom’s.

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Sofie Marie – Caught Cheating Blackmail Mom HD

Rion found his stepmom’s tablet; he snooped and looked at her text messages. He found that Sofie was sending dirty texts to men that are not his Dad! He confronts Sofie and tells her she has to stop, and then he tells her she needs to suck his cock or he’ll tell his dad she’s cheating. She complies willingly. He continues to negotiate, so he can have sex with her, and then he cums in her mouth, then again deep in her pussy

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Nikki Brooks – Mom Plays Naughty Game With Son HD

Warning: this is an extreme taboo clip. Intended for those interested in an intense & “disturbing” mom/son experience. One of my favorites by far.
“Hi honey…” Mom said with a big, warm smile, “whatchu doing? You cleaned your room! Thank you for being a good boy. You’re a big boy now, you cleaned your room all by yourself.” She held out her hand for a high five, then pulled back with a sweet giggle.
“Hey…do you wanna play a game with Mommy?” she asked charmingly. “I came up with this really, really cool game – do you wanna try it? I’m telling you…you’ll have lots of fun with this. You know, me and Daddy used to play this game all the time, but you’re probably not a big enough boy, right? I guess maybe we should play with one of your board games…”
Of course you were a big boy. You wanted to play whatever game Mommy was talking about. What you didn’t know, though, and what you didn’t understand…was that Mommy was horny, and she was manipulating her sweet, young, innocent boy into touching her in a very naughty, sexual, and immoral way.
“Now that I really think about it…you really got to be a big boy to play this game,” Mom started to say. “I wouldn’t want you to, you know, be too shy or something. It’s okay, we can play another game or something. You sure? Okay, I’ll see if you can handle this big boy game. Like I said, your dad was really good at this game…”
She went on to explain that it was a kissing game. And if you won? She’d give you a nice, big bowl of your favorite ice cream with everything on it – chocolate syrup and sprinkles of every color. “That’s, of course, if you win,” she smiled, then shook your small hand. “Challenge accepted!”
There were three strikes for each person. You’d start at Mommy’s feet, kissing your way up, and if she started to giggle, she’d get a strike – then it would be her turn to do the same to you. Mommy knew exactly what she was doing – she knew what to say and what to do to get you to fulfill her perverted needs. The best part? You wouldn’t even know you were doing it – it was just a game you were trying to win….
“Feels good, right? Uh oh, are you going to give up? Are you gonna be a big boy?” she said as the game progressed into something much more. Your pee-pee was inside of hers, and she was bouncing up and down on it. “That’s right, you’re just like Daddy…and you play the game so much better than he does – cross my heart!”
And don’t forget, big boys keep secrets.
This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, mom/son, POV, mom manipulates her very young son into playing a game to sexually satisfy her, son has no idea what she is doing – he just thinks it’s a game, she tells him it’s a kissing game & if he wins, he gets a big bowl of his favorite ice cream, mom knows exactly what to say and what to do to get her son to become interested in the game, she keeps telling him it’s a “big boy” game that her & daddy used to play, mom & son take turns playing the kissing game & kissing up one another’s bodies, virtual body kissing, close-ups, son is “tricked” into kissing mommy’s pussy, virtual pussy licking, virtual tit and nipple sucking/licking, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, fucking, cowgirl, riding, mom continues to manipulate son so he keeps thinking it’s just a game, mom gets her perverted needs fulfilled, mom takes son’s virginity, mom is very nice & sweet – part of her manipulation tactic, smiling, giggling, mom tells son to keep their game a secret, momma’s boy, older woman, young boy, MILF, blondes, games, fauxcest, family sex, extreme clip

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Missbehavin26 – More Family Taboo Vids in HD

Mom Adds Video To Sons Porn Collection HD

Mom leaves special video on son’s computer after finding his MILF / mom-son porn collection.

