Melanie Hicks in To Help a Son HD

Scene One: Spin the bottle

Melanie’s son has been masturbating a lot lately, and she needs to have a talk with him about it. Dad is leaving for a business trip and hopes that the problem is taken care of before he gets back. “Just do what you have to do” he tells her.

Reading online Melanie finds a question game she can play with her son to help him open up about his problems. It’s like truth or dare but you spin a bottle to pick who goes and it’s supposed to be a very helpful conversation tool.

They spin the bottle asking each other questions about sexuality. On one spin her son surprises her and mom has to take off her dress. “I guess you’ve seen me in my bathing suit” Melanie says as she reveals her striped underwear. “Ummm, can you take your bra off?” Her son asks. He’s just curious she thinks popping off her top and revealing her large breasts. His pants tighten at the sight of his mom. They talk about dirty secrets before it lands on him again and he asks his mom to get naked. She pulls down her panties and watches her sons eyes take in every inch of her. He asks to touch her breasts and nervously gropes her.

“Are you asking if I would put your penis in my mouth?” Melanie says at her bold sons question. It’s ok she thinks, he’s just learning about sex so she does as he asks. He can’t believe it as his mom puts it in her hands and in her mouth. He can’t control himself never having a blowjob before and quickly cums with his mom holding her head down over him. It feels so strange cumming in a girls mouth, and mom swallows it all down. “Oh my god that was so much” Melanie says.

Scene Two: Coast is clear.

A noise from downstairs wakes Melanie up in the middle of the night. Dreams of her son’s cock in her mouth have been running through her head all night. She goes to check and finds her son trying to make some coffee. “We had some fun playing spin the bottle” She tells him, “But I think you wanted more” She sits down and spreads her legs for him begging him to take off his shorts.

She sucks his penis hard and tells him to put it inside her. This is the first time he’s ever put it inside of anyone and it feels strange and wonderful. He naturally bucks his hips, letting his body control him and loosing himself in the pleasure of his mom’s warm pussy. He can’t help but cum inside her and desperately asks if she’s on birth control. “Maybe” she whispers, enjoying the feeling of the warm cum deep in her.

Scene Three: Apologies

Her son’s sleeping when Melanie wakes him up “I wanted to apologize for last night, lying about the birth control”. “What if dad finds out” he asks. Melanie reassures her son by pulling down his pants and sucking on his cock.

His wet hard cock in her hands and mouth make her so wet. She has to have him inside her again. She gets on top of him and fucks her son like she was 20. As she bounces his balls tighten and he yells “I’m going to cum again!” “No no no, I’m not on birth control” she yells at him as her womb fills up with his cum.

Scene Four: Mom begs for a Creampie

His cum feels so good that she doesn’t care about anything else but him filling her up. Dressed only in a bra and panties she calls him into the living room. “I was thinking we could have some more fun, I will do whatever you want me to do” She tells him. She’s addicted to him and the way he makes her feel. He tells her to strip and rub herself, drinking in his naked mom’s hot body.

She puts his cock in her mouth and sucks him as only a mom can. Without hesitation now she puts him inside her and fucks him. Her moans and screams ring through the house when he cums deep inside her and all over her pussy. “That’s what I wanted” She tells him.

After he leaves she talks to herself “He’s not going to be happy when I get pregnant”

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Carmen Valentina – Welcum To The Family HD

Carmen just married your father and decides to give you a proper welcome to the family.

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My Daughter the Call Girl – Lexi Lore HD [Untouched 1080p]

I called an agency to get some relief since my wife doesn’t give it up anymore and guess who show up but my daughter Lexi. Not wanting to go back to the agency with no money daddy decides its time to give him what she has been teasing him with all these years. she reluctantly agrees and gives daddy everything and a facial.

Starring Lexi Lore

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OMG! Yesterday I caught my sister blowing my guy! I know she loves big dicked bad boys and wouldn’t be able to resist his 10 inches… Even I was so horny that it turned into a steamy threesome! My sister and I sure both sure got banged big time, but, luckily, it all stays in the family!

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Big Booty Egirl Abby Marie Fucks her Dad for her Fans on Tik Tok 4K

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A Message To Your Wife HD

You come again late to see me, because your wife again, you will send a message to her by the phone. You take pictures and video for your wife.

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Sexy Young Girl Awoken By Her Dads Creampie EXTENDED HD

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Daddys Girl Gets Bad Grades Virtual BJ – Lil Olivia HD

Daddy comes in my room to talk to me.. this time he seems really upset. he asks me about my bad grades and says hes going to tell mom! I beg him as hard as i can not to tell her bc she’ll ground me… or put me in tutoring or both!! please daddy ill do anything!! dont tell mom…. daddy suggests something that will make it better but says we cant do it.. i just want to make daddy happy so i tell him ill do it even though i never have before!! I’m so nervous bc its my first time and i dont even think itll fit in my mouth… i beg daddy to cum inside of me…. inside of my mouth and tell him i want to make him happy so ill do this everyday with him because i know how much he liked it!

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