Possessing Your Stepmom HD

Script: Hi, I was hoping you could do a custom video for me. Could you wear the same clothing as uncircumcised dick (see through green top with jeans) You are the stepmother and your teenage stepson is the camera. As his stepmother, you are concerned that he is losing focus at school because he keeps talking to his “imaginary friend”. You think that he is way too old to be talking about imaginary friends, that was supposed to be a childish elementary school thing. You also let him know that you scheduled a meeting with his principal and are going to talk to her about a more strict schedule during school to keep you focused! Your stepson tells you that his imaginary friend wants to try something out. When you ask him what that means, your stepson says that his friends wants to become you. You are really confused and ask what is he talking about! Suddenly your mouth opens and something invisible flies down it. Your body twitches and moans as it is being taken over. Unknowing to you, your stepson’s imaginary friend was actually a teenage ghost and he just possessed your body! When he (now in your body) gains control, he tells your stepson that it worked! He had never possessed anyone before and wanted to see if it worked! He loves that he can use your voice. “I can possess your mom and go to the meeting with the principal as her. I have been watching her for a while so I know all of her mannerisms. No one would know that she has been possessed!” You stop and notice that the stepson is looking at your cleavage. You smile, and say that you have seen the stepson looking at his stepmother for a while now. “Now that I possessed her we can do things with her body that you have only dreamed of” The ghost then wants to know if you have any clue that you are being possessed. The ghost wonders how to leave your body, but then flies out of your mouth as you twitch and moan. When you come to your senses you wonder what just happened. You say that you blacked out and are not sure what just went down. Suddenly, your mouth opens and the ghost flies back in to possess you. You struggle again but the ghost gains control. He smiles as he now knows that you have no clue what is going on. He then lets the stepson/camera see down her shirt and “feel” your boobs. Then starts to do a strip tease for him that gets you down to your bra and panties. He then says, “that’s enough fun for now. I definitely will possess this body soon!” and he flies out of your mouth. Once you come to again, you realize that you are semi naked in front of your stepson and embarrassingly run off camera to put something on. The video doesn’t have to be the full 15 minutes. I was hoping for something in between 10-15 minutes. Thanks!

Ghost Fucking, Taboo, MILF, Role Play, POV

Mom Caught Changing Gangbang Bullies Son HD

Continuation of Bully blackmails mom over 3 days script: (after sneaking around in the living room with ur son, giving him a blowjob…u go upstairs to change) You decide to go to your room to change your cloths, that’s when Paul the two Ryan’s and your son decide to gangbang you. You suck each of their cocks, and you let them one at a time to have sex with you, at first act mad when their fucking you. When you did each one of the kids, you tell ryan to stand their and watch while all his friends at the party have sex with his mommy. You let some of the kids to cum in your mouth and other kids fuck you in missionary or cowgirl. Lots of cum in your mouth and telling the kids cum inside of you while you moan in pleasure. At the end of the scene you apologize to all the kids in the room, you don’t know what came over you.

Rain Cum On Ur Teacher Close Up BJ HD

Script: Record on your own,no camera person please. record with good lighting and clear sound in HD. >>>>>>> > Story- You are a college professor we are in your office because while you were teaching a lecture class, You didn’t like that i was not paying attention in class and you also noticed i was watching a really bad twerker on my phone, You decide to Give me a twerk off to show me what a real Master twerker can do and you want to make sure i can cum hard as well with a JOI. >>>>>>> > Video Outfit/Makeup – Have your hair in ponytail style like the picture,.Wear, re bra and red thong/gstring >>>>>>> > be barefoot no socks, Wear super purple eye shadow and super red-lipstick make the eye shadow really purple and stand out heavy like the picture please. >>>>>>> > Song- Shake dat ass by ZeD Zilla lin to song here – >>>>>>> > Video info- Do dirty talk with my name Brandon in the whole video ,do the side twerking move with sexy eye contact for the whole twerk session,then do JOI with your cum shooting dildo with dirty talk,sexy eye contact and spiting on the dildo and use lube too,be sloppy and aggressive. >>>>>>> > then do a cum countdown from 10 asking me to cum on your face with your fake cum shooting dildo, give me a reaction of sexy flinching and being surprised.

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Bettie Bondage – Mother and Son New And Hot Amateur Incest Vids in HD

Mom’s New Bikini HD

You and your mom have decided to go away for a few days to this resort, because you told her that you feel as though you need a chance to “reconnect with one another.” Of course, she agrees – what mother would tell her son no after saying something like that?! But you have a very specific plan for how things are going to go. You’ve decided to buy her a new bikini, and give it to her as a gift for always being such a wonderful, caring mother. When you present her with it, right before she goes down to the pool, she thinks its so sweet! You tell her to go put it on, and when she does, she has a bit of a change of heart. She comes out of the bathroom, clearly upset.
“Is this even a bathing suit?!” she asks, trying to adjust the tiny fabric to cover herself, “it looks more like lingerie! I think it’s see-through, too!” she whines. You tell her its perfect, its the style, and that it’s absolutely covering her.
“Jump around,” you tell her. She looks at you wide eyed. “No, really, mom – jump around, you’ll see that you stay in place. Just wiggle and jiggle it. Everything will stay put and you’ll see!” To your utter pleasure, she does! You watch as your sexy, barely covered mother jiggles her full breasts in the tiny scraps of fabric you’ve just presented her with. Her tits bounce beautifully and you feel your cock stiffen, but they don’t fall out of the tiny top. Your mother is starting to be swayed that all is well with the scandalous suit, when you tell her to bend over and bounce her bottom. “To see if the bottom stays in place?” you suggest, unsure as to whether this part will fly. But, again, your mother agrees, getting on the hotel bed and bouncing her ass. The transparent fabric of the suit rides up her round ass cheeks as she twerks and shakes her big booty, looking back at you as you do your best not to laugh at how perfectly this is working. Finally, satisfied that the suit will hold up in the resorts pool, you two set off for the pool…but your time down there is cut fairly short, once your mother starts getting certain, uh, reactions. She drags you back to the room and starts demanding to know if you thought it would be funny, if it was all a humiliating joke.
“One man asked if he could suck on my breasts!” she says, going red. “I looked like an utter fool down there, and its because of you! People grabbing me, whistling, asking to take pictures, and all the while you were just standing there, smiling, with…with…with an erection!” she looks hurt, humiliated…your cock twitches once again. She notices. “That’s it, isn’t it? You liked it?! Alright, mister, take it out!” she demands. You hesitate, now unsure how far this is going to go, but before you can wait too long, your mother is insisting once again that you take out your rockhard erection and stroke it for her. “Go ahead. If thats what you want, your mother, in this skimpy thing, a slut for all to see, then take out that cock and get stroking.” She proceeds to shake and jiggle her ass and tits for you, pulling them out of the top to flaunt them while you desperately stroke your dick for her. She’s angry and all that does is make it hotter, your mother, hurt and humiliated, instructing you on how to stroke it. Once she can tell you’re nearly there, she gets on her knees in front of you and tells you to go ahead, do the dirty thing she knows you want to do…cum on her! That’s right, cum all over your mother’s exposed tits – they’re on display, aren’t they??

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Mommys Bull Breaks You In HD

When your father passed away, you knew your mother would be sending for you at the boarding school where you started last year. You knew she wouldn’t want you to go back, either, now that she was all alone. But you never expected to return to a house so changed from the one you had left. It was evident first in the way your mother was acting. Sure, she was upset about your father’s passing, but not like you expected. And she seemed to be very flirty with several of the men, none of whom you recognized, that stopped by to pay their respects. In some attempt at grieving in a way that you found more appropriate, you went to look through your father’s belongings, only to find a stash of thumb drives hiding in the closet. Popping them into your dad’s laptop, you sat on his bed and watched as your mother appeared on the screen. Then, another man. Your father’s voice behind the camera as…oh my god. You shouldn’t have watched, but you did – you watched your mother take cock after cock, each one enormous and stretching her shaved pussy as your father encouraged them, stroked them, helped guide them into your mother. Your father was a cuckold! Your cock rigid, you stroked to the videos until you had a shameful orgasm there on your parents bed. The very same bed from the videos. When you were done, you put everything back where you found it…but all of that was for nothing, when your mother sat you down the next day to “talk.” About what she saw you watching in her bedroom. You assume that there’s a lecture on respecting privacy coming, but instead she tells you that you have a role to play in all this, now that your father is gone. What? You can’t believe what you’re hearing but your mother goes on to admit that the fiber supplement in your OJ was actually something to put you out, so that she and the nieighbor boy, a former classmate of yours, can tie you up. And train you. Break you. Now that dad’s gone, she needs a new cuck to service all her strong, thick-cocked bulls. And you’re going to be that boy! You try to fight the effects of whatever it was she slipped you, but its no use. You fade into oblivion, only awakening when you hear your mother’s teasing, lilting voice. She stands before you, naked except for these sexy black thigh highs. She is instructing someone behind you, but you can’t turn. You are tied to the bed, completely immobile as she instructs the boy behind you to spread your ass and place his cock against your hole. You try to resist but its no use. You’re not going anywhere, your mother teases, as you feel the impossibly large cock of your mother’s new bull pres against your anus. Your gorgeous, sexy mother places her pussy right up against your face as she tells the bull to push in, to pop your anal cherry with his huge cock. She taunts you as he begins to pump your virgin asshole, pressing deeper, fucking you balls deep while you watch your mother finger fuck her delicious, dripping wet cunny. You want to please her, you realize, even as what is happening to you is shameful, painful, shocking. You find yourself losing the will to fight as the massive dick in your ass bottoms out, and cums deep inside your bowels, filling you with sticky seed. Your mother has begged him to do so and now, seeing your face as you register the warmth spreading inside your ass, she cums hard and you watch her perfect pussy spasm in delight at her own son, broken by her bull.

Glove Love From Mom HD

You can’t explain when it started, but it’s been like this for as long as you can remember. Every winter, when your mom takes out her cold-weather clothes, her gloves just…get to you. Seeing women donning and doffing warm, knit gloves always gets you so excited! So you can hardly be blamed for what you did, stealing your mother’s gloves to jerk off onto. The softness, their thickness and warmth…god, you must have cum six or seven times in just a couple days, right into Mom’s gloves! Only…she found out. She came into your room to confront you over the issue, pulling them from their “hiding spot” in your sock drawer and gently demanding that you tell her why you were doing this. Of course, the conversation was uncomfortable, and it only got moreso, when she pulled the cum drenched gloves onto her hands you sprung a huge boner. Unavoidable, seeing her like that. But, it seems like Mom is almost…hungry for it. She’s staring at your crotch, and the huge tent your cock is making. She’s distracted. You can tell she wants to see what’s going on down there. You’re happy to oblige, and when you take it out, you know what’s going to happen next. Mom is impressed by your size and those gloves have you throbbing. She gets on her knees on the floor and starts to stroke you with her soft, gloved hands. She strokes and teases you, and it’s just as amazing as you’ve fantasized. Even after cumming over and over again on those gloves, you’re able to give your mother a huge, hot load right onto her hands!

Wet And Blackmailed Milf HD

Oh! I didn’t realize there was someone in the bathroom with me! What’re you doing in here? I think perhaps its best if you use the guest bathroom downstairs…hello? Please leave! I need to get dressed. Hmm. Alright, well at least pass me that towel…ok fine, I’ll get it myself. My goodness, you’re a strange boy, aren’t you? Ok then, let’s get out of the bathroom, I need to dry off and get dressed. Excuse me? My…phone? Oh, no, have you been looking through my cell phone? Listen, I will not be talked to in that manner. I knew you weren’t the best influence for my boy but this is too far, mister – get out of this bathroom! What? Wait, are you…blackmailing me? My God, I can’t believe this is happening. Some guest you are! So, you’re saying you’ll tell my husband about all those pictures you found, if I don’t…show you whats under my towel? God, I can’t believe I’m even entertaining this…ok, fine, but quickly, just a flash. Good enough? Ugh, of course it isn’t – I’ve only made things worse for myself by showing you my dripping wet, naked body, haven’t I? I might as well have stroked your cock to full mast myself! Of course, now you want more…I can hardly blame you, young boys like you are so eager to put their young cocks to use! God, I can’t believe this…ok. We need to be quick, so just sit down and take it ou – woah! Wow. No, it’s ok I just didn’t expect you to be so…wow. Ok, well, let’s get ot work then…let me just wrap my hand around this fat, young cock and, mmm, stroke it just like that. Do you like that? I’m a very talented woman, I’m sure you haven’t had a beauty like this handling your cock yet, have you? Well, to be quick about it I should probably use my mouth, huh? What about dirty cock? Do you think you’ll cum quickly if I tell you to let that young jizz shoot all over my face, my tits, my pussy?

